Happy Ad Friday!

After a brief hiatus I’m back.  I’m hopefully going to be back on a normal Wednesday posting schedule starting next week.  Let’s say summer heat addled my brain, and after a solid regimen of Einhorn Berliner Weiss I’m ready to re-enter the world. If you’d like to contribute to my Berliner Weiss habit I’m not going to argue, just tell me in the comments which places have it on tap and I’m a happy gal.

This is going to be fast, and not terribly entertaining, because I feel like if I let one more week go by I’ll start scrapbooking. Heavens to Betsy!  Here we go:


red seedless grapes                                              97c/lb

pork loin                                                                  $1.79/lb

Fri-Sun ONLY (buy 2 or more):

     Lucerne eggs, dozen                                                   69c/ea

     Sandwich bread, store brand                                  69c/ea 


Lucerne yogurt                                                     19c/ea  (buy 5)

Maruchan lunch                                                   19c/ea (buy 5)



pork sirloin chop                                            97c/lb (buy 4lbs or more)

pork spare ribs, family pack                     $1.97/lb

Five for $5:

     Nestle La Lechera condensed milk              

     Fiesta Flour, 5lbs.

     Fiesta Vegetable Oil, 24oz



corn                                                                                      7/$1

organic bunched celery                                                   98c/ea

blueberries, 6oz                                                                 98c/ea

organic cantaloupes                                                          98c/ea

boneless skinless shicken breasts                             $1.88/lb

          Fri-Sun ONLY:

                         Hass avocados                                            50c/ea

                         California Valencia oranges                   25c/lb


red plums                                                                            88c/lb

Boston butt pork roast                                                 $1/lb

HEB natural ground turkey. 1lb chub                        $1/ea (see prior for discussion)



Weekly Flyer Links:


A Collection of Grocery-Themed Photos

Today is double ad day at Sprouts! 

If you’ve got one of these coupons, today is the last day to use it. So if you’re headed to double ad day, don’t forget it.



People really need to stop messing with perfectly good food. Mango salsa doesn’t go on a hot dog.  Neither does an artful squiggle of mayonnaise. Knock it off, Family Circle.

And last, this is going on at the Randalls on Ben White. Nuts aren’t often this cheap! I think I’m going to make some Cracker Jack with those tiny Spanish peanuts.



The weekly ad round up will be posted soon, so stay tuned Cheepsters!