Trader Joe’s Silly Thing This Week

This week’s silly thing is the kind of thing that might only bug me.

It’s water, with minerals added, which is then filtered, and then electrolysed to raise the pH.

I worked in a lab. I had a reverse osmosis filter to take care of. I electrolysed things. I

           it's just water

it’s just water

know what a pH is.  This description has me googling to make sure my brain didn’t somehow forget how electricity works. Or how water works. Or how words work.

My kids have bottled water brand preferences. They only know this from truckstops, since at home we drink tap water (hell-o algae bloom! nice to see you again!). So I am not a connoiseur of fine bottled water.

But I do know that if you add minerals to water, and then run it through a R/O filter, you’re pretty much undoing the ‘adding of minerals’ part of your plan.  The electrolysis of the water may very well be raising the pH of the water but raising the level of ions 2.5 orders of magnitude is something that is more often accomplished by adding, well, additives.

Googling this led me down a lot of snake-oil paths of hooey, and now all my internet browsing is going to be littered with deionizer ads, ionizer ads, and lots of water filter ads.This is what I do for you, my Cheepsters.

99c/liter, and $1.29/1.5L are both reasonable prices for bottled water ( though the larger size is clearly the winner, unit-price-wise) whatever the ion count.

Shop Well, Cheepsters!


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