Happy Ad Wednesday!

Are you still in an Easter Candy Coma? Snap out of it–it’s a new ad week and there’s shopping to be done!


I’ve got cheese and Blue Bell in my freezer, and this week I’m hoping to make a start on getting fruit frozen for the smoothies and fruit pops my kids will eat all summer long. There are strawberries and blackberries for a good price at HEB this week, so those’ll be first in the freezer. Given Austin is eight months of summer, keeping the freezer full of fruit is key to avoiding daily trips to the sno-cone stand!

Also great this week is another cheese sale at Sprouts. Fiesta has potatoes for just under 20c/lb, and chicken legs on their deep discount.

Sprouts (last week’s good through today)

Halo mandarins, 2lb sack                    $1.98/ea

red or green leaf lettuce                       48c/lb

D’Anjou pears                                         48c/lb

organic Red Delicious apples             $1.50/lb (DD)

organic kale bunches                           88c/ea (DD)

bulk cut Monterey Jack cheese          $1.99/lb

bscb                                                         $1.79/lb

Sprouts thick-sliced bacon                 $2.99/lb

Beyond Meat Chicken-free Strips       B1G1

Fri-Sun ONLY:

corn                                                                                       25c/ea (C15)

boneless skinless chicken thighs                                    $1.49/lb

reduced-sodium turkey breast cold cuts, pre-pack    $3.99/lb


drumsticks, jumbo bag                             69c/lb (Fiesta Limit)

russet potatoes, 10lb sack                     $1.97/ea (DD)

Red Delicious apples                                49c/lb (DD)

Fiesta brand vegetable oil, gallon          $4.99/ea

Anatina brand pasta, 32oz                       99c/ea


mangoes                                                                          33c/ea (C15)

strawberries, 1lb                                                           87c/ea (DD)

Golden Delicious or Granny Smith apples               77c/lb (DD)

blackberries, 6oz                                                            87c/ea

County Post drums or thighs                                     $1/lb

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 11.23.57 PM


Skinner pasta, 12oz.                        79c/ea

Kellogs cereals, various                 $1.99/ea (when you buy 4)


Field Day organic broth, 32oz. box      $1.99/ea

Nutiva organic coconut manna            $7.99/ea

MORE CHEESE! It used to be that Sprouts had a different cheese each week at $1.99/lb. They stopped that ages ago (3 years by the flyer blurb). This is the second week in a row they’ve gone back to it, and I hope it is a resurrection of a regular pattern.  I’ve got about 10 lbs of cheddar in the freezer, and I’ll likely add at least 5 of jack to that. Quesadillas for YOU! and YOU! and YOU!

If you’re in the mood for a party, Fiesta’s got live crawfish for $1.59/lb by the sack. Sacks are usually big, about 50 lbs, so make sure you have a lot of hungry friends, or go smaller for $1.79/lb. This is much cheaper than HEB’s $2.79/lb. 

There we go, Cheepsters. Another week, more grocery sales. I hope you find things you want to stock up on–and if you do let me know what you decided was the deal you had to have!

Cheep cheep!


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