Happy Ad Friday!

Weekend shoppers, I’m here! Have no fear!

Midweek shoppers, I totally let you down. I want to blame the opera, because that sounds super cultured and educated, but it was more I wanted to watch Blacklist and Scandal. I will try to grow up.

This will be a quick and dirty sum up of the best sales.  This weeks highlights: mangos, ground turkey, cantaloupes, grapeschicken & pork butt.



These showed up in the mail today, so apparently I was  supposed to be late this week.


Ataulfo mangos                                 33c/ea

medium crawfish                             $1.99/lb ($1.69/sack)

chicken drums & thighs                77c/lb  (Fiesta limit)

pork sirloin chops                           97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

bulk pinto beans                               33c/lb

Fiesta vegetable oil, 24oz.             99c/lb

Fiesta tomato sauce, 8oz can        20c/ea

Ole Carolina Bacon, 16oz pkg          $1.97/lb (Fiesta limit)



red seedless grapes                                  88c/lb

cantaloupes                                                88c/ea

bscb                                                              $1.69/lb

organic Russet potatoes, 5lb sack      $1.98/ea

colby jack cheese, bulk cut                   $2.99/lb



Gala apples                                                                               $1/lb

kiwi                                                                                             25c/ea

assorted pork chops                                                               $1.99/lb

HEB Natural ground turkey, 16oz, 80% lean, frozen    $1/lb

HCF split breasts                                                                      $1/lb

bone in pork butt                                                                      $1/lb



bone in pork butt                                                                        99c/lb

ground beef, 80%                                                                       $2.49/lb

Hormel pork tenderloins, 1.15-2lbs                                   $5/ea

Blue Bell, selected varieties                                                      $3.99/ea (buy 2 or more)



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Happy Ad Friday!

I’m in before the weekend and we’re just going to call it good.

I’m typing on my son’s laptop, which seems to have the mouse that a dragon might need,


        It looks angry.

(along with a touchscreen that I seem to touch for NO REASON) so I’m ON FIRE with deals. But I’m not going all Scott Elder, so don’t worry on that score.  It’s not like Cheepie is in a nickle pickle or anything.


We’re inching toward the time where fruit gets dopey cheap and I start getting a bit hyper about corn (so far, I’ve seen 3/$1, but I know 6/$1 is coming so I don’t bother)(that’s still pretty cheap though)(If you make corn casserole invite me). The big BBQ meat cuts also start going on sale, so there’s stocking the freezer sales.  With luck, there will be another $1.99/lb brisket sale!

This week we’ve got blackberries for their rock-bottom price. They freeze dead easy and are great to make into smoothies, cobbler, or just cover them with sugar and tell the kids they’re a new kind of cereal.

Also cheap this week: tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar cheese, cantaloupes and eggs. Potatoes and mangos are also at stock-up lows. Mango freezes well once you have it diced, and potatoes will keep if you keep them dark and cool.

Here’s the full list:


blackberries, 5.6oz                                        77c/ea

seedless watermelons                                 $2.88/ea

on the vine tomatoes                                   88c/ea

red, yellow or orange bell peppers          88c/ea

green beans                                                     88c/ea

thick sliced bacon (@meat counter)       $3.99/lb

mild cheddar cheese, bulk cut                  $2.99/lb



cantaloupe                                                    99c/ea

Ataulfo mangos                                           33c/lb


You be you, Fiesta, come what may.

Russet potatoes, 5lb bag                            $1.69/ea

ground chuck                                              $2.29/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork shoulder roast                                  97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

chicken drumsticks, jumbo bag            59c/lb

live crawfish                                                $1.99/lb ($1.79/lb full sack)

Goya rice, 3lb.                                              99c/ea (limit 2)

Blue Bell, 1/2 gal                                          $3.99/ea (Fiesta limit)



cantaloupe                                                      97c/ea

hot house cucumbers                                  50c/ea

mangos                                                             50c/ea

blackberries, 6oz                                           88c/ea

kiwi                                                                    25c/ea

Campari tomatoes, 1lb                               $1.50/ea

HCF sliced bacon, 12oz                               $2.50/ea

Eckrich smoked sausage, 30-42oz          $5/ea



dozen eggs                                                    99c/ea (must buy 2, limit 4)

assorted pork chops                                $1.69/lb

center cut pork loin chops                     $1.99/lb


Get out there and shop, Cheepsters!  Let me know if you find a great deal.

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Happy Ad Wednesday!

Look at me, Cheepin’ on a Wednesday, just as God intended.  The God of Supermarket Deals is a lower-tier deity, it’s true, which is why I can get away with slacking occasionally.  It’s time for grapes and stone fruit, watermelons and cantaloupes to get cheap, though, so High Holy Season of Produce is here and it’s time to represent.

In this context, ‘represent’ means ‘find the great deals’.

I’d always meant to put some farmer’s market posts here, and maybe review the various markets around town.  In visiting the couple near me, I just never found anything I thought was a deal.  When JBG does their big summer tomato sale, I’ll go in on that if I’ve got the time to spend canning, because I like to pretend I’m an Italian grandmother sometimes.  I’ll also sometimes buy a ton of peaches to freeze/can because every few years I forget what a pain in the butt it is to peel peaches.

If you know some sneaky cheap farmer’s market finds, please share in the comments.

In the meantime, here’s this weeks list.  Stock up items this week are: pasta & tuna at Randalls (unless you already got tuna two weeks ago), spareribs and raisins at Sprouts, pasta sauce at Fiesta or Wheatsville. For produce, navel oranges and bananas are cheap at Sprouts, and big pineapples are on sale at Fiesta.

Happy shopping!



Skinner pasta, 12oz                                                           29c/ea (must buy 4)

Chicken of the Sea tuna, 5oz                                          49c/ea (must buy 4)

Signature Farms, bone-in chicken parts                   88c/lb

Smithfield boneless pork loin halves, in bag          $1.49/lb




Yes, it needs to be defrosted. Know what there’s room for? Cheap spare ribs!

jumbo navel oranges                             33c/b

bananas                                                      33c/lb

pork spare ribs                                          $1.49/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs       $1.49/lb

bulk organic coffee                                  $6.99/lb

bulk Thompson seedless raisins          $1.99/lb

bulk rice                                                         50c/lb



large pineapples                                           $1.50/ea

Roma tomatoes                                            67c/ea

bscb, family pack                                         $1.69c/lb (Fiesta limit)

live crawfish                                                 $1.99/lb (sack), $2.19/lb (less than that)

Classico pasta sauce, 15-24oz                  $1.99/ea

Fiesta frozen vegetables, 14-16oz             88c/ea




tomatoes on the vine                                       77c/lb

blackberries, 6oz                                             $1.47/ea (more grackle only)

Gala apples, 3lb                                             $1.98/ea

kiwi                                                                      25c/ea

bscb, value pack                                             $1.99/ea

ground chuck, 80/20, club pack                 $2.97/lb

pork baby back ribs, in bag                          $2.97/lb



Whole Foods

4ct bag organic avocados                                  $2.98/ea (74.5c per avo.)

red, yellow or orange bell peppers                  $1.99/lb  (this is per lb, so you’ll have to look for light ones to get best price)

organic Bartlett pears                                         $1.69/lb


Trader Joe’s

TJ’s proscuitto, 4oz                                                 $3.99/ea

daffodils, 10 stems                                                   $1.49/ea



organic artichokes                                                     89c/ea

Santa Cruz organic lemonade, 32oz                   $1.69/ea

Field Day organic pasta sauce, 26oz                   $2/ea


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