Grocery Wonderland, Grocery Hell

Have you ever been at Central Market, because you wanted their stuffed chicken breast, remembered you needed toilet paper (eleventy dollars a recycled green roll), and wound up not buying the milk you also meant to get because cereal without milk is less messy than toilets with no toilet paper?

Have you gone to HEB thinking you’d get everything for a barbecue, and realized their pork shoulders were twice as much per pound than they are at Fiesta that week?

If this sort of thing happens to you? You have found the right blog.

I will sift through the many puzzles grocery shopping can present, with an eye toward Austin specifically. With the still-growing number of grocery stores and specialty markets, keeping up with where the best deals are is beyond most of us. ‘HEB is the cheapest, Whole Foods is not,’ is where many of us call our grocery analysis done and get on to figuring out what to cook for dinner. We can do better!

If you’re not in Austin, you can enjoy a laugh at the number of stores, and use the strategies we discuss here in your own town.

My goal is to collect all the store ad info, and let readers know where the good deals are that week, like the freezer stock-up items, or the loss leaders that make a trip to a store you might not usually visit worth your time.

Also, I’ll be tweeting about deals I come across: the racks of seasonal clearance, or a discontinued item at a steep discount. You can follow cheepieaustin and get info about real-time deals.

Last, each week I’ll focus on a certain kind of shopping (pantry shopping, freezer shopping, household shopping, as examples) and post about how each one can be approached in a practical manner.

If you’ve ever needed to grocery shopping, and couldn’t decide if you should just go to HEB, or go to Sprouts and Target, or head to Costco and hope for the best, CheepieAustin is the place for you.

Cheep Cheep!






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