Happy Ad Wednesday!

Corn!  I love cheap corn. Eventually it’ll get cheaper, but 6/$1 is worth celebrating a bit.  Corn is also simple to freeze, just slice kernels off and put in a ziplock for later.  

Other cheap produce highlights this week are: cherries, bell peppers, oranges and mangos.

Randalls has cheap boneless skinless chicken breasts and ground beef this week, so if your freezer is low on either it’s a good chance to stock up.

Both Sprouts and Randalls have sub-sales for a portion of the week. The ad for Sprouts says ’72 Hour sale’ ‘June 17-June 19’and ‘Seize the Savings this Thursday and Friday’.  What’s impressive about that is not even two of those things can be true at the same time.  


I called Sprouts and they’re going to honor the prices from Thursday-Sunday, so it’s a win for us. Happy shopping, Cheepsters!



cherries                                               $1.98/lb

red bell peppers                                          50c/ea

cantaloupes                                                 98c/ea

organic red or green grapes                    $1.98/lb

sunflower seed kernels                             $1.99/lb

Gala or Granny Smith apples                     98c/lb

colby-jack cheese, bulk cut                       $2.98/lb

Thurs-Sunday ONLY

          jumbo navel oranges                                            25c/lb

          red mangos                                                             25c/ea

          thick slicked bulk bacon                                   $2.99/lb

          raw almonds                                                          $3.99/lb

          quinoa                                                                      $1.99/lb



Persian limes                                                                       15/ $1

pork spare ribs, family pack                                           $2.47/lb

chicken drums, jumbo bag, (10lb & up)                        59c/lb



spare ribs or baby back ribs                                      $2.49/lb

ground beef, 80%, value pack                                    $2.49/lb

bscb                                                                                   $1.88/lb

Safeway sugar, 4lbs                                                     $1.99/ea

Safeway flour, 5lbs                                                       $1.99/ea

Fri-Sun only:

          seedless watermelon                                                   $2.97/ea

          Blue Bell                                                                          $3.99/ea (must buy 2 or more)



corn                                                               6/$1

sweet potatoes                                           68c/lb


Lastly, Fiesta flyers remain the most entertaining:



Weekly Flyer Links:


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