Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s Valentine’s week, so to get your usual shopping done you’ll be wading through a lot of flowers and hearts.  Good luck and stay strong, you need milk, bread, and some salad, and must not be swayed by orchids, tulips, or Whitman Samplers!

For some reason stores think everyone likes to make surf-n-turf on Valentine’s Day, and they put steaks and shellfish on sale. Here’s a short roundup of lobster sales, in case you’re like me and want to make lobster bisque. Or lobster mac and cheese. Or a lobster roll. Hm. Do you want to invite me over?  We would get along swell.

  • lobster tails:  4oz @ Randalls for $5.99
  • whole cooked lobsters: 16-20 oz @  Fiesta for $7.99
  • lobster tails: 4-5oz $5.97 each @  HEB

Sprouts has organic apples for under a buck a pound, and stone fruits are back at 98c/lb as well. It’s early for them though, so check what you’re buying.  Their cheddar cheese at $2.99/lb is also a steal.  And Fiesta’s got stock up Blue Bell pricing again, so make room in the freezer!


strawberries, 1 lb.                                                $1.25/ea (DD)

xl Hass avocados                                                  $1.50/ea  (C15)

xl Red Delicious apples                                        48c/lb   (DD)

assorted pork chops, bone in                              $1.97/lb

HEB brand deli-shaved lunchmeat, 16 oz.          $3.97/ea

chicken thighs or drumsticks                                     $1/lb


asparagus                                                         $1.49/lb

Honey Bunches of Oats and other cereals        $1.99/ea

Friday only:

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup                         50c/ea

Quaker Life cereal, 13oz.                                  $1.67/ea

Bird’s Eye and Green Giant frozen vegetables     $1/ea


Halos mandarins, 5lb box                                    $3.98/ea

pineapples                                                             98c/ea

plums, peaches and nectarines                           98c/lb (DD)

organic Braeburn apples                                      98c/lb (DD)

mild cheddar cheese                                           $2.99/lb

chicken breast tenders                                        $1.99/lb

bulk oats, quick, rolled or steel cut                       69c/lb

organic lettuce                                                 $1.50/ea

organic baby carrots, 1 lb. bag                       $1.50/ea

thick-sliced bacon                                               $3.99/lb


Bluebell, half gallons                                          $4.50/ea

red or green seedless grapes                           $1.99/lb  (DD)

chicken tenders                                                 $1.88/lb (Fiesta Limit)

Eddy rope sausage, 2.5lb pack                        $4.79 (Fiesta Limit)

pork brisket, whole                                            $1.99/lb

chicken leg quarters, family pack                        88c/lb

Blue Ribbon long grain rice, 2 lbs.                     99c/ea

the other guys:


Knudsen organic juice, 32oz.                               $3/ea

Blue Sky natural soda, 6-pack                             $3/ea

Whole Foods

organic red bell peppers                                     98c/ea (DD)

organic kale                                                     $1.50/ea  (DD)

Trader Joe’s

sardines in Harissa, 4.4 oz.                              $1.29   Sardines in Harissa

The online flyer for TJs is arranged for leisurely browsing, with each product getting it’s own clickable box you need to click and look at to see the price. Today, I chose to click this.  Tiny fish in a tin, in a Harissa sauce, can be yours for the low low price of $1.29. 

If you get some, please tell me what you did with them.  I’m curious. Not enough to go get some, but in a mild ‘do-you-put-them-on-Triscuits?’ kind of way.

Go forth and shop, Cheepsters! Let me know if you find any super deals I missed!


2 thoughts on “Happy Ad Wednesday!

  1. I am happy that I found your posting because this has to be big help for me to cook a Chicken Noodle Soup. Since, I am about to cook a Chicken Noodle Soup next day. Thanks for this post! I will bookmark your website now to come across again your post.


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