Week 10 & Goal Post

Week 10 Scoreboard

It’s week two of the new scoring system, which is based on a 15 point scale.  I know, it’s not a nice number like 10, and it makes translating things into percentages more difficult.  We’ve all got calculators on our phones, though, so it’s not like you really have to do the math.

The plan:

  • Mon: pot roast, garden salad, potatoes, blackberries, green beans
  • Tue: ham and cheese soufflé, peas, avocado, oranges
  • Wed: salmon cakes, pasta, steamed spinach, carrot sticks, apples
  • Thur: grilled pot roast sandwiches, carrot soup, and salad
  • Fri: BBQ night!

The actual:

  • Mon:  leftover buffet, Cheepie + DH date night
  • Tue:  Taco Cabana drive-thru fajitas
  • Wed:  pot roast, green beans, garden salad, potatoes, grapes
  • Thur:  I do not remember.  I’ve sat here for ten minutes, and no clue.
  • Fri:   BBQ night!

Certainly a downturn from last week!  In my defense (I seem to need to use this phrase more often than you’d expect, given that I’m setting these goals myself, not trying to follow someone else’s plan), I was throwing a big event that was using up most of the mental space in my brain that isn’t devoted to the basic mammalian-mom drive of keeping everyone alive through another day. 

And Thursday? It wasn’t that long ago. Why don’t I remember what I fed everyone? I think it must have been grilled cheese.  Making grilled cheeses is so automatic that my brain doesn’t even register it any more!

So out of a possible 15 points, this week gets 5 points. Monday gets two for having all the food groups and three people, Wednesday gets two for being a planned meal (if for a different day, I’m taking what I can get this week) and being nutritious, and Friday gets one for being planned.  Tuesday and Thursday are zero, because while I want to say Taco Cabana is at least three food groups, the amount of salt on that chicken negated any possible nutrition involved.

Luckily, the weeks roll on and I’ve got a new chance every seven days.  This week I’ve got a head start, since I know darn well what I fed everyone last night.  Grilled cheese.


Week 11 plan

  • Mon: grilled cheese, carrot soup, salad, apples
  • Tue: ham and cheese soufflé, cauliflower, pomegranate seeds
  • Wed: beef and barley soup, homemade bread, fruit, veg
  • Thur: red beans and rice with venison sausage, fruit, veg
  • Fri: homemade pizza & Family Game night!

Wish me luck, and check in tomorrow morning (or very late tonight for the  Happy Ad Wednesday post.

Cheep Cheep!


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