Happy Ad Wednesday!

Happy 4th of July! As with most summer holidays, the stores are celebrating by putting meat on sale!

Not gonna weigh in on the hot dog situation–all kinds are on sale from straight up 69c per packages of pureed tush and tails versions all the way to hand-ground with no-nitrates-or-fillers-or-stuff-that-isn’t-from-an-animal-that-lived-a-dang-happy life versions. In other meat news, pork butt is on deep sale at HEB, and beef brisket is at an amazing $1.59 at Randalls. There’s a limit, but at that price I’ll be stopping by a few times this week to pick up a couple each time.

Bacon remains in a weird low zone. Randalls has a 3lb package at $7.49 and Fiesta  has a 24oz package at $3.69. That puts Fiesta 3c lower per pound, but they’re both good prices.

Randalls has the 2lb cheese bricks and bags for $6.99. This isn’t as good as the $2/lb Sprouts specials, but those haven’t shown up for several weeks now. $3.50 isn’t a bad price, and it’ll get you some quick quesadilla meals. 


blueberries, pint                                          98c/ea

eggplant                                                      98c/lb (C15)

Boston Butt pork roast                                  $1.47/lb

Eckrich smoked sausage, 32-40oz                $5/ea  (~$2/lb for sausage!)

HEB seasoned bscb or thighs for fajitas       $1.97/lb


You don’t have a little teacup dish for your berries? : (


limes                                      12/$1

russet potatoes, 5lb sack        88c/ea (DD)

large Hass avocados              99c/ea (C15)

country style pork ribs           $1.59/lb  (Fiesta limit)

bscb                                      $1.79/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork spare ribs                       $2.47/lb

Kraft mayo, 30oz jar                $1.99/ea


corn                                                                             8/$1 (C15)

large Hass avocados                                                  99c/ea (C15)

Earthbound Farm Organic Salad tubs, 16oz             $5/ea (DD)

UDSA Choice beef brisket                                          $1.59/lb (limit 2 with $20 purchase)

bscb or thighs                                                             $1.88/lb

Safeway Farms thick cut bacon, 3lb package           $7.47/ea ($2.49/lb)

Imperial Sugar, 4lb sack                                                    $1.59/ea

Lucerne butter, 16oz                                                         $1.99/ea

Kettle potato chips, 8.5 oz                                                 $1.99/ea

Yoplait Yogurt, 6oz, selected varieties                               50c/ea

Lucerne chunk or shredded cheese, 32oz.                        $6.99/ea


plums, peaches or nectarines                                  98c/lb (DD)

Hass avocados                                                         48c/ea (C15)

red, yellow or orange peppers                                  98c/ea (DD)

red or green seedless grapes                                $1.98/lb (DD)

organic red or green seedless grapes                   $1.98/lb (DD)

Santa Cruz organic lemonade, 32 oz                         99c/ea

lamb shoulder chops                                              $2.99/ea


organic strawberries, 1lb                   $2.99/ea (DD)

organic peaches                                 $1.99/ea (DD)

Weekly Ads:

To wrap things up this week I’ve got an apology. I’d listed sugar last week ($1.99/4lbs) and now this week here it is at $1.59 for the same size.  If you stocked up last week, I’m sorry! Hopefully this week’s brisket deal saves you more than you’d spent.


Trader Joe’s Silly Thing This Week

Finally, a new Fearless Flyer.  A whole new crop of products to mock, and as always, with helpful Victorian Graphics!

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 9.27.31 PM

Dancing? Or fighting? Is there a difference?

This is 5oz of no-bacon-but-still-baconish and cheese popcorn, for $1.99.  In the realm of snack food, this isn’t the most you’ll pay for puffy salty carbs, but given popcorn you’d make in your house is an order of magnitude cheaper this stuff better be really bacon cheesetastic.

Which seems unlikely, given that there isn’t any bacon, just ‘bacon-ish natural smoke flavor’. So that vegetarians can get their bacon fix, I suppose.

The best part of the description is the mash-up quote from a  Beggin’ Strips/I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercial, where TJ’s thinks this product might have you saying, “I can’t believe it’s not bacon!”  (And whoa! check out the hair on that pups mom! and that FONT. Lord.) Because what you want to reference, when talking about your yummy snack food, is dog treat commercials from days of yore. That’s basic good sense, right there.  

Next we’ll see Chex Mix commercials using the Meow Mix theme song, but with the word ‘Chex’ instead of ‘Meow’. Chex chex chex chex, Chex chex chex chex, Chex, chex chex chex CHEX chex chex chex.

I’m not gonna lie. I might buy this one, if only to poll the citizenry of Chez Cheepie to see if this snack does taste like the promised bacon.  And so we can all just randomly bust out, “IT’S BACON!!!” as the feeling moves us.