Great Customer Service at…Randalls?!?!

I know. This is a confusing time for all of us. We can get through this.

If you’ve followed for a while, you know that because Randalls is the most convenient to me, and I know it like I know where to find my favorite books at the library, I’m in there from time to time for things like bread, milk, and toilet paper.  I never do a huge shop there, but I certainly do head in to hit the loss leaders and the clearance rack.

Today I went in for a deal that I’d listed in the sale post this week, specifically the 20oz Lucerne brand sliced cheese that was on sale for $2.50. That’s a really good price, so when I got to the dairy case and saw this:


That’s not the same at all! I stood there for a minute, wondering if I’d misremembered.

Then I started to freak out, because I’d kicked off the ad post joking about chumps who don’t do math, and had I somehow calculated the price per pound wrong? This was $3, the same as the 2lb bricks on sale, not different! Frickity!

IMG_2676Up to the front of the store to get the weekly ad, and sure enough, I’m not crazy, and there in the center of the fourth page is my deal. Which is a crazy good deal, and the way it’s hidden there I figured I was being awesome telling everyone about it.

Two packages go in the cart and I head up with that and the bread and milk to sort this out so I can report back to the Cheepsters.

I put them at the front of the belt, and when the cashier picked it up I showed him the ad.Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 10.09.04 PM The ad does say ‘selected varieties’ and the photo shows one that this store had on hand.  I’d chosen cheddar, since kids don’t like food that has two colors (no? just my kids? moving on then…).  The cashier looked at the ad, at the cheese, and told me to hang on while he went to look.  He got back, called a manager, and rang the rest of my order up while the manager repeated this process.

The manager and cashier agreed that the ad certainly said that I should get the packages for $5, and that’s what they charged me. 

No claiming I needed the other kind, no telling me it was a misprint and meant the 8oz size (which was what I’d expected). Just, “We’ll just be charging you the $5, Ma’am.”

There might be a meeting happening tonight about putting signs up correcting the ad, but I’m glad with the way this was handled.  It writes up slowly, but the whole thing was done before I’d even gotten the bags in my cart and everyone was nice.

Randalls has its problems, but today they were a good store to be shopping.


3 thoughts on “Great Customer Service at…Randalls?!?!

  1. Charmin says:

    I used to shop there everyday and almost always during checkout their prices scan wrong and sometimes it is significant (in this digital age it’s beyond fishy). Having worked in grocery it is obvious and the dual price model helps the consumer’s confusion. Most never pay attention once it is in the basket bc of neighborhood implied trust. The stores profit well from this…which is why they never hesitate to argue when confronted. KXAN should spend some time as secret shoppers.

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    • I agree, they do have prices often scanning incorrectly. I’d used to pay close attention and hit up the customer service counter for each one. Even then, they’d often try to avoid the ‘get the item free if it scans wrong’ policy that was in place. I don’t know if it still is.


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