Week 17 Meal Plan

This week is heavy on the berries and melon I stocked up on at Sprouts on Friday at the 48 hour sale.  If it weren’t so cold, it would be half gone already, but watermelon isn’t the high-demand item in 40 degree weather that it is when it’s 90 degrees!  I’ll also be using meat from the deep freeze this week, because I didn’t quite get around to shopping the way I’d meant to last week.

Which leads me to a question: How do YOU shop? Why do you think it’s best for your family? What do you wish was simpler?

Cheepie wants to know.

I have friends that do a once-a-week, and friends that buy as they go.  I stock up on things on sale, but then end up in stores several times a week getting what we run out of.

I’m a down-to-the-last-roll tp shopper. My kids don’t understand a lot of what I do, but running the gas tank until the light comes on, and not buying toilet paper until at least one bathroom is out rank high on their list of ‘Things Mom Does That Make No Sense’.

I like to think that this is how, as a parent of three young-ish kids, my inner wild child comes out.  I can run you all the way up to Cedar Park, and not stop for gas. I WILL IGNORE THAT LIGHT.

Here’s the plan for this week:

  • Mon:  venison stew, cantelope, spinach, dinner rolls
  • Tues:   salmon cakes, polenta, blackberries, broccoli
  • Wed:  baked chicken, pasta, salad, fruit, fresh bread
  • Thurs:  hamburgers, fruit &veg
  • Fri:  Refrigerator Buffet

This is hopefully a plan that will have me at least scoring in the double digits.  Follow me Eggandidustjacket.jpgon Twitter and Facebook to see how I do during the week!

And honestly, if you think I’m even a little bit funny, you need to read some Erma Bombeck She’s the bomb.  And then, if you’ve got a bit of old-time sentiment, read her predecessor, Betty MacDonald. Do you remember Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle? She wrote those, AND wrote some hysterical autobiographical fun that turned into a movie where she was portrayed by Claudette Colbert.  I know when I’m turned into a movie I want Claudette Colbert playing me!

Cheep On, Cheepsters!


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