$5 Friday

Randall’s has been doing $5 Friday specials for years now. Usually I don’t bring them up because they’re not stupendous. This week I decided to, mostly because I’ve been wanting to make shrimp and grits.

This week’s that I might stop by for:

That’s about as cheap as shrimp get that aren’t in a can. Let me know if you’ve got a shrimp and grits recipe you think I should use.

Those pork tenderloins are in 24 oz. packages, which makes for $3.33/lb, not too shabby. They had a wide variety of flavors at the Randalls I was in.

The Cornish hens, well, They seem like they’d be fun, but I never do end up buying them. If you do, tell me how they turn out!

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


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