Happy Ad Friday!

It’s hot. Half the tabs I have open in Chrome are cocktail recipes, because it’s too hot to cook.  I’m hiding inside and only leave if there’s a promise of icy beverages involved. Welcome, Summer!

My kids are living on fruit and sandwiches, and they’re lucky there’s a lot of fruit on sale.  Peaches, cantaloupes and cherries are all on sales this week. Large mangos are on sale everywhere, but they’re cheapest at Randalls, at 50c/ea.

If you’re grilling (please don’t turn the oven on. it’s too hot. don’t even look at the stove. the wok? seriously, you’re asking about the wok? fine, wok away, chucklehead.) pork roast, pork chops and chicken leg quarters are all cheep.


If you want a certain kind, you might have to visit a few times!

SPECIAL BUY: Randalls has 88c/ 8oz pkgs of block, slices or shredded cheese. That’s the cheapest price per pound since Sprouts stopped doing their $1.99/lb bulk cuts of one kind of cheese per week,so STOCK UP. Cheese freezes well! The blocks will become a bit crumbly, but still taste fine.

Here’s the list, happy shopping!



cherries                                                                                   $1.77/lb

salad tomatoes                                                                        69c/lb

Persian lime                                                                           15/$1

Fiesta large eggs, dozen                                                       99c/ea

beef sirloin tip steak, 3lbs or more                                 $2.47/lb

pork loin chops, 4lbs or more                                            $1.67/lb

chicken leg quarters, 10lbs or more                                  44c/lb

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lb bag                                            $1.50/ea


Two spellings? Check. Comparing two units? Check. You stay you, Fiesta!



cantaloupes                                                                                88c/ea

organic red or green grapes                                                   $1.98/lb

Blue Diamond Nut-Thins                                                       $1.50/ea

bulk quinoa                                                                                  $1.99/ea



large peaches                                                                           77c/lb

corn on the cob                                                                      20c/ea

boneless pork loin                                                              $1.97/lb

ground chuck, 80%, club pack                                         $2.97/lb



pork loin chops, bone-in, value pack                                $1.69/lb

Lucerne sliced, block or shredded cheese, 8oz                    88c/ea (buy 5 or more)

large mangos                                                                                   50c/ea



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2 thoughts on “Happy Ad Friday!

  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you for this! Do you do this every week? I’m legally blind so reading the paper flyers is not possible, and going site to site hoping they are readable (most aren’t!) is exhausting. This just saved me from running store to store hoping to hit good sales =D


    • You’re welcome! I try to post every week, sometimes I miss a week here and there. I also post on Facebook and Twitter if I see a deal in a store while I’m out and about, so you can follow me there too. Welcome to Cheepie!


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