Happy Ad Thursday

Yes, technically it’s Friday, but I started on Thursday and I still think that’s a valid reason to keep the post name the way it is.  If you take offense I’ll thumb wrestle you when you see me.

There are a few fun things on sale this week. My favorite is what Rancho del Cheepie calls ‘Babysitter Pizza’. We bought this pizza when the kids were little and it was something the babysitter could cook and they would eat. Now we get it for nights when we leave them to fend for themselves like cave children while we go out to talk to other adults about the choices that have led us to the peculiar times we now live in.  Because the kids are now teens it takes two pizzas to feed them, but at three bucks a pie, I’m a-ok with that. So hit up Randalls for some frozen pizza and train ’em young is my suggestion.

Prime top sirloin is $9/lb at CM, if you’re looking for a splurge. Their meat is always worth it, and steak for less than $10 there is a deal.  Sprouts 40% off many gluten-free items, so it might be a good time to stock up if you’re a gluten-free person.

Highlights this week: corn, tomatoes, mangos and mandarins; pork ribs, country and spare. 

And lest we forget the loving grocery art of the Trader Joe’s flyer, here’s a challenge!

Screen shot 2017-05-04 at 11.45.01 PMScreen shot 2017-05-04 at 11.45.09 PM




boneless skinless chicken breast                    $1.69/lb

chicken leg quarters, 10lb bag, frozen                       $4.90/ea

signature Select Pizza 12-33.oz, selected varieties   $2.99/ea



corn                                          6/$1  (limit 12)

tomatoes on the vine             67c/lb

HCF chicken drums or thighs         99c/lb

pork baby back ribs                         $2.97/lb



mandarin oranges, 5lbs                   $3.98/ea

green bell peppers                                50c/lb

zucchini squash                                     50c/lb

organic baby carrots                             98c/lb

organic Red Delicious apples              98c/lb



Ataulfo mangos                           25c/ea

limes                                                10/$1

seedless watermelons               $3.97/ea

pork country style ribs         $1.47/lb

pork spare ribs                           $1.97/lb

Tyson drumsticks                      97c/lb

boneless skinless chicken breast        $1.47/lb




organic Gala apples                               $1.79/lb


Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


Weekly Flier Links:


Organic Berries on the Cheep!

A Cheepster reports that the HEB at Slaughter/Manchaca has organic raspberries for $1.50 and CONVENTIONAL (sorry for the caps, it’s an edit!) blackberries for $1.25.

Head over before she buys them all! 

IMG_7633 IMG_7632

Happy Ad Wednesday! (yes, again)

I’m going to have to change these posts to Happy Ad Wednesdays, due to unreliable mail, and the fact that while I appreciate my small, rabid fan base, you aren’t staying up super late on Tuesday to read these, but reading them Wednesday morning. So in the interest of not confusing people as to the day of the week, I’m calling it for Wednesday.

This week I’m adding some organic prices I think are good deals. I’m also considering tagging the Dirty Dozen (DD) and the Clean Fifteen (CF)  in this weekly post, so that if you’re interested in following those guidelines it’s easier.  Thus the organic apple listing for Sprouts, while the other apple listings are conventional. Post a comment if you think this would be helpful.

Sprouts is Pumpkin Manic this week, with a huge selection of pumpkin products. I love me some pumpkin, but at this point with Starbucks starting with it in August I have a hipster backlash moment and now I want to wait all the way until Thanksgiving when I have pie for any pumpkin at all.  If you’re embracing the pumpkin, hit Sprouts for a selection.

Fiesta and Sprouts lose the apple wars, with HEB again going for the 22 cent undercut and having cameo and gala apples for 77c. Apple Wars winner: HEB


beginning this week:

organic grape tomatoes, 1 pint           $1.98/ea

hass avocados                                       48c/ea

green bell peppers                                48c/ea

cucumbers                                            48c/ea

sweet potatoes                                      98c/lb

celery                                                     98c/ea

boneless skinless chicken thighs          $1.99/lb

organic gala apples                              $1.48/lb

peanuts (raw, roasted salted or un)      $1.99/lb

organic non-gmo tofu, 14oz.                  $1.49/ea

ending this week:

asparagus                                $1.49/lb

pineapples                                  49c/lb

tomatoes on the vine                   99c/lb

russet potatoes                            33c/lb


drum sticks, large bag           79c/lb (Fiesta limit. 99c/lb)

bone-in pork sirloin chops   $1.66/lb (Fiesta limit. $2.19/lb)

Bar-s bacon, 12oz.                                 $1.99/ea

limes                                                       5c/ea

Adolphus brand long grain rice, 2lb     $1.39 (limit 2)

cut or whole fairytale squash                  49c/lb


boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs    $1.99/lb

(this is Randalls worst showing yet. and if you’ve read much, I’m usually a big Randalls apologist)


cameo and gala apples           77c/lb

extra large grapefruit                 77c/lb

Texas oranges, 3lb sack           $1.98/ea

organic broccoli bunch             88c/ea

organic leaf or romaine lettuce     88c/ea (note: from  the ad it is not clear if this is organic. the price has me thinking no, but it’s listed in a way that it could be. look closely if it’s important to you)

chicken drumsticks or thighs       $1/lb

There’s nothing overwhelmingly good this week. You could stock up on chicken, nobody was ever sad to have some chicken ready to toss in the crockpot once we get to turn the AC off.  Avocados will have me making guacamole and eating as much as I want on Saturday while we watch football. Does everyone make a bowl for themselves and one for everyone else? No? Just me, then. Cool. Let’s forget this little talk.

EDIT to add:  Careful shopping, Cheepsters!  For that $1/chicken legs or thighs, you’ve got to look at the package. They’ve got two brands at that price (at some HEBs) and one is enhanced with 12-15% solution, and one is not.  Hill Country Fare brand is the one you want to buy.