Happy Ad Wednesday!

If you haven’t spontaneously combusted, congratulations! That’s really all I’m hoping for these days. That, and that the kids not burn themselves on the seat belts. Again.

Grocery sales are in full summer mode–watermelons, peaches and tomatoes, oh my!  It’s no time for turning on the oven, or even leaving a burner on for very long, so grab a propane tank refill and shop the sales and grill up dinner.  

It’s kind of a weird week, CM has the cheapest strawberries, Sprouts has organic apples for 99c/lb, and HEB is back to the different meat specials for more grackle/less grackle stores. My stock up items this week are: blueberries (if they’re pints, a LOT, they freeze fine), bacon, watermelon (also can freeze for blended drinks)(I’m saying blended drinks because someone once wanted to throw down about ‘aqua fresca’ v. ‘agua fresa’  and I don’t have that kind of time), dried cranberries and country pork ribs.

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


red seedless grapes                                                      87c/lb

Screen shot 2018-07-25 at 6.32.31 PM

clip from the ad! it says PINT

Ball Park hot dogs, regular or bun length               99c/ea

blueberries, pint                                                            87c/ea  (my guess is this is an error, and they mean the 6oz containers)

HCF split chicken breasts                                                   $1/lb (more grackle only!)

HCF hickory smoked bacon, 12oz                             $2.50/ea (more grackle only!)

HEB Prime 1 ribeye steaks, bone in                           $9.99/lb (less grackle only!)



seedless watermelon                                                   $1.99/ea

vine ripe tomatoes                                                          67c/lb

yellow or orange bell peppers                                     88c/ea

organic Granny Smith apples                                      98c/ea

organic carrots, 5lbs                                                    $2.50/ea

dried cranberries                                                         $2.99/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs                                 $1.67/lb


Screen shot 2018-07-25 at 6.01.19 PM

I can’t be the only one that is laughing at this. You do you, Fiesta, I love you.


cucumbers                                                                        33c/ea

peaches, plums, nectarines                                           97c/lb

chicken leg quarters, large bag (~10lbs)                     47c/lb

country style pork ribs, family pack                          $1.27/lb

sliced beef shank                                                             $1.77/lb

Fiesta shredded cheese, 8oz                                          $1.50/ea

Fiesta dry beans, black or pinto, 16oz                          67c/ea



General Mills cereals, selected varieties                 $1.88/ea (must buy 4)

Fri only

      mangoes, 10ct case                                                     $2.50/ea

      Cornish hen, 2-pk                                                       $5/ea

Fri-Sun only

      pork loin half, sliced                                                   99c/lb

      Lucerne butter, 1lb                                                     $1.99/ea (limit 4)


Central Market

strawberries, 1lb.                                                           $1.47/ea

organic Russet potatoes                                                 87c/lb


Weekly Flier Links:

NOTE: Poco Loco is gone because I didn’t get a flyer in the mail, and their website thinks it’s May.  If they update, so will I.



Happy Ad Tuesday!

It’s our big day here at Cheepie, and what’s amazing is that the mailman brought the mail before 7pm, and the flyers were included. This hasn’t happened in months. I’ll assume the universe feels I’m a force for good.

There are a few things I want to define going forward, for simplicity’s sake.  From now on “Fiesta limit” will mean you can only buy two packages at that price with a $10 additional purchase requirement, and all others will be at the price I state.I think it makes sense to abbreviate this, and I’ll put it on a page of ‘Things to Know about Cheepie’ as soon as we’ve got more than this one thing.

I’ll also assume you’ve got a Randalls card if you’re going to head over there.  If you’ve got a card aversion, but want the card prices, I’m happy to give you my phone number to key in to get the discount–I get gas points and we bamboozle the Grocery Big Brother!  Generally, I do NOT find Randalls the cheapest on much.  But to get the deals you do need a card. They also have a program called ‘Just for U’ which has you go click on deals you want, and you get them in the store. About once a month they have a ‘free’ item, and I’ve gotten free laundry detergent and other things this way.

Randalls and Sprouts have apples this week at 99c/lb, but HEB wins at 77c/lb.

Apple Wars this week, Winner: HEB.


limes     15/$1

yellow onions     39c/lb

pork shoulder roast       $1.69/lb  (Fiesta limit. $2.89/lb)

chicken breast quarters  99c/lb  (Fiesta limit. $1.99/lb)

large Halloween pumpkins     $3.99/ea


tomatoes on the vine    99c/lb

pork shoulder roast or country style ribs     $1.99/lb

BelVita Breakfast biscuits or Keebler Sandwich crackers  $1.67/ea

Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce, 23.5-24oz      $1/ ea


granny smith, red/golden delicious apples    77c/lb

Texas grapefruit    5/$1

raspberries, 6oz.   $1.25/ea

County Post drumsticks    $1/lb


beginning this week:

asparagus     $1.49’lb

pineapples       49c/lb

tomatoes on the vine    99c/lb

russet potatoes  33c/lb

carving pumpkins     $3/ea  (only Fri-Sun)

pork or chicken sausage  $2.99/lb (only Fri-Sun)

ending this week:

honeycrisp apples  $1.49/lb

black seedless grapes  99c/lb

green cabbage  33c/lb

yellow onions  3lbs/$1

Stonyfeld Organic Yogurt, 32oz.   2/$5

lamb shoulder chops, grass fed   $2.99lb

Rosie Organic whole chicken    $2.99/lb

bulk raisins    $1.99/lb

vanilla macaroon granola      $1.99/lb


bone-in rib eye, or cowboy steaks     $9.99/lb

I know, it’s odd that I’ve got Central Market up there. It’s because that’s their best price for those steaks, and  those steaks are good. They will freeze well with a vacuum sealer, and you can save them for when your parents come to dinner, or an anniversary, or a football Saturday where a grilled hunk of meat is the only way to assuage the pain of a loss. You could also just eat them tomorrow, because they’re tasty.

Fiesta has potatoes at 39c/lb, but that’s not the winner so I’m not listing it. It’s six cents, but I feel like the main list needs to be the lowest prices on that for the week. So I’m sticking to it. If you think there’s a more useful way to deal, let me know.

This week I’ll be getting limes, pork shoulder, apples and grapefruit. What do you think you’ll buy?

Cheep cheep!