Holiday Hours

A quick post to share the hours stores are open tomorrow.  Hopefully, you’ve got everything you need and are happily home binge-watching Friends (I’m on the one where Ross tells Rachel that he agreed to Emily’s demand that he never see her again). Just in case you don’t, here’s where you can go tomorrow to get those last-minute items.

Fiesta                       7am-7pm

Wheatsville            7:30am-1pm

Sprouts                    7am-4pm

HEB                           6am-2pm

Central Market        6am-2pm

Randalls                    6am-4pm

Trader Joe’s              Closed

Whole Foods            7am-3pm


Ad Roundup, Thanksgiving Edition

Last week, a helpful reader pointed out that the ad for HEB runs through tomorrow.  Turns out this week is the 1970s split-level house of weekly ads, with some sticking with the current ad until Thursday, and some switching over today.  

Sticking with the current ad:  HEB, Randalls, Sprouts, Central Market, Whole Foods

Moving on like there’s not a giant holiday:  Fiesta, Wheatsville

Still using that nutty flyer that has stories, no dates, and says ‘prices might change’: Trader Joes.

So, here are the Fiesta and Wheasville updates. For the others,  you can check last week’s roundup.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  • organic Pink Lady apples                    $1.99/lb
  • sourdough or French baguette           $1.50/ea


  • small avocados                                         25c/ea
  • white onions                                             32c/lb
  • beef bottom round steak or roast       $2.47/lb
  • Fiesta flour, 5lbs                                     $1.89/ea
  • Fiesta tortilla chips, 12oz.                     $1.49/ea

Thursday only:

  • whole fryers                                                67c/lb
  • boneless skinless chicken breast            87c/lb


Links to the weekly ads:

Weekly Ad Roundup!

A bit late, but I was distracted by trying to decide if I needed the AC or the heat on recently.  I also had to laugh at the corner store trying to sell three sticks of firewood for $5.99.  Are they magic sticks?  

It got cold, so I wanted to cook a bunch, then it got warm and I didn’t. So now I have this big list of food I want to make but not until it’s cold. And I have a list of Thanksgiving things I want to make.  And then there’s a list of things I want to make next month.  I may have a list problem. Happily, that works in your favor, because here’s your list of grocery deals!  Check out the turkey list after the individual stores.


  • sweet potatoes                                                            14c/lb
  • McIntosh or Granny Smith apples                         87c/lb
  • Boston butt pork roast                                              $1/lb (limit 2)



  • Libby’s canned green beans, corn, peas               44c/ea (must buy 6)
  • Blue Bell half gallons                                                $4.99/ea (must buy 2)


Central Market

  • organic Granny Smith or Fuji apples                  $1.27/lb
  • fresh wild jumbo sea scallops U/10 ct                 $14.99/lb

                                                   (a splurge yes, but it’s $12/lb off!)


  • russet potatoes, 5lbs.                                          $1.50/ea
  • split chicken breasts, family pack                      87c/lb
  • Betty Crocker cake mix                                          $1/ea
  • Fiesta frozen vegetables, 16oz                           89c/ea



  • raspberries or blueberries, 6oz                     $1.67/lb
  • large pomegranates                                              $2/ea
  • Hass avocados                                                      50c/ea
  • red or black seedless grapes                              98c/lb
  • organic celery                                                    $1.48/lb
  • Cuties brand mandarins, 5lb box                   $3.98/ea


Turkey Situations


  • HEB fresh turkey, 10-24 lbs.                                        $1.48/lb
  • Free Riverside frozen turkey up to 12lbs. (or credit on a larger turkey) with purchase of an HEB bone-in or boneless spiral cut ham.


  • Free frozen Honeysuckle White or Signature Farms turkey with $100 purchase, or 49c/lb with $25 purchase
  • Butterball frozen turkeys, 10lbs & up                          99c/lb
  • Honeysuckle White fresh turkeys, 10lbs & up         $1.49/lb
  • Butterball fresh turkeys, 10lbs U up                          $1.99/lb

Central Market

  • Mary’s free-range non-gmo natural fresh turkey     $2.49/lb
  • Mary’s free-range certified organic fresh turkey      $3.49/lb
  • Mary’s Heritage fresh turkey                                         $6.49/lb


  • fresh natural turkeys                                                     $1.49/lb (limit 4)
  • fresh organic free-range turkeys                                 $2.99/lb (limit 4)


  • Jenni-O frozen turkey, 12-20 lbs.                                      47c/lb

Fiesta also has everything for making tamales ‘on sale’. I don’t think these prices are much lower than the usual for most of the basics, but if you want a whole pork leg, this is a good price.tamalephoto

Links to the weekly ads:

Weekly Ad Roundup

It’s certainly Turkey Time, y’all.  At the end, I’ve listed this ad week’s turkey deals. I always get one to make now and one for the freezer. Sometimes I get one extra because I love turkey.  I have an old cookbook called Simple Fare that was the first cookbook I bought for myself that had a section called ‘Dine a Dozen on a Shoestring’ and the basis for the meal was a turkey.  I still agree with the author that a turkey is an excellent way to feed a crowd, despite turning more often to a pork shoulder these days.

Remember, getting those ‘free’ turkeys in reasonable sizes is a trick.  People like me are stocking up and the middle-of-the-road sizes that fit in an ordinary roasting pan.  Stopping by the butcher counter to ask when they restock can give you a fighting chance.

Happy shopping!


  • avocados                                                                                   50c/ea
  • green bell peppers                                                                  50c/ea
  • organic red seedless grapes                                                 $1.98/lb
  • organic Gala or Fuji apples, 2lbs                                        $2.98/ea
  • russet potatoes, 5lb                                                                $1.88/ea
  • bulk spices                                                                               35% off
  • organic bulk coffee                                                                $7.99/lb


  • Autumn Glory or Smitten apples                                            97c/lb
  • Boston Butt pork roast                                                                $1/lb
  • HCF bone-in split chicken breasts                                           $1/lb



  • Hass avocados, 6ct bag                                                        $2.94/ea
  • boneless skinless chicken breasts                                     $1.69/ea
  • red, yellow, or orange bell peppers                                    99c/ea
  • Barilla pasta, 12-16oz.                                                            88c/ea (buy 4, mix & match)
  • Lucerne cream cheese, 8oz.                                                  88c/ea (buy 4, mix & match)
  • granulated sugar, 4lbs.                                                           99c/ea (until Monday, limit 2)
  • all-purpose flour, 5lbs.                                                           99c/ea (until Monday, limit 2)



  • avocados, small                                   5/97c (note, these often have large pits)
  • white onions                                        29c/lb


Turkey Time


organic fresh turkeys                        $2.99/lb  (limit 4)

fresh whole turkeys                           $1.49/lb


Jennie-O frozen turkey, 10-20lbs.               47c/lb


Free frozen 12lb RiverSide turkey (up to 12lbs) when you buy a HEB Half/Whole ham, or spiral sliced ham.  They will also credit 12lbs toward a larger turkey.


Butterball frozen turkeys                  99c/lb

Free frozen turkey with $100 purchase. With a $25 purchase, turkey is 49c/lb. The price of turkey doesn’t count toward total, limit 1.


Hey, Circular Editor: this is a lot, and the font is supertiny. Do better.



Weekly Ad Roundup!

Here we are again.  Me, checking out the ads and lining them up neatly for you.  The cool weather is rolled in, which means my brain has a whole section devoted to reminding me to cook all the things.  The stores are ramping up the sales on all things Thanksgiving, and we will not speak of the atrocious December holiday displays already invading. I’ve got a couple of Turkey Alerts, which kind of make up for deals being thin on the ground this week. Hopefully things pick up a bit next week in the headlong rush to the holidays.

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


  • Fiesta evaporated milk, 12oz                                    69c/ea
  • Fiesta frozen vegetables, 16oz                                 99c/ea  (select varieties)

Turkey Alert:  Jennie-O frozen turkeys are 47c/lb, for the 10-20lbs sizes.


  • blueberries, 6oz.                           $1.25/ea
  • cucumbers                                          33c/ea
  • yellow or zucchini squash               50c/lb
  • Hass avocados                                   50c/ea (it doesn’t say size, but it’s small ones)
  • red seedless grapes                          97c/lb
  • bulk oats                                             79c/lb

Central Market

  • organic red or green pears        $1.47/lb


  • Ambrosia apples                          97c/lb
  • red seedless grapes                      97c/lb

Turkey Alert: You can get a frozen RiverSide turkey (up to 12lbs) when you buy an HEB Spiral ham, with a coupon.  The smaller hams go quick, so you might need to try a few times to get a non-gigantic ham! They’ll also apply a credit to those turkeys larger than 12lbs. One per customer.


  • Hass avocados, medium                                     50c/ea
  • SS fryer chickens, drums, thighs                      69c/lb       limit 4
  • SS canned beans, tomatoes, vegetables          49c/ea      must buy 4 or more
  • pork butt or pork picnic roast                          99c/lb      Sat-Mon. whole in bag
  • Lucerne shredded cheese, 7-8oz                      $1/ea        limit 5, Friday only

Turkey Alert:  Signature Farms or Honeysuckle White turkeys, frozen, for 79c/lb for turkeys 10lbs and up.

SS=Signature Select, the Randalls store brand.


Last Chance Tuesday

Here’s a quick list in case you’re stopping by a store today! Full list for the next ad week will post tomorrow. Cheepie on a roll!


  • large pomegranates                                 $1.67/ea
  • red seedless grapes                                     88c/lb
  • Cento canned tomatoes, 28oz.                   $2/ea



  • Gala apples                                                   87c/lb
  • Bosc/Bartlett pears                                      87c/lb



  • raspberries or blackberries,6oz           $1.50/ea
  • Hass avocados, 6ct bag                           $2.94/ea (49c/avocado, but LOOK at them all!)
  • boneless skinless chicken breast          $1.49/lb (only at butcher counter)



  • Persian limes                                               20/$1
  • large avocados                                            87c/ea
  • large pomegranate                                 $1.50/ea
  • bone-in chicken breast, family pack      79c/lb
  • Fiesta large eggs, dozen                            79c/ea


Ten months later…

Well. I certainly had plans for Cheepie this year, demonstrated by the last post.  Look at that lovely list of ideas.  I still like ’em all, but have managed to accomplish exactly zero of them! Not even my weekly lists.  I have been posting on Facebook and Instagram more often, but not here.  2019 has been a year of refocusing, and I think I’m finally ready to get back to my small contribution to the internet.


That’s my planner, and while it’s now full-up after a scheduling session, very little of the time blocked off is anything I’d choose–it’s mostly stuff for other people. This blog has always been one of the things I do just because I like to, so this week I’m making time for it.  Hopefully every week, but we’ll start with this one step.

So, what have I been doing lately on the budget-friendly front?

  • I’ve been on a push to eat what we’ve got in the freezer, always a way to trim a bit from the grocery budget.
  • I’ve made a lot of soup stock, turning it into gumbo (leftover chicken & leftover sausage), carrot ginger soup (Sprouts had that 3lb bag of organic carrots on sale) and something we’ll just call ‘Need to Eat This Up Now with noodles’ soup.
  • The kids eat a lot of granola, so I started making it.  Teen Boy is fond of it on yogurt and Tiny prefers bars. Tiny also wants all granola to have chocolate chips, and I’ve found that I can use the tiny chips and that way use less and make the bag last longer.
  • The day-old bread rack is one of my favorite things.  I made a breakfast bread pudding with bacon and cheese and a marble rye.  I was out of crackers, and a sourdough made a ton of little toasts to eat with dip when friends came over.  A cheese focaccia can be sliced in half and turned into a pizza in no time.

I’ll post a couple last-minute deals you can catch tomorrow later on tonight. In the meantime, I hope you’re glad to see me posting!  Cheep cheep!