Happy Ad Sunday

I’m just going to get to it here, since I’m so late. Believe me, I feel badly that I haven’t told you about the 69c/lb chickens at Randalls. Because that’s a smoked chicken taco party on the cheap, right there.  I was distracted. There was the whole Hundred Days thing, and I think that meant we were all gonna die? And then there was all this parenting to do.  So I got delayed.  Because I also spent a non-zero amount of time laughing at this:


It’s funny once you’re not in charge of diapers.

Here we go:


cucumbers                                           33c/ea

limes                                                      10c/ea

bone-in pork sirloin chops              87c/lb  (family pack)

chicken leg quarters, bagged          47c/lb  (10lbs & up)



Gala or Fuji apples                             99c/lb

Signature Farms whole chicken      69c/lb

Signature farms drums, thighs        69c/lb

Lucerne lg eggs, dozen                       88c/ea



cantaloupe                                             88c/ea

Ataulfo mangos                                     33c/ea



Hass avocados                                  50c/ea

Gala or Opal apples                          98c/lb

boneless skinless chix breasts       $1.77/lb


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Happy Ad Wednesday!

After a five month hiatus, I’m back. Just under the wire!

Lest I lose momentum amusing myself with pre-list snark, I’m going to just get to it after one comment: Seriously, there are about a hundred of you out there who checked in every week. I really appreciate it. It made me feel happy when I went to write tonight and saw that. I’m also a little worried for you, so please get out in the sunshine and get some of that Vitamin D working, okay?

Here we go:


HEB Bella mandarins, 5lbs            $4.98/ea

Texas grapefruit, 5lbs                      $2.50/ea

St. Louis pork ribs                             $2.49/lb


Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 11.00.24 PM



cucumbers                                                                          25c/ea

Ataulflo mangos                                                                33c/ea

Hass avocados                                                                    33c/ea


Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 10.53.42 PM


blackberries, 5.6oz                                                             88c/ea

organic rolled or quick oats                                              99c/lb

hothouse cucumbers                                                          98c/ea

green bell peppers                                                              33c/ea

organic carrots, 5lb bag                                                    $2.98/ea

boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs                 $1.77/lb


Randalls (all prices need card)

SF* chicken legs, thighs or leg quarters                      69c/lb (value pack)

SK* pasta, 12-16oz                                                            59c/ea

Value Corner milk gallons                                           $2.50/ea

daffodils, 10 stem                                                          $1.99/ea

*(SF=Signature Farms, SK=Signature Kitchen, these are Randalls’ store brands)



organic Pink Lady apples                                               $1.49/lb


Changes since way back when: Whole Foods is on the same Wed-Tue sale cycle as everyone else now. This makes me more likely to include their deals. Also, I’m apparently being really harsh on the ‘only report the lowest prices’, because look at HEB.  They’ve got nothing this week, despite my love.  Hopefully it’s just a one-off and next week they’ll be back ON FLEET. My teenager said I shouldn’t ever type that so I’m pretty sure I’ll be super-popular tomorrow.

Cheep on, Cheepsters! I’m glad to be back.

Happy Ad Friday! 

Ho there Cheepsters! I’m late but checking in before the weekend, so let’s call it a win.  Before I lose momentum let’s get to the list, I can entertain you with silly photos from the Randalls circular later.

You should know, though, that for about $3 and the stuff in your pantry you can probably make exactly what’s in that photo, which is a pretty decent cobbler. Recipe tomorrow, ok? 

(Does using the word ‘circular’ mean I’m old? Is it a Yankee thing I learned from my mom, like eating Triscuits? Or is it just old people talk for junk mail? )


asparagus                                                                                                        98c/lb

Blackberries, 6oz.                                                                                        97c/ea

Golden & Red Delicious, and Granny Smith apples                          77c/lb

Boston butt pork roast.                                                                              $1/lb

HEB natural ground turkey, 16 oz., frozen.                                           $1/ea

HEB seasoned boneless chicken leg meat for fajitas, value pack.   $1/lb

HCF split chicken breasts.                                                                              $1/lb


Limes                                                                                              12/$1

Red or green seedless grapes.                                                 99c/lb

Chicken drums, jumbo bag.                                                    39c/lb

Beef boneless shoulder roast.                                                $1.97/lb

Sliced beef shank.                                                                      $1.79/lb

FieSta tomato sauce, 8oz can.                                                6/$1 limit 12

Goya pinto, black, garbanzo beans, 47oz can.                  $1.50/ea

Fiesta bacon, 12oz.                                                                      $2.69/ea

Fiesta pan ladle mix, 32os.                                                       $1/ea

Fiesta frozen vegetables, 16 oz .                                              $1/ea



Seriously nothing. They’ve got a buy one turkey or turkey breast get one free deal going , with a $20 purchase (excluding the turkey, alcohol and other things) so I guess they feel ok. The only deals worth stocking are the $5 Fridays below.

$5 Friday

     Lays Family size chips.  $1.67/ea

     Signature Cafe family size cheese pizza. $5/ea

     Eckrich bulk sausage, 42oz.     $5/ea



sweet corn                                                  25c/ea

cucumbers.                                                 50c/ea

green bell peppers                                    50c/ea

pork spare ribs, whole in bag.               $1.69/lb

Sprouts wafers or snaps, 14oz.               $1.50/ea  (these are great for filling up a cookie jar!)


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Happy Ad Wednesday!

I know. I abandoned you to muddle through the Apple Wars alone.  I could blame my poor old broken-down minivan (You were a workhorse, Sally!). I could blame my kids (Eldest, Boy and Tiny really like to interrupt any coherent thought that might kindle in my brain). I could blame the air (ragweed, you ignorant slut!). 

Mostly to blame, though, is that I’m lazy. And  I watch too many of those little cooking Facebook videos. And the heartwarming videos. And then I take a nap. 

This week though, for you Cheepsters, I have closed several tabs on my browser and am getting down to brass tacks.  There are deals, and you shall know of them!

Here we go. But first:img_5823

Randalls, you know we’re not in Louisiana, right? I get it, they’re not Yankee crabs from Maryland. And Louisiana is closer, sure. But words mean things, and you can’t just slap ‘LOCAL’ on something because it’s from somewhere closer than it could be from.  Effing Randalls.




Golden Asian pears                                                  33c/ea

blackberries, 5.6 oz.                                                 98c/ea

pineapples                                                                   98c/ea

zucchinni or yellow squash                                       69c/lb

bulk rice, brown or white, short or long                50c/lb

bulk beans and lentils, selected var.                       99c/lb (don’t buy pintos here!)



red seedless grapes                                                          77c/lb

Fuji or Gala apples                                                            88c/lb

HEB Made in Texas Smoked Sausage, 13-14oz         $2/ea

HCF seasoned beef for fajitas, value pack                  $2.97/lb


Do you want your house egged? This is how you get your house egged.




pomegranates                                                                         99c/ea

ground beef chuck, 4lbs or more                                     $1.97/lb

pork shoulder roast, 4lbs or more                                     97c/lb

bulk pinto beans                                                                      50c/lb



whole boneless pork loin or sirloin roast                      $1.69/lb

Signature Kitchens apple juice, 64 oz.                            99c/ea

Friday ONLY:

     pomegranates                                                             $1/ea

     Sabra hummus, 17oz.                                                $5/ea

     Precious Blooms bouquet                                         $5/ea


On Thursday, someone will do something nice for you. Get them one of these!


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Happy Ad Wednesday!

Here’s this week’s round up.  If you haven’t been to Fiesta, and think grocery shopping on Friday night is in your future, this is a good week for a visit to them.  They’re having a Friday night sale, with good deals on basics like eggs, sugar and pork loin.

Apples, peaches and bell peppers are all at good prices this week, as well.  Sprouts has mangos and pineapples for sale over the weekend. Stock the freezer for tropical smoothies!  Meat is cheap at Fiesta, but as always you need to make a personal call on what you are happy to buy there.  

And remember, it’s fall so:


   Thank you, Trader Joe’s for the reminder.

Happy Shopping!



seedless red or green grapes                            99c/lb

peaches                                                                   88c/lb

beef shoulder roast                                           $1.97/lb (2.5lbs & up)

pork spareribs, cry-o-vac pkg                       $1.57/lb

boneless skinless chicken breast                  $1.47/lb  (4lbs & up)

Friday, 4pm-midnight ONLY:

                  pork loin half, bone-in, presliced                 97c/lb (8lbs & up)

                  Fiesta eggs, dozen                                              79c/ea

                  Imperial sugar, 4lbs                                           99c/ea (limit 2)

                  iceberg lettuce                                                     50c/ea

                  Red Delicious apples                                           50c/lb

                  jalepenos                                                                3lbs/$1




thick cut applewood bacon                                  $3.49/lb  (at meat counter)

boneless skinless chicken breast                       $1.88/lb  

Lucerne cheese, 8oz, chunk or shredded         $1.25/ea



organic grapes                                                     $1.98/lb

red or green bell peppers                                 50c/ea

mini seedless watermelons                             $1.99/ea

organic romain hearts, 3pk                              $1.98/ea

Fri-Sun ONLY:

                  pineapples                                               $1/ea

                  jumbo mangos                                        $1/ea

                  pork loin roasts, boneless                    $1.88/ea

                  Sprouts organic broth, 32oz                $1.50/ea



Gala apples                                                                 77c/lb

Barlett pears                                                             77c/lb

xl peaches                                                                   88c/lb

Red Delicious apples, 5lbs                                   $2.98/ea

St. Louis style pork spareribs                              $1.97/lb

HEB fajita seasoned chicken thigh meat          $1.97/lb  (value pack)



Weekly Flyer Links:

Happy Ad Wednesday!

If your freezer is a bit low in the meat department HEB is here to help you this week. They’ve got enough poultry and pork on sale to get you squared away for the next six months, easy.  Sprouts has $2 brisket for the last day today, so get over there if you need some beef.  

Apples, both organic and conventional are at good prices this week, as are peaches, pomegranates and potatoes.  Sprouts has that 5lb sack of carrots for $2.50 again.  (mmmm…carrot cake!) Fiesta has cheap tomatillos and cilantro, if you felt like making some verde sauce.

Finally, HEB has a dozen roses for $7.99. Your mom is good people and you should bring her some roses for putting up with you and your particular brand of crazy. No? Just me?  Fine then. Go. Stock the freezer while I linger here a bit in the floral department. I see how it is.

It’s double-ad day at Sprouts, so there are several good deals for today only, check it out. Here’s the list!


red seedless grapes                                                77c/lb


xl California peaches                                            88c/lb

HCF split chicken breast, value pack               $1/lb

Boston Butt pork roast, whole, bone-in          $1/lb

HEB seasoned chicken leg meat for fajitas      $1/lb (value pack)

HEB natural ground turkey, 1lb chub                 $1/ea

HCF chicken thighs or drums                                99c/lb   

HEB Hummus, 16oz                                                  $3.98/ea



cilantro                                                                       25c/ea

Iceberg lettuce                                                           89c/ea

tomatillos                                                                   69c/lb

bulk pinto beans                                                        33c/lb

Goya pinto, black or garbanzos, 29oz can         $1/ea (limit 5)

Oscar Meyer turkey bologna or salami, 16oz     $1/ea

pomegranates                                                              99c/ea

russet potatoes, 5lb bag                                           $1.50/ea



pork loin, whole                                                     $1.79/lb

Gala apples                                                               87c/lb

Bartlett pears                                                          87c/lb

broccoli crowns                                                       87c/lb

Blue Bell, half gallon                                             $3.99 (must buy 2)

   (note: Blue Bell has a new recall, read here for details)

Fresh French bread                                                99c/ea

Lucerne eggs, dozen                                              79c/ea

$5 Friday

                 12 oz Coke cans, 20pk                     $5/ea

                 Lou Ana vegetable oil, 128 oz        $5/ea

                 Bertolli olive oil, 25.5 oz                  $5/ea

                 Eckrich rope sausage, 42oz            $5/ea



             I use a lot of these things. Maybe you do too. Stock up.



seedless grapes                                                      88c/lb

red, yellow or orange bell peppers                   98c/ea

organic Honeycrisp apples                                  $1.98/lb

eggplant                                                                   98c/ea (my guess is this is an error, and they meant /lb)

russet potatoes, 5lb bag                                      $1.50/ea

organic carrots, 5lb bag                                      $2.50/ea

hot house cucumbers                                           98c/ea


Today ONLY:

                 strawberries, 1lb                      88c/ea

                 Honeydew melons                  88c/ea

                 cantaloupes                               88c/ea

                 beef brisket                               $2/lb

                 pork or chicken sausage        $2/lb




organic pomegranates                    $1.49/ea


Trader Joe’s

white peaches                                     59c/lb


Appletastic Time is here! Central Market has everything apple, a recipe contest, and all sorts of things to taste.  While I don’t spend a ton of my grocery $$$ there, it’s fun to visit during their ‘festivals’, so you might give it a try.


Happy Shopping, Cheepsters!


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