Happy Ad Wednesday

This week went fast. I didn’t really think I was due for another post, but just like every Tuesday both HEB and Sprouts emailed me the circulars for the new ad week and here we are.  If ‘here’ is wondering why my mailman continues to deny me the simple pleasure of weekly grocery ads made of paper.

Stock up items this week are boneless skinless chicken breasts, pork chops, and berries. 

Note: I’m not including Sprouts’ specials from last week, but they’re still good today! Doing that was making their entry too long.  You can check last week’s post if you want to review what is still up for grabs.


raspberries, 6oz                               $1.25/ea

Jonagold apples                                77c/lb

assorted pork chops                       $1.97/lb

County Post bscs, value pack        $1.99/lb

pork ribeye roast                             $1.97/lb (these are not the usual roast, normally it’s loin. i think it’ll cook similarly, but look at it and think about what you want to use it for before purchase)

Market Fresh sausage                     $3.97/lb  (bratwurst, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, or Italian)


bscb                                                              $1.69/lb (Fiesta limit)

assorted pork chops                                     $1.69/lb (Fiesta limit)

pineapples                                                    $1.99/ea (C15)

Fiesta canola oil, gallon jug                          $4.99/ea

cucumbers                                                    4/$1 (DD)

Tyson boneless, skinless chicken thighs      $1.99/lb


Classico or Barilla pasta sauce, 15-24oz            $2/ea   ( I buy these for the jars as well as handy sauce)

$5 Friday

Jenni-O ground turkey chub, 2lb                         $5/ea       

Earl Campbell hot links, 32oz                              $5/ea

Quaker Life cereal, 13oz                                       3/$5


1 lb. strawberries (DD) , blueberries 5.6oz, blackberries 6oz, raspberries 6oz    $1.67/ea

red or green bell peppers                                                     50c/ea (DD)

organic Gala or Fuji apples                                                  $1.50/lb (DD)

organic baby carrots, 1 lb                                                    $1.50/lb  (DD)

Fri-Sun only

bulk dried cranberries                                                          $1.99/lb

OP wines                                                                          $2.50 ea, $2.25 ea for 6 or more

bscb                                                                                     $1.79/lb

Sprouts salad blends, 5-5.5oz                                             $2/ea

jumbo Hass avocados                                                         $1/ea

Wheatsville Co-op

organic curly kale                                                       $1.50/bunch  (just because there’s not any organic kale on sale anywhere else this week)

It’s a good week for most places, but Randalls is lagging as usual.  Freezing pork roasts is a great way to have a meal in the freezer (I cut to 1.5lb sections and vacuum seal), and freezing.

Sprouts also has eggplant 2/$1, but that seems like a misprint–more likely 2lbs/$1.  Annie’s products 50% off for selected varieties, and all sausage is $3.99/lb, no nitrates, made in-store–these are both good deals.

The avocado math problem has been bothering me. I’m going to have to address it soon, maybe for the Superbowl, when I can likely bring a gallon of guacamole somewhere without anyone wondering why Cheepie is carrying a giant vat of guacamole. 

It’s really bugging me that I’ve got extra large avocados for $1.50, and large for $1, and sometimes there are just no-adjective avocados for 58c.  What is the best deal? Which will allow me to eat the most chips?  I’m going to have to develop a system, get out the scale, and sort this out. Look for Avocado Math Post soon!

Fiesta has Bluebell for $4.99/ea, which isn’t the best price, but if, like me, what you thought would be six months worth of ice cream last time it went on super-sale turned out not to last that long, you might want a few.  Since a not insignificant amount of my parenting turns out to be based on bribery via Bluebell, I’ll be grabbing a few.

Go forth and stretch that grocery dollar, Cheepsters!


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