Holiday Hours

A quick post to share the hours stores are open tomorrow.  Hopefully, you’ve got everything you need and are happily home binge-watching Friends (I’m on the one where Ross tells Rachel that he agreed to Emily’s demand that he never see her again). Just in case you don’t, here’s where you can go tomorrow to get those last-minute items.

Fiesta                       7am-7pm

Wheatsville            7:30am-1pm

Sprouts                    7am-4pm

HEB                           6am-2pm

Central Market        6am-2pm

Randalls                    6am-4pm

Trader Joe’s              Closed

Whole Foods            7am-3pm


Ad Roundup, Thanksgiving Edition

Last week, a helpful reader pointed out that the ad for HEB runs through tomorrow.  Turns out this week is the 1970s split-level house of weekly ads, with some sticking with the current ad until Thursday, and some switching over today.  

Sticking with the current ad:  HEB, Randalls, Sprouts, Central Market, Whole Foods

Moving on like there’s not a giant holiday:  Fiesta, Wheatsville

Still using that nutty flyer that has stories, no dates, and says ‘prices might change’: Trader Joes.

So, here are the Fiesta and Wheasville updates. For the others,  you can check last week’s roundup.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  • organic Pink Lady apples                    $1.99/lb
  • sourdough or French baguette           $1.50/ea


  • small avocados                                         25c/ea
  • white onions                                             32c/lb
  • beef bottom round steak or roast       $2.47/lb
  • Fiesta flour, 5lbs                                     $1.89/ea
  • Fiesta tortilla chips, 12oz.                     $1.49/ea

Thursday only:

  • whole fryers                                                67c/lb
  • boneless skinless chicken breast            87c/lb


Links to the weekly ads:

Turkey, and Cheepie Out!

This week is odd because of the holiday, so I won’t be catching you all up on the ads until later in the week.

If you’re still wondering where the heck to buy a turkey, fear not! You can buy one, thaw it if frozen, and still have time to ponder the age-old-inside-or-out stuffing dilemma as all Americans have done since deciding to pull the guts out of the bird before cooking.


       Jennie-O frozen turkey 10-16lbs                  43clb   limit 1 w/$25 purchase

   Jennie-O fresh turkey 10-16lbs                    $1.79/lb


       HEB frying turkey, frozen, seasoned            $1.47/lb

Randalls: (both deals limit 1)

      Honeysuckle turkey, 8-24lbs, frozen           59c/lb w/$20 purchase

                                                                                         39c/lb w/$50

      Honeysuckle whole turkey breast, frozen    $1.99/lb, B1G1


        fresh free-range organic turkeys                    $3.99/lb

Trader Joe’s:  

        All Natural Brined fresh turkeys, 12-16lbs or 18-22lbs.     $1.99/lb

        Glatt Kosher turkeys, 12-16lbs.     $2.49/lb

Screen shot 2015-11-23 at 11.16.24 PM

Happy Thanksgiving, Cheepsters. Thanks for sticking around and making my weekly numbers non-zero. It’s been a good year and I’m looking forward to growing even more.


Links in case you’re looking for turkey info, confused, or snoot-full of Beaujolais Nouveau and bored:

Want to chat with a person about your particular turkey problem?

Are you a Martha, way deep down?

Do you miss picking up Reader’s Digest as a kid and thinking you were cool because you could roll with what the grownups were reading? No? Just me? Moving on…

Safe travels, good food and fellowship for all.

Crazy Ad Week

I’ve been online, waiting for the new ads to go live, but it seems everyone is in a turkey coma and giving new grocery ads a pass.  I can’t blame them, I’m pretty damn full myself, and not very sprightly.

I might never be sprightly, actually, but I’m certainly not after a double helping of stuffing. Sprightly people eat sprouts and lemon zest, I’m pretty sure, not potatoes of all sorts and turkey two ways and stuffing of the cornbread and otherwise kind, with gravy. Gravy is important, and might be the opposite of sprightly.

When the stores get themselves up, I’ll post ads. At this point, I’m not certain if they’ll wait until next Wednesday, or get them up tomorrow. Or, if it’s Randalls, post some nonsense that’ll be good for 18 hours over the weekend.  I think the Black Friday invention has even grocery stores bracing and not worrying about ads as much as not being the store on the news for people getting trampled.

I implore you all: Do Not Get Trampled For $10 Off A Thing.

Cheepie Is Out and About

Cheepie is late on this week’s meal planning post.

This is due to the reasons you most likely suspected, which is this week’s meal plan is completely focused on Turkey Day, and cares for all the other days very little, indeed. A vacation week and family time is hopefully just what I need to reset and get back on the Family Dinner wagon.

I’ll still get the ad post up for this week, as usual.  Keep in mind that shopping for groceries on Wednesday is like heading to Daytona for Spring Break.  You need to be mentally prepared for the crowds, and a drink will help it all go more smoothly.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, with a giant meal shared by many people being one of my favorite ways to spend time. I love shopping for the food, making three kinds of cranberry sauce, making sandwiches with leftovers, and googling yet another turkey tetrazzini recipe because I forgot which one I made last time.

Here are two quotes from someone who saw the fun in family life: Erma Bombeck.

What we’re really talking about is a wonderful day set aside on the fourth Thursday of November when no one diets.  I mean, why else would they call it Thanksgiving?
~ “No One Diets on Thanksgiving,” 26 November 1981

Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare.  They are consumed in twelve minutes.  Half-times take twelve minutes.  This is not coincidence.

Erma was a wise one.  If you haven’t read any of her collections, this week might be a good time to give one a try, especially if you find forced family togetherness trying!

Have a great holiday, Cheepsters, and check in for the ad post on Wednesday. Cheep Cheep!