Happy Ad Wednesday!

Memorial Day–Holiday of meat, at least in Grocery Land.  Growing up, Memorial Day always meant a parade through the neighborhood, and a walk to the ball field where there was a service, and then we all trooped over to the firehouse and ate hot dogs and went for rides on the fire truck.  

In Grocery Land, it’s weekend-o-grilling, and all the chains have several meats on deep discounts.   Because meat sales this week are all over the place. I’m including a couple of things this week that I wouldn’t normally (tri-tip, pork tenderloin, T-bones) because they’re exceptionally good deals, and we all like to splurge sometimes if we can.

Watermelons are under $4 at three places, and both HEB and Randalls have 6/$1 corn. Buy blueberries at Randalls this week –HEB is nearly 2x that, Fiesta is nearly 3x.  Fiesta has sacks of Key limes for 97c, which is enough for two pies (pick up some meat while you’re there–they have a wide variety on sale).

And finally, Randalls fixed the broken cheese ad–this week it’s at $5.99/20oz.  So hopefully some of you managed to stock up for a week of grilled cheese sandwiches at $2.50!


blueberries, 6 oz.                                                       88c/ea

seedless watermelon                                                   $3.67/ea (limit 2)

corn                                                                                      6/$1

Safeway brand hot dog or hamburger buns             99c/ea

Safeway brand bacon, 3lb pack                                 $8.97/ea

Lucerne brick or shredded cheese, 2lb                    $5.99/ea

whole pork tenderloin                                                   $3.99/lb 


cherries                                                            $2.48/lb

Fuji or Gala apples                                        98c/lb (DD)

drumsticks, thighs                                         99c/lb

seedless watermelons                                  $3.98/ea

organic Red Delicious apples                        98c/lb (DD)

raw almonds                                                      $4.99/lb  

Antolina pasta, 16oz                                        $1/ea


corn                                                                                    6/$1  (C15)

peaches                                                                              $1.27/lb  (DD)

green beans                                                                         88c/lb

organic Fuji apples                                                             $1.77/lb (DD)

HEB Organics mini carrots, 1lb                                         $1.48/ea

HCF drumsticks or thighs                                                $1/lb

EZ peel xl raw white shrimp, frozen, 2lb bag                 $11.94/ea

baby back ribs, full or half rack, prev. frozen                 $2.97/lb


NY strip steak, bone in,family pack                                      $4.99/lb (Fiesta limit)

tri tip beef roast                                                                          $4.99/lb

beef back finger ribs, family pack                                          $1.99/lb  (finger??)

pork spare ribs, family pack                                                   $1.79/lb

pork sirloin chops, bone in, family pack                                $1.39/lb

chicken leg quarters, large sack                                               49c/lb

bscb, family pack                                                                         $1.99/lb (Fiesta limit)

chicken drumsticks, family pack                                                89c/lb

seedless watermelon                                                              $3.99/ea

large avocados                                                                        97c/ea (C15)

Key limes, 2lb sack                                                                  97c/ea

red seedless grapes                                                              $1.99/lb (DD)

Ranch Style beans, 15oz can                                                50c/ea


Knudsen’s pineapple coconut juice, 32oz.             $2.50/ea

organic red grapes                                                        $2.49/lb (DD)

organic peeled baby carrots                                       $1.49/lb

organic peaches and nectarines                             $2.99/lb (DD)

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