Dinner on the Cheep

Pasta is something we eat a lot more of during the summer at Chez Cheepie.  Given I hate to turn the oven on at all, and Mr. Cheepie owns the grill, I find it’s simplest to cook things that are quick on the stove: stir-frys and pastas get heavy rotation during the warm months.  

I’ve got an old Atlas pasta roller (thank you wedding registry of the 1990s), which makes homemade pasta simple.  There are a lot of recipes that will tell you you don’t have to have one, you can just roll it out by hand.  Those people have more skills than me. And more upper body strength.  Neither of those is hard to accomplish, but if you’re like me keep an eye out at thrift stores and you’ll find a machine for about $25.  Or you could get married, and register for one, but that comes with a lot more compromise than Savers demands of its customers.


Breakdown of cost for batch of pasta:

5lbs flour=$1.99

18 eggs=  $ 1.69

2 c flour             20 cents 

 3 eggs              28.2 cents

So for under 50c, I’ve got a tasty batch of pasta that is plenty for 5 sides. It could also be a main dish if you added some random leftover meats & vegetables and gave it a toss with some oil and garlic over some heat.

Yes, it’s work. But these kids have to do something and they’ve started to notice that Pick Up This Crap is not as exciting of a game as I’ve made it out to be.  Especially when you get to the upper levels.  Rolling out pasta on the machine is like edible play-doh happy hour!

Given I use this method, using a food processor, it all comes together pretty quickly.  Whirl up dough and knead for about a minute. Then the dough rests for 30 min, which is helpfully enough time for you to figure out what else your band of heathens deserve for dinner.  Then put a pot of water on to boil, roll out the noodles, and get them cooked.  

Yes, you can buy noodles for twice the cost and they’re still cheap.  Yes, time is money.  If you’ve got some time, though, it’s a fun frugal way to make delicious pasta.






Happy Ad Wednesday!

Corn!  I love cheap corn. Eventually it’ll get cheaper, but 6/$1 is worth celebrating a bit.  Corn is also simple to freeze, just slice kernels off and put in a ziplock for later.  

Other cheap produce highlights this week are: cherries, bell peppers, oranges and mangos.

Randalls has cheap boneless skinless chicken breasts and ground beef this week, so if your freezer is low on either it’s a good chance to stock up.

Both Sprouts and Randalls have sub-sales for a portion of the week. The ad for Sprouts says ’72 Hour sale’ ‘June 17-June 19’and ‘Seize the Savings this Thursday and Friday’.  What’s impressive about that is not even two of those things can be true at the same time.  


I called Sprouts and they’re going to honor the prices from Thursday-Sunday, so it’s a win for us. Happy shopping, Cheepsters!



cherries                                               $1.98/lb

red bell peppers                                          50c/ea

cantaloupes                                                 98c/ea

organic red or green grapes                    $1.98/lb

sunflower seed kernels                             $1.99/lb

Gala or Granny Smith apples                     98c/lb

colby-jack cheese, bulk cut                       $2.98/lb

Thurs-Sunday ONLY

          jumbo navel oranges                                            25c/lb

          red mangos                                                             25c/ea

          thick slicked bulk bacon                                   $2.99/lb

          raw almonds                                                          $3.99/lb

          quinoa                                                                      $1.99/lb



Persian limes                                                                       15/ $1

pork spare ribs, family pack                                           $2.47/lb

chicken drums, jumbo bag, (10lb & up)                        59c/lb



spare ribs or baby back ribs                                      $2.49/lb

ground beef, 80%, value pack                                    $2.49/lb

bscb                                                                                   $1.88/lb

Safeway sugar, 4lbs                                                     $1.99/ea

Safeway flour, 5lbs                                                       $1.99/ea

Fri-Sun only:

          seedless watermelon                                                   $2.97/ea

          Blue Bell                                                                          $3.99/ea (must buy 2 or more)



corn                                                               6/$1

sweet potatoes                                           68c/lb


Lastly, Fiesta flyers remain the most entertaining:



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Happy Ad Friday!


It’s been a damn month, I know. Blame Prop 1 fatigue and fear of I35 rock throwers, that’s what I say.  Mopacalypse, that too.  And snake migration, don’t forget that.  How anyone in Austin is continuing to function is a mystery to me.

To cheer you this week we’ve got peaches, watermelon, mangos, & red bell peppers at low prices.  Corn is coming, but this week I only see 3/$1 at HEB, and it’ll be cheaper soon.  If you spot it lower, let me know!  

Because photo (1)we’re just past a big BBQ weekend there’s a lull on good meat sales, but as we get closer to July 4th they’ll be back. For now chicken and pork loin are cheep at Randalls this week.

Here’s the list:



peaches                                                             57c/lb (7c cheaper at Sprouts, but still cheep!)

hot house cucumbers                                    98c/ea

Gala apples                                                        98c/lb

small mangos                                                   48c/ea (possibly grackle HEBs only)

Hass avocados                                                   48c/ea

Ground chuck, 80% chub pack                       $2.97/lb



whole seedless watermelon                                  $1.98/ea

red or green bell peppers                                         50c/ea

yellow peaches                                                            50c/lb

red or yellow mangos                                                 50c/ea

Granny Smith or Pink Lady apples                          98c/lb

Thompson Seedless raisins                                       $1.99/lb



green seedless grapes                                                         $1.49/lb

green bell peppers                                                                 33c/ea

boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs                $1.37/lb (Fiesta limit)(family pack)

chicken drumsticks, jumbo bag                                          77c/lb

Goya Jasmine rice, 5lbs                                                      $5.99/lb

Fiesta brand all-purpose flour, 5lbs                                 99c/ea (limit 1)



split chicken breast, drums or thighs, value pack             88c/lb

                                  (drums 11c cheaper at Fiesta, but it’s twice the weight)

whole bone-in pork loin                                                             99c/lb 

Skinner pasta, 12oz, selected varieties                                   49c/ea (buy 5, mix & match)

Lucerne eggs, dozen                                                                      89c/ea (buy 2, limit 4)



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Check the Pantry, Another Recall

General Mills has a recall of several package types of flour.  FLOUR.  I’d thought flour would be pretty immune from a contamination problem, if I’d pondered it at all.

Here’s a link to a informative article. Here’s the link to General Mills if you find you’ve got some of the flour.

Ten million pounds of flour, 20 states with connected cases of E. coli illness.

Be safe! Throw it out!  Being sick is not cheep!

Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 1.36.20 PM