Dinner on the Cheep

Pasta is something we eat a lot more of during the summer at Chez Cheepie.  Given I hate to turn the oven on at all, and Mr. Cheepie owns the grill, I find it’s simplest to cook things that are quick on the stove: stir-frys and pastas get heavy rotation during the warm months.  

I’ve got an old Atlas pasta roller (thank you wedding registry of the 1990s), which makes homemade pasta simple.  There are a lot of recipes that will tell you you don’t have to have one, you can just roll it out by hand.  Those people have more skills than me. And more upper body strength.  Neither of those is hard to accomplish, but if you’re like me keep an eye out at thrift stores and you’ll find a machine for about $25.  Or you could get married, and register for one, but that comes with a lot more compromise than Savers demands of its customers.


Breakdown of cost for batch of pasta:

5lbs flour=$1.99

18 eggs=  $ 1.69

2 c flour             20 cents 

 3 eggs              28.2 cents

So for under 50c, I’ve got a tasty batch of pasta that is plenty for 5 sides. It could also be a main dish if you added some random leftover meats & vegetables and gave it a toss with some oil and garlic over some heat.

Yes, it’s work. But these kids have to do something and they’ve started to notice that Pick Up This Crap is not as exciting of a game as I’ve made it out to be.  Especially when you get to the upper levels.  Rolling out pasta on the machine is like edible play-doh happy hour!

Given I use this method, using a food processor, it all comes together pretty quickly.  Whirl up dough and knead for about a minute. Then the dough rests for 30 min, which is helpfully enough time for you to figure out what else your band of heathens deserve for dinner.  Then put a pot of water on to boil, roll out the noodles, and get them cooked.  

Yes, you can buy noodles for twice the cost and they’re still cheap.  Yes, time is money.  If you’ve got some time, though, it’s a fun frugal way to make delicious pasta.





Happy Ad Wednesday!

Mothers Day is for Meat, apparently. Steaks are on sale all over town. I didn’t see any great deals on prime, so choose your favorite cut and pick a store, it’s probably on sale.

HEB has their chicken fajitas (breast or thigh) for $1.97/lb, and the club pack 80% ground chuck for 2.77/lb.  These are near-permanent prices, so I’m deciding not to list them all the time.

Highlights this week: mangos, avocados, strawberries, bacon and Oak Farms ice cream.

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!



avocados                                   33c/ea

green bell peppers                  50c/ea

celery                                           88c/ea

Honeycrisp apples                  $1.98/lb

bulk oats                                    50c/lb

bulk organic coffee                 $6.99/lb

Brown Cow yogurt cups          69c/ea



strawberries, 1lb                                                                 98c/ea

corn                                                                                         20c/ea

small mangos                                                                      33c/ea

pork loin roast                                                                   $1.99/lb

HEB or Honeysuckle ground turkey, 1lb                   $1.97/ea  (more grackle only)

HCF vegetable oil, 128oz                                                 $5/ea  (more grackle only)

Our American Favorite Chicken Nuggets, 2lb bag frozen                       $2.97/ea


Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 3.49.55 PM

                              Free Clamato? Combo Loco, indeed.



Red Delicious apples                                                  99c/lb

pork loin chops, bone-in, value pack                 $1.79/lb

Safeway bacon, 3lbs                                                   $8.97/ea            



cucumber                                                33c/ea

green cabbage                                       39c/lb

cilantro                                                    33c/ea

seedless watermelons                       $2.99/ea

Ataulfo mangos                                                     25c/ea

strip or top sirloin steak, family pack          $3.97/lb (Fiesta limit)

boneless skinless chicken breast or thigh   $1.49/lb (Fiesta limit)

boneless half pork loin, cy-o-vac pack         $1.49/lb (Fiesta limit)

live crawfish                                                            $1.99/lb (30c off for whole sack)

Oak Farms ice cream, 1/2 gal                              $3.99/ea


Central Market

organic green pears                                               $1.27/lb





Weekly Flyer Links:

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Berries! Daffodils!  Yes, it was Summer for a couple of days last week, but we’re back to Spring, which is my favorite season. Bluebonnets, everything turning green, & BBQ meat sales–all great Spring things!

This week asparagus, sausage, strawberries and mangos are all cheap.  Ham is cheap all over because it’s Easter, which is all about Jesus and ham.  Cheap citrus is gone, but a couple stores still have sacks of grapefruit if you want more.  

Also some big news:


So celery is less than a buck at Sprouts! Get out and celebrate National Celery Month!


asparagus                                                              97c/ea

kiwi fruit                                                                25c/ea

HEB chicken for fajitas, value pack             $1.97/ea

Eckrich smoked sausage, 30-42oz               $5/ea

ground chuck, 80%, club pack                        $2.97/lb

HEB fresh sausage                                              $2.97/lb




Hormel spiral sliced ham                                  $1.59/lb

Smithfield shank ham                                        $1.39/lb

bscb                                                                         $1.77/lb

Land O Lakes Butter, 1lb                                      $1.88/ea (must buy 2)

Lucerne brick or shredded cheese, 2lb            $5.99/ea



green seedless grapes                                           99c/lb

strawberries, 1lb                                                    $1.50/ea

spiral sliced ham                                                   $1.59/lb

cucumbers                                                                 50c/ea

red bell peppers                                                       50c/ea

celery                                                                          88c/ea

Sprouts organic broth, 32oz                                $1.50/ea

Sprouts salsa, select varieties, 16oz                  $2/ea

Sprouts frozen vegetables, selected, 16oz       $1.25/ea



Roma tomatoes                                                               67c/lb

cantaloupes                                                                     $1.50/ea

beef brisket, whole                                                        $2.77/lb (Fiesta limit)

Smithfield ham, butt or shank, bone-in                $1.47/lb (Fiesta limit)

boneless chicken breast or thighs, value pack     $1.29/lb (Fiesta limit)

chicken leg quarters, jumbo bag                                49c/lb (usually about 10lbs)

Blue Bell half gallon                                                     $4.49/ea (limit 2)



Central Market

extra large Hass avocados                                     97c/ea



R.W. Knudsen juice, 32oz, selected                   $2.39/ea

organic carrots, 2lb bag                                         $1.99/ea


Trader Joe’s

TJ’s proscuitto, 4oz                                                 $3.99/ea

daffodils, 10 stems                                                   $1.49/ea


Whole Foods

Ataulfo mangos                                                          50c/ea

conventional-organic strawberries, 1lb              $1.50-$3.33/ea (yes, the ad is confusing)

Screen shot 2016-03-23 at 11.19.58 AM

See? Confusing. They say it’s a GREAT DEAL, though.




Weekly Flyer Links

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Randalls is upping their ‘certain days’ game, continuing their effort to be the most complicated store to get a deal at. The card is a pain, but it’s there and I’m used to it now. The app is just plain irritating–making me use my poor old phone to get 50c off salad dressing doesn’t make me happy to be where I am!  A few months back they added limits, last week adding lower AND upper limits. Now, not only to they have Friday-only, but 3-day-only deals.  Even people like me, who live close and use them for convenience on certain products are going to wear out on this soon!

We’ve got stone fruit showing up cheap this week, with eggs, mangos and grapes making a decent showing.  In the meat department, pork and chicken are at normal lows,with nothing at a stock-the-freezer price. Asparagus is here, which means all the great spring deals are just getting started!

Note: Grapes are cheaper at Randalls. Organic apples are super cheap at Sprouts. Mangos are cheapest at Fiesta (though still cheap at HEB). Don’t buy these things elsewhere this week.


            cutting through the chaos, for the Cheepsters!


red or black plums                                               97c/lb

Ataulfo mangos                                                     58c/ea

bscb                                                                         $1.99/lb

ground chuck, 80%, club pack                        $2.97/lb

HCF beef for fajitas                                             $2.97/lb



strawberries, 1lb                                                      $1.67/ea

Roma tomatoes                                                         67c/lb

Ataulfo mangos, large                                              50c/ea

boneless chicken tenders                                        $1.67/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork country ribs, blade steak                                $1.29/lb (Fiesta limit)

Old Orchard apple juice, 64oz                                 99c/ea (limit 2)                   

Fiesta chunk cheese, 16oz                                       $2.99/lb

El Molino corn tortillas, 4lb pkg                            $2/ea



medium Hass avocados                                              50c

red or green seedless grapes                                   $1.49/lb

boneless pork loin                                                      $1.79/lb

chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna, 5oz             49c/ea (limit 9)

Skinner pasta, 8-12oz                                                49c/ea (limit 9)

blue Bell ide cream, 1/2 gal                                       $4.88/ea (must buy 2 or more)

Signature Care supplements, selected                  B1G1

10 stem daffodils                                                           $1.99/ea


Lucerne eggs, dozen                                               $1.50/ea (limit 4)


Lucerne cheese, 32oz. shredded or block           $5 (remember, cheese freezes!)

Thomas English muffins                                          $1.25/ea

Thibodeaux crawfish tail meat, 12oz frozen        $5/ea


asparagus                                                                                 98c/lb

zucchini                                                                                    50c/lb

yellow nectarines                                                                   98c/lb

organic Pinata apples, 3lb bag                                           $2.50/ea

quick, rolled or steel cut oats                                              50c/lb


Happy shopping Cheepsters!  Let me know if you find other deals out there!

Weekly Flyer Links

Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s Citrus Time!

There’s not a song for it, like Hammer Time, but it’s still a good thing. Fresh juice is cheap to make at home, and I can easily get everyone their daily dose of Vitamin C.  Sprouts and HEB both have great deals on citrus this week. $4.98 for fifteen pounds of grapefruit is a lot of fruit for under $5!

Hopefully you also find some things for the freezer this week. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, and pork loin are all on sale at a few different places this week, and all freeze well.

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


Russet potatoes, 5lb bag                                     99c/lb

assorted pork chops                                             $1.79/lb

split chicken breasts, value pack                      $1.49/lb

Fri only:

32oz shredded Lucerne cheese                             $5/ea

avocados, 10ct                                                            2/$5

(I feel like this might be a misprint. 20 avocados for $5 is 25c/ea!, a most non-Randalls price!)



Halos mandarins, 5lb box                                    $3.98/ea

blueberries, 6oz                                                      $1.50/ea

navel oranges                                                           48c/lb

Texas Rio Red Grapefruit, 5lb bag                    $1.98/ea

eggplant                                                                      98c/ea

organic Braeburn apples, 3lb/bag                     $1.98/ea

pork loin roast or chops                                       $1.79/lb

chicken breast tenders                                          $1.79/lb



Ataulfo mangos                                              33c/ea

pork loin half, sliced                                   $1.49/lb (Fiesta limit)

Fiesta can corn or green beans, 14oz      25c/ea (limit 8)

Fiesta chuck light tuna in water, 5oz      50c/ea (limit 4)

Screen shot 2016-01-06 at 3.37.53 PM

Throwin’ tuna on sale, y’all!!

Fiesta box macaroni & cheese                                   33c/ea

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lb bag                                   $1.88/ea



Jonagold apples                                                          77c/lb

Texas grapefruit, 15lbs.                                           $4.98/ea

eggplant                                                                        98c/ea

pork tenderloin, whole in bag                              $2.97/lb

bscb, value pack                                                         $1.79/lb


Weekly Flyer Links

Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s $2 cheese time! I love $2 cheese time!

Sprouts had cheese for this price for several weeks back in the spring. How do I know it was spring? Because I just looked at the block of pepper jack I thawed out to see what the label said!  I stocked up, because if it’s one thing that will convince my kids to eat something it’s to pile some cheese on top of it.  

In the spring, there was one type on sale each week, alternating among colby-jack, pepper-jack, ordinary-jack and cheddar. For storage, frozen cheese will keep just fine, but it’s crumbly after thawing so not great for slicing.  

I’m hopeful this is the start of a few weeks of this special!

one for you, one for me, one for you, two for me...

one for you, one for me, one for you, two for me…

And now, off to the races…


frozen Jenni-O turkey, 10-12lbs                                    57c/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork sirloin chops, bone-in, family pack                     97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

white potatoes                                                                    59c/lb

Roma tomatoes                                                                   44c/lb

Texas juice oranges, 5lbs                                                     $2.50/ea

green cabbage                                                                     25c/lb

Gala apples, 3lbs                                                                  $2.49/ea

large avocados                                                                    $1/ea

celery                                                                                        88c/ea


frozen Honeysuckle turkey, 8-24 lbs.                                  59c/lb (limit1 w/$20. while supplies last)

Safeway frozen meatballs, 22-26oz.                                $4/ea

Del Monte canned vegetables, 11-15oz, selected          47c/ea (buy 6)

Land o Lakes butter                                                                  $2.50/ea

Chex or Kelloggs cereal, selected                                             3/$5 (buy 3)


blackberries, 5.6oz                                                               88c/ea

Hass avocados                                                                     50c/ea

squash: acorn, butternut, spaghetti                                  88c/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs                                      $1.49/lb

bulk oats: quick, steel or rolled                                         50c/lb 

colby jack cheese                                                                 $1.99/lb


Smithfield shank portion ham                                                                $1.27/lb

HCF chicken drums or thighs, value pack                                        $1/lb

seasoned boneless chix thighs for fajitas                                          $1.97/lb

Pink Lady apples                                                                                     97c/lb

kiwi                                                                                                               25c/ea

grapefruit                                                                                                   25c/eaScreen shot 2015-11-11 at 12.09.00 PM

Halo mandarins, 5lbs                                                                                     $4.77/ea

Whole Foods

organic Yukon Gold, Russet or Red potatoes        98c/lb

organic cucumbers                                                           98c/ea

Gulf shrimp, 31/40                                                             $7.99/lb ($3 off)


organic Fuji apples, 3lb bag                                             $4.99/lb

As a last note, I’d like to let Wheatsville know that this ad really bugs me. Who buys celery by the pound? It’s an ‘each’ item. Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 12.48.45 PMUnless you’re okay with me tearing up celery bunches to get the weight I want you should price it as an each.

Weekly Flyer Links

Cheep Cheep!

Happy Ad Wednesday!

        It's April in Texas!

It’s April in Texas!

Again already with the ads! I nearly didn’t write this post because it just wasn’t on my radar. It didn’t seem like it could have been a week.  Spring is like that.  Every year I swear I’m going to get everyone in jeans and t-shirts and get ourselves a real family blue bonnet photo, and every year somehow they come and go before I’ve done it.  Thunderstorms roll in, the AC is on and off again, windows open and shut, one night is crockpot and the next is grill–April is just a little bit nutty!  You never know though, all our photos might have ended up like this:  


No, Cheepie doesn’t tumblr (I can barely tweet, but I do it with old lady style!), but this is a pretty funny one.

So here we are–is Sprouts continuing with the crazy cheese sales? Is corn super-cheap yet? Come and see!


crawfish                                                                 $1.79/lb ($1.59/lb in 50lb sack)

Southern chicken hen wings, 5lb sack           $5.29/ea

pork blade steaks                                                   $1.49/lb  (Fiesta Limit)

Braeburn apples                                                  69c/lb (DD)

Parade frozen vegetables, 28-32oz                   $1.99/ea


raspberries, 6oz                                         $1.47/ea

large Hass avocados                            $1.50/ea (C15)

red seedless grapes                             $1.97/lb  (DD)

pineapple or cantaloupe                       $1.50/ea  (C15)

Pink Lady apples                                    88c/lb  (DD)

HCF drumsticks or thighs                       $1/lb

assorted bone-in pork chops                  $1.97/lb


pork loin half                                                              $1.99/lb

Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna, 5oz           79c/ea

Bertolli and Classico pasta sauce jars                $2/ea

32oz cheese bricks or shredded bags               $6.99/ea     (note: the Sprouts deal is better, at $1.99/lb, but the normal price for these is now about $8-9 here and at HEB, so if this is your usual product this is a stock-up price)


colby jack cheese, bulk cut                  $1.99/lb (yay!!)

avocados                                                 48c/ea  (C15)

cucumbers                                               48c/ea  (DD) 

green bell peppers                                   48c/ea (DD)

Fuji, Gala,Jonagold apples                      98c/lb (DD)

bulk peanuts                                              $1.99/lb

organic baby carrots,1lb                          98c/ea

organic Red Delicious apples                   98c/lb  (DD)

Wheatsville didn’t have anything that looked especially great, and Whole Foods won’t have their ad up until tomorrow. I’ll check it then and let you Cheepsters know if there’s a deal you shouldn’t miss.

My can’t-miss items this week are the pork loin at $1.99/lb, the peanuts at $1.99/lb, Fiesta’s frozen vegetables at $1.99, and the sack of wings.  Of course, I’ll also be buying the colby jack at Sprouts!  If you’re stocking up, let me know in the comments–if I know what people look for I can let you know personally!

Sprouts is having a sale on many organic items, from maple syrup to canned vegetables to Annie’s Mac and Cheese. If you’d like to give a product a try, now might be a good time to stop by and try a new brand.

And if you’re going to hit Fiesta for the 50 lb sacks of crawfish, Cheepie wants an invite!

Get out there and get the good deals! Cheep Cheep!