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Not very long ago the only time I had to mention limits was when Fiesta had their meats on such a deep discount that they required ‘limit 2 w/$25 or more additional purchase’. I specifically avoid dealing with HEB’s Combo-Locos, or anything involving coupons because I want this to be very simple:

List of cheap stuff, buy these if you want.

If you glance down at the list this week, you’ll see I’ve got three of five stores with limits on their loss-leaders.  This is a pesky trend, and one I hope abates.  Limits make it harder to do what I suggest, which is walk in to a store, buy the thing on sale and walk out–which is of course what they’re trying to stop.  If it continues to expand I’ll have to address it somehow. It’s one thing to go buy two pork shoulders at Fiesta and also get milk, tortillas, produce (stuff I would need for the week anyway) and call it good, it’s another to work with having to buy five (Randalls new favorite thing).

On to the sales!

If you want to make tamales, Fiesta has you covered this week with pork and masa both rock-bottom cheap. Avocados are just a buck a few places.  HEB has blackberries and seedless cucumbers for $1. Citrus is still on sale, but watch out on mandarins–they are not at their best prices this week.

Last, Fiesta has their chicken leg quarters at 28c/lb. This is very, very cheap. You have to be ready to cope with this bag of chicken though, as you can’t just toss it in the freezer–you’ll want to portion it out and vacuum seal it, or at least bag/wrap it well in single meal portions.  They also tend to have some backbone section incorporated, which is great to cut off and make stock out of, but if you’re not that sort of person you’re paying for weight you won’t use.  So use your best judgment once you get a look at what you’re buying. Throwing away a 10lb ice cube of chicken leg quarters next time you defrost the freezer is not what Cheepie likes to see!



navel oranges                                                      33c/lb

Braeburn or Pink Lady apples                        98c/lb

mild cheddar cheese, bulk cut                       $2.99/lb

French bread                                                       $1.49/ea



oranges, 5lb bag                                                      $1.99/ea

pineapples                                                                $1.50/ea

pork sirloin roast or chops                                      87c/lb (Fiesta limit)

chicken leg quarters, jumbo bag                           28c/lb

Tortimasa masa mix, 4.4lb                                     99c/ea (limit 2)

Fiesta vegetable oil, 24oz                                         $1/ea

Fiesta chicken noodle soup, 10.5oz                       33c/ea

Fiesta tomato sauce, 8oz can                                  20c/ea



large Hass avocados                                                                      $1/ea

blackberries, 6oz                                                                            $1/ea

hot house cucumbers                                                                    $1/ea

ground pork, value pack                                                              $1.97/lb

H-E-B Seasoned boneless skinless chicken leg meat       $1/lb (limit 2, value pack)



split chicken breast, bone-in                                                    88c/lb

pork shoulder blade roast                                                           99c/lb (limit 4)

LucerneAA Large eggs                                                                 $1.25/ea (limit 4)

Oak Farms Ice cream, half gallon, selected                         $2.99/ea  (must buy 2)

Fri-Sun Only:

      80% lean ground beef, value pack                    B1G1 (save up to $3.99/lb)

      large Hass avocados                                              $1/ea

      quaker Cap’n Crunch or Hot Cereal                   $1.39/ea (must buy 4 or more)



organic Russet potatoes, 5lbs                                                          $3.49/ea  (good for organic                                                                                                                                    NOT ordinary potatoes)

R.W. Knudsen Simply Nutritious Juice, 32oz                              $2.50/ea

organic brown flaxseeds, bulk                                                         $1.99/lb


Happy shopping Cheepsters!  Let me know what you think about limits, and if you find a deal I haven’t listed be sure to let me know.  Cheep cheep!


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Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s Citrus Time!

There’s not a song for it, like Hammer Time, but it’s still a good thing. Fresh juice is cheap to make at home, and I can easily get everyone their daily dose of Vitamin C.  Sprouts and HEB both have great deals on citrus this week. $4.98 for fifteen pounds of grapefruit is a lot of fruit for under $5!

Hopefully you also find some things for the freezer this week. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, and pork loin are all on sale at a few different places this week, and all freeze well.

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


Russet potatoes, 5lb bag                                     99c/lb

assorted pork chops                                             $1.79/lb

split chicken breasts, value pack                      $1.49/lb

Fri only:

32oz shredded Lucerne cheese                             $5/ea

avocados, 10ct                                                            2/$5

(I feel like this might be a misprint. 20 avocados for $5 is 25c/ea!, a most non-Randalls price!)



Halos mandarins, 5lb box                                    $3.98/ea

blueberries, 6oz                                                      $1.50/ea

navel oranges                                                           48c/lb

Texas Rio Red Grapefruit, 5lb bag                    $1.98/ea

eggplant                                                                      98c/ea

organic Braeburn apples, 3lb/bag                     $1.98/ea

pork loin roast or chops                                       $1.79/lb

chicken breast tenders                                          $1.79/lb



Ataulfo mangos                                              33c/ea

pork loin half, sliced                                   $1.49/lb (Fiesta limit)

Fiesta can corn or green beans, 14oz      25c/ea (limit 8)

Fiesta chuck light tuna in water, 5oz      50c/ea (limit 4)

Screen shot 2016-01-06 at 3.37.53 PM

Throwin’ tuna on sale, y’all!!

Fiesta box macaroni & cheese                                   33c/ea

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lb bag                                   $1.88/ea



Jonagold apples                                                          77c/lb

Texas grapefruit, 15lbs.                                           $4.98/ea

eggplant                                                                        98c/ea

pork tenderloin, whole in bag                              $2.97/lb

bscb, value pack                                                         $1.79/lb


Weekly Flyer Links

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Have you ever made a Key lime pie? It’s dead easy. It’s so simple I taught one of my kids to make it so I could have it whenever I wanted without having to stop reading the internets.  What I think of as the traditional recipe is here, and Key limes are 99c for 2lbs, which is enough for at least two pies.  Get a sack, and make yourself a great summer dessert!  Or get my kid to do it for you!

Grapes are at a wonderful price again this week, and cantaloupes are under a buck at the right HEBs. Sprouts has strawberries for not the lowest they get, but organic and regular are the same so get the organic if you’re there.  Avocados aren’t a quarter this week, but 48c isn’t enough to have me pass them up, either. Guac on!  

Guac On should clearly be a song by Gwar

Outside of produce, I’ll be stocking up on frozen vegetables and rice at Fiesta, and the pork tenderloin from HEB.  Look for a couple of $10 dinner posts later this week.

Here’s the list–


pineapples                                           $1.49/ea (C15)

Key limes, 2lbs                                         99c/ea

green bell peppers                                   33c/ea (DD)

Parade frozen vegetables, 28-32oz.     $1.88/ea

Canilla rice, 5lb sack                             $1.99/ea

pork loin center cut pork chops            $1.79/lb (Fiesta limit)


organic Fuji apples                               $1.99/lb (DD)

Safeway farms peeled carrots, 2lbs     $1.99/ea

General Mills cereal                               $2/ea (free gallon of milk w/4)

Sanderson Farms whole chicken            88c/lb

Gatorade, 32oz                                        79c/ea

Yoplait yogurt, 6 oz, selected varieties     50c/ea


seedless red grapes                                     88c/lb (DD)

Hass avocados                                             48c/lb (C15)

eggplant                                                        48c/ea (C15)

nectarines and peaches                               98c/lb (DD)

organic nectarines and peaches               $1.98c/lb (DD)

organic strawberries                                  $2.50/ea (DD)

strawberries                                               $2.50/ea (DD)


Texas peaches                                           97c/lb (DD)

cantaloupe                                                 98c/ea (more grackle only)(C15)

pork tenderloin, whole in bag                     $2.97/lb

roses                                                          dozen/$6.99   2 dozen/$12


organic curly green kale                            $1.50/bunch (DD)

Central Market

organic peaches                                          $1.98/lb (DD)

Reminder: the C15 and DD labels are to let you know it’s on the Environmental Working Group’s list of either heaviest pesticide load (DD) or lightest (C15). The full lists are available here, and I try to label them so if you’re not up for paying all-organic-all-the-time (like me) you can make informed choices about when you might get the organic because it’s in your price range, or is an item your family eats very often.

Weekly Ads:

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Happy 4th of July! As with most summer holidays, the stores are celebrating by putting meat on sale!

Not gonna weigh in on the hot dog situation–all kinds are on sale from straight up 69c per packages of pureed tush and tails versions all the way to hand-ground with no-nitrates-or-fillers-or-stuff-that-isn’t-from-an-animal-that-lived-a-dang-happy life versions. In other meat news, pork butt is on deep sale at HEB, and beef brisket is at an amazing $1.59 at Randalls. There’s a limit, but at that price I’ll be stopping by a few times this week to pick up a couple each time.

Bacon remains in a weird low zone. Randalls has a 3lb package at $7.49 and Fiesta  has a 24oz package at $3.69. That puts Fiesta 3c lower per pound, but they’re both good prices.

Randalls has the 2lb cheese bricks and bags for $6.99. This isn’t as good as the $2/lb Sprouts specials, but those haven’t shown up for several weeks now. $3.50 isn’t a bad price, and it’ll get you some quick quesadilla meals. 


blueberries, pint                                          98c/ea

eggplant                                                      98c/lb (C15)

Boston Butt pork roast                                  $1.47/lb

Eckrich smoked sausage, 32-40oz                $5/ea  (~$2/lb for sausage!)

HEB seasoned bscb or thighs for fajitas       $1.97/lb


You don’t have a little teacup dish for your berries? : (


limes                                      12/$1

russet potatoes, 5lb sack        88c/ea (DD)

large Hass avocados              99c/ea (C15)

country style pork ribs           $1.59/lb  (Fiesta limit)

bscb                                      $1.79/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork spare ribs                       $2.47/lb

Kraft mayo, 30oz jar                $1.99/ea


corn                                                                             8/$1 (C15)

large Hass avocados                                                  99c/ea (C15)

Earthbound Farm Organic Salad tubs, 16oz             $5/ea (DD)

UDSA Choice beef brisket                                          $1.59/lb (limit 2 with $20 purchase)

bscb or thighs                                                             $1.88/lb

Safeway Farms thick cut bacon, 3lb package           $7.47/ea ($2.49/lb)

Imperial Sugar, 4lb sack                                                    $1.59/ea

Lucerne butter, 16oz                                                         $1.99/ea

Kettle potato chips, 8.5 oz                                                 $1.99/ea

Yoplait Yogurt, 6oz, selected varieties                               50c/ea

Lucerne chunk or shredded cheese, 32oz.                        $6.99/ea


plums, peaches or nectarines                                  98c/lb (DD)

Hass avocados                                                         48c/ea (C15)

red, yellow or orange peppers                                  98c/ea (DD)

red or green seedless grapes                                $1.98/lb (DD)

organic red or green seedless grapes                   $1.98/lb (DD)

Santa Cruz organic lemonade, 32 oz                         99c/ea

lamb shoulder chops                                              $2.99/ea


organic strawberries, 1lb                   $2.99/ea (DD)

organic peaches                                 $1.99/ea (DD)

Weekly Ads:

To wrap things up this week I’ve got an apology. I’d listed sugar last week ($1.99/4lbs) and now this week here it is at $1.59 for the same size.  If you stocked up last week, I’m sorry! Hopefully this week’s brisket deal saves you more than you’d spent.

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Smelts? I know it’s Lent and all the stores get their fresh fish on, but Fiesta has smelts for 99c/lb.  Smelts.  For 99c, I might head over and get some, and see what the internet has to tell me about cooking tiny shiny fish! I will obviously report back if this happens, but I’m still working on getting around to the pork dumplings from last week, so don’t hold your breath.

Then again, smelts. Maybe holding your breath would be smart. Your call.

Here’s the list of good deals this week:


strawberries (1lb), blueberries or raspberries (6oz)        1.50/ea (strawberries DD)

Earthbound Farms organic salads, 5-7oz         buy one get one free

organic Braeburn apples                        98c/lb (DD)

organic kale                                            98c/ea (DD)

bscb                                                      1.99/lb

Thurs & Fri ONLY

seedless watermelon          1.99/ea

organic blackberries, 5.6 oz.       98c/ea

Halo mandarins, 2lbs          1.98/ea

country style pork ribs         1.49/lb

cage free or omega-3 eggs  2.50/ea

bulk coffee, select varieties     6.99/lb


tomatoes                                               59c/lb

Ruby Red grapefruit                                7/$1

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lbs.                 1.69/ea

chicken leg quarters, large bag          69c/lb (Fiesta Limit)

russet potatoes, 5lb sack                   1.49/ea


Rio Grande grapefruits, 15lb sack            3.98/ea

cantaloupe                                                 87c/ea (C15)

red or black plums                                 1.47/lb

Jonagold apples                                     67c/lb (DD)

red bell peppers                                      33c/ea (DD)

HEB organic strawberries, 1lb               2.98/ea (DD)

blueberries, pint                                     2.98/ea

County Post chicken drums or thighs      1.00/lb

pork butt roast                                         1.47/lb


boneless pork loin, whole                                     1.99/lb

Signature Cafe cheese pizza                                $5, Friday only


Muir Glen canned tomatoes, 28oz.                          2/$4

Cascadian Farms,organic vegetables, 16oz           2/$4

Sprouts also has a lot of buy-one-get-one ads going on.  BecauseScreen shot 2015-02-25 at 1.08.07 AM of the way the stores display their ads getting a photo up isn’t always as clear as I’d like, but here’s a try, so you can get an idea.  

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 1.08.27 AM

Last week I mentioned that Fiesta shouldn’t be using quotation marks. This week they doubled down, much to my amusement. It’s late though, and my taped episode of The Goldbergs isn’t going to watch itself, so stay tuned.

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!

Happy Ad Wednesday!

HEB is still running the special I find so strange, which is ‘buy Duracell batteries and get a free gallon of milk!’ Normally, the things they throw a combo coupon at make sense.  Cookies would make sense. Buy cookies, get milk. Heck, buy brownie mix, get milk–that makes sense too.  Is the appeal of free milk supposed to lure me into stocking up on batteries?

Citrus is still cheap this week, though not like the weekend Fiesta sale a few weeks ago.  HEB has the cheapest organic apples, and Fiesta the cheapest conventional.

Fish is on sale everywhere, because of God, which is fine by me. If we could arrange for a religion to go ahead and strongly suggest the consumption of Macadamia nuts every May, thus causing a few weeks every year when they get cheap, I’d be fine with that, as well.  Maybe I can get Scientology on that, help them rehab their image.

Randalls has Cornish Game Hens again for $5 per twin pack on Friday.  Tell the kids they’re fat grackles! If that’s not your thing, go ahead and buy whatever chicken part you like most, you can find all of them for a buck or less per pound. (No Mom, not necks and backs. Stores don’t even package them up any more, as far as I can tell. Haven’t seen them in years.)

And finally, as a sign of spring, asparagus is on sale, with HEB having the cheapest, and Randalls the most expensive, surprising no one at all.


Safeway chicken thighs, drumsticks, or split breasts          99c/lb

Safeway chunk light tuna pouches, 2.6oz                           69c/lb

assorted bone in pork chops                                               $1.99/lb

Several cereals/granola bars/fruit snacks are ‘Buy 4 for 1.49’ or ‘Buy 4 for 1.99’ each, with your store card.  If you need to stock the pantry for breakfast or school lunches you could take a look.

Friday only:

Rinaldi pasta sauce, 24 oz jar                                                $1/ea

Sprouts (don’t forget, last week’s specials still in effect for today only)

asparagus                                                                          99c/lb

organic red, yellow or orange bell peppers                   $1.50/ea  (DD)

red or green bell peppers, cucumbers                             50c/ea (DD)

organic kale                                                                     $1.50/bunch (DD)

bulk dried cranberries                                                     $2.99/lb

assorted bone-in pork chops                                           $1.99/lb


large avocados                                                                79c/ea (C15)

red potatoes, 3lb sack                                                   $1.49/ea (DD)

Texas juice oranges, 5 lb sack                                      $2.99/ea

Braeburn apples                                                               88c/lb (DD)

chicken drumsticks, large bag                                        69c/lb (Fiesta limit)

boneless pork loin roast                                                $1.99/lb (Fiesta limit)


asparagus                                                                          97c/lb

blackberries, 6 oz                                                              97c/ea

organic red delicious apples                                             98c/lb (DD)

assorted bone-in pork chops                                        $1.97/ea  (limit 2)

HCF bbq seasoned chicken leg quarters                       77c/lb

HCF chicken drumsticks or thighs                                    $1/lb

beef shoulder roast                                                        $2.97/ea

Earl Campbell’s hot links, 14-16oz                                 $1.97/ea


heirloom navel oranges    99c/lb         (not the cheapest oranges, but if you’re a fan this is 45% off)

The $1.99 pork loin at Fiesta is the deal I’m making sure to get this week. I haven’t seen them at that price in a while, and I have room in the freezer.  I cut them in thirds and vacuum seal, but they will fit in a gallon freezer bag.

Shop on, Cheepsters!

Happy Ad Wednesday!

This week is a good sale week. 

Citrus is cheap again, with oranges and grapefruit going for a song. Sprouts has conventional apples for 33c/lb, which is  the cheapest I’ve seen it since starting the blog. 

Boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs are under $2/lb at the four main chains, so if your freezer is looking bare, then you can stock up now.

Don’t forget that pork picnic is different than shoulder, and that you’ve got a thicker skin and porkier flavor to deal with. Still good, and cheap, and goes a long way, but different.


bscb                                                $1.79/lb (Fiesta limit)

whole pork picnics                          $1.19/lb (Fiesta limit)

blackberries, 6oz.                           $2/ea

pork blade steaks                           $1.99/lb (see NOTE)

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lb sack      $1.77/ea

russet potatoes, 5lb sack               $1.69/ea (DD)

Saturday only!

Texas juice oranges, 5lb          $1.99/ea

Texas grapefruit                       6/$1  (that’s 17c each!)

Southern Hen Wings, 5lb. bag         $5.99/ea  (hen wings? never seen this. but $1.20 for wings is very cheap, and if you’re okay portioning them and use the tips for stock? this is a great deal)

Fiesta bacon, 24oz.                         $3.99/ea   (see NOTE)

Bumble Bee  tuna, 5 oz.                     59c/ea

El Charro Queso Fresco, 10 oz.      $1.99/ea

Nature’s Own Butter Bread                99c/ea  (limit 2)

Key limes, 2lb sack                         $1.99/ea


large gold pineapple                             $1.98/ea (C15)

green pears, Gala apples                         88c/lb  (apples DD)

bscb                                                       $1.99/lb

organic Gala Apples, 2lb sack              $2.78/ea  (that’s $1.39lb for organic!)

blueberries, pint                                    $1.77/ea


bscb or thighs                                       $1.99/lb  (thighs cheaper at Sprouts, breasts at Fiesta, but with minimum purchase)

And that’s it. Randalls, you’re going to get a pointed post of your own this week.


Fuji apples                                              33c/lb  (DD)

red or green bell peppers                      33c/ea  (DD)

cantaloupes                                          88c/ea  haven’t seen these in a bit! (C15)

yellow onions                                        33c/lb  (C15)

organic celery                                          98c/ea (DD)

Sprouts Extra Virgin Olive oil, 1 ltr.       $6.99/ea

Monterey Jack Cheese                         $2.99/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs         $1.79/lb

Kettle brand chips, 5oz.                       $1.50/ea  (this is a stock up price, if you won’t eat them all when you get home!)


Pork blade steaks are $1.99/lb this week at Fiesta. These aren’t ‘steaks’ in the way you buy beef, and aren’t chops either. I’ve never found a good way to cook them. I’ve grilled, broiled, sautéed and sauced, and they’re always tough.  I finally decided the thing to do was roast them, and use the meat in other dishes like pork fried rice.  So look at this package when you buy it and think about how you cook.  Does what you know about meat give you a clue here? If you’ve got better ideas than mine I’d love to hear them.  I have com to believe this is how they ditch the cheap bits before consigning the carcass to grind.

Fiesta bacon for $2.66/lb. It’s a good price, but look at it when you buy it. if you like thick meaty bacon, this is not your bacon. It’s usually cut very thin, and is very fatty.  If you want good bacon slices for breakfast, this bacon might disappoint.  If you want bacon crumbles, and bacon fat for cooking, this is a great thing to buy.

Mail Report:

Well, all I can say is that I find the timing suspect. I start a blog that would be simpler to do with the timely delivery of circulars I’ve received in the mail for a decade. Within a month, those circulars stop arriving in any sort of usual timeframe, and then cease.

It’s like the Post Office wants me to learn to write a webscraper than can deal with pdfs. Since I’m still on baby steps learning Spanish on DuoLingo, I’m going to have to wait on that, at least until I can navigate the Mexican meat market with more authority (NOT a euphemism for anything)(seriously)(get your mind on the groceries at hand).

Until next time, Cheepsters!

Happy Ad Wednesday!

We’re ramping up to the time of year when there is a lot of meat on sale.  If you follow the sales you’ll be able to stock your freezer well in advance of summertime bbq parties.  This week there are spareribs, chicken parts and sausages all at stock-up prices.

NOTE: chicken leg quarters at Fiesta–don’t forget, these are in a big sack of about 10-12lbs.  You’ll need to portion these out, don’t just toss the whole bag in the freezer. Unless you’ve got an ice pick and a kid you don’t like much, then go ahead.  These also generally have a portion of backbone attached, which I like to remove to make tidier portions.


(don’t forget to check last week’s post for the sales that end today)

Halos mandarins, 2lb sack                                 $1.98

Hass avocados                                                   48c/ea  (C15)

cucumbers, red or green bell peppers              48c/ea (DD)

organic Gala or Red Delicious apples               $1.49/lb (DD)

(organic oranges and grapefruit are on sale also, these are C15 items, so I buy conventional)

ground chicken or turkey breast                          $3.99/lb

house-made sausages, many varieties                    $3/lb   (Fri/Sat/Sun ONLY)

blanched peanuts, in bulk section                     $1.99/lb

organic baby carrots, 1 lb.                                 $1.50/ea


pork spareribs                                                     $1.99/lb   (Fiesta limit)

chicken leg quarters, jumbo bag                          69c/lb   (Fiesta limit)

organic celery                                                   $1.49/ea (DD)

green bell peppers                                              33c/ea  (DD)


extra-large Hass avocados                               99c/ea (C15)

Jonagold or Braeburn apples                           48c/lb (DD)

Rio Grande Valley grapefruit                               6/$1

HCF split chicken breasts                              $1.47/lb

HCF BBQ chicken leg quarters                          $1/lb


large Hass avocados                                           $1/ea  (C15)

All-natural country style pork ribs                         $1.99/ea (these aren’t really ribs, and I never know what to do with them. if you do know, this is the price to buy them at)

$5 Friday, goes through Sunday

family size cheese pizza

Safeway Farms veggie tray

Precious Blooms Bouquet


Late July organic chips, 5.5-6oz.                   $1.67/ea

Kettle potato chips, 5 oz.                                 $2/ea

Food Should Be Good chips                           $2/ea

Pirate Snacks, 4-6oz.                                  $1.67/ea  Snacks? No. It’s Booty!

Mail Report

My postman is totally winning this battle.  Last week, not only did the flyers not arrive on Tuesday, or Wednesday, they didn’t arrive at all. Zip, nada, null set on the number of ads arriving in my mailbox. I think he’s on to me, and is enjoying delivering each and every effort from Time Warner to keep us as customers (oh HELL no, hell-O Google Fiber!), while rerouting my circulars.  I think it’s time to get DH back on board with writing me a webscraper.  Or getting a kid properly motivated to do so.  Where did I put all the leftover Halloween and Christmas candy…

Cheep cheep!

Happy Ad Wednesday

This week went fast. I didn’t really think I was due for another post, but just like every Tuesday both HEB and Sprouts emailed me the circulars for the new ad week and here we are.  If ‘here’ is wondering why my mailman continues to deny me the simple pleasure of weekly grocery ads made of paper.

Stock up items this week are boneless skinless chicken breasts, pork chops, and berries. 

Note: I’m not including Sprouts’ specials from last week, but they’re still good today! Doing that was making their entry too long.  You can check last week’s post if you want to review what is still up for grabs.


raspberries, 6oz                               $1.25/ea

Jonagold apples                                77c/lb

assorted pork chops                       $1.97/lb

County Post bscs, value pack        $1.99/lb

pork ribeye roast                             $1.97/lb (these are not the usual roast, normally it’s loin. i think it’ll cook similarly, but look at it and think about what you want to use it for before purchase)

Market Fresh sausage                     $3.97/lb  (bratwurst, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, or Italian)


bscb                                                              $1.69/lb (Fiesta limit)

assorted pork chops                                     $1.69/lb (Fiesta limit)

pineapples                                                    $1.99/ea (C15)

Fiesta canola oil, gallon jug                          $4.99/ea

cucumbers                                                    4/$1 (DD)

Tyson boneless, skinless chicken thighs      $1.99/lb


Classico or Barilla pasta sauce, 15-24oz            $2/ea   ( I buy these for the jars as well as handy sauce)

$5 Friday

Jenni-O ground turkey chub, 2lb                         $5/ea       

Earl Campbell hot links, 32oz                              $5/ea

Quaker Life cereal, 13oz                                       3/$5


1 lb. strawberries (DD) , blueberries 5.6oz, blackberries 6oz, raspberries 6oz    $1.67/ea

red or green bell peppers                                                     50c/ea (DD)

organic Gala or Fuji apples                                                  $1.50/lb (DD)

organic baby carrots, 1 lb                                                    $1.50/lb  (DD)

Fri-Sun only

bulk dried cranberries                                                          $1.99/lb

OP wines                                                                          $2.50 ea, $2.25 ea for 6 or more

bscb                                                                                     $1.79/lb

Sprouts salad blends, 5-5.5oz                                             $2/ea

jumbo Hass avocados                                                         $1/ea

Wheatsville Co-op

organic curly kale                                                       $1.50/bunch  (just because there’s not any organic kale on sale anywhere else this week)

It’s a good week for most places, but Randalls is lagging as usual.  Freezing pork roasts is a great way to have a meal in the freezer (I cut to 1.5lb sections and vacuum seal), and freezing.

Sprouts also has eggplant 2/$1, but that seems like a misprint–more likely 2lbs/$1.  Annie’s products 50% off for selected varieties, and all sausage is $3.99/lb, no nitrates, made in-store–these are both good deals.

The avocado math problem has been bothering me. I’m going to have to address it soon, maybe for the Superbowl, when I can likely bring a gallon of guacamole somewhere without anyone wondering why Cheepie is carrying a giant vat of guacamole. 

It’s really bugging me that I’ve got extra large avocados for $1.50, and large for $1, and sometimes there are just no-adjective avocados for 58c.  What is the best deal? Which will allow me to eat the most chips?  I’m going to have to develop a system, get out the scale, and sort this out. Look for Avocado Math Post soon!

Fiesta has Bluebell for $4.99/ea, which isn’t the best price, but if, like me, what you thought would be six months worth of ice cream last time it went on super-sale turned out not to last that long, you might want a few.  Since a not insignificant amount of my parenting turns out to be based on bribery via Bluebell, I’ll be grabbing a few.

Go forth and stretch that grocery dollar, Cheepsters!

Happy Ad Wednesday

Got freezer space? This week stock up on pork chops. They’re $1.99 all over, and freeze well.  I don’t buy them, because I buy pork loins when they go on sale and portion that out, but if you’re not a meat freak like me, this is your week to stock up!

It’s also 5lb sack of carrots week. This is the third time since CheepieAustin started, and I still haven’t made that carrot soup. I really need to get on that. Anyone else given it a go?


kiwis                                                        5/$1  (C15)

large Braeburn apples                          48c/lb (DD)

Hass avocados                                     48c/ea  (C15)

organic kale                                          98c/ea (a few different kinds, but really, are we sure there are ‘kinds’ of kale?) (DD)

Vitamin and body care: 25% off everything!

chicken breast tenders                          $1.99/lb

assorted bone-in pork chops                 $1.99/lb

French Vanilla almond granola               $1.99/lb

whole cashews                                       $5.99/lb

organic carrots, 5lb bag                         $2.98/lb

organic Gala or Fuji apples                    $1.48/lb (DD)

colby jack cheese                                   $3.99/lb

ending today:

Texas Red Grapefruit                               8/88c (C15)

pineapples                                               $1.98/ea

bscb, no enhancers or solutions              $1.99/lb


blackberries, 6oz.                                                                   67c/ea

russet potatoes, 10lb sack                                                  $2.97/ea  (DD)

Boston butt pork roast, bone-in, sold whole in the bag      $1.97/lb

fresh whole chicken                                                               97c/lb


family pack mixed pork chops                   $1.69/lb (Fiesta limit:2)

chicken drumsticks,jumbo bag                    69c/lb (Fiesta limit:2)

Fiesta shredded cheese, 8 oz.                    $1.69/ea

jasmine rice, 5lbs                                         $5.99/lb


assorted pork loin chops                                                  $1.99/lb

Barilla Pasta, 12-16oz.                                                      $1/ea     (this is only a good deal for the 16oz.)

Thomas’ English muffins                                                     2/$4

Progresso Classics Vegetable soup, Chef BoyArDee     $1/ea (certain varieties only)

Oscar Meyer thick cut bacon                                           $5/24oz.   (Friday only)

Safeway broth, 32oz                                                         $1.25/es    (Friday only)

Central Market has all vitamins and supplements at 25% off.

Whole Foods

organic kale bunch                           98c/ea (again with the kinds. it’s leaves.)(DD)

Sprouts also has blackberries, but 5.6oz for 88c, not as good. So if you’re stocking the freezer for smoothies and cobbler, definitely head to HEB.

Grapefruit are on sale all over, but I’ve listed the cheapest which is the 11c ones for TODAY at Sprouts if you didn’t get there earlier this week. If you need them and can’t get there today, HEB has 20c grapefruit this ad week.

For $5 Friday at Randalls, there are also Gerbera daisies are $5 for a 10-stem bunch. If anyone wants to get on my good side, that’s a start!

Mail Report:

No ads this week, just the usual mail. But all of it was addressed to us, so that’s a step up from lately. I think the holiday had our mail carrier a bit overworked, so I had the kids running mis-delivered mail up and down our street.  The lack of ads this week was not surprising at all.