Week 14 Plan Post

I can’t top the perfect score from last week, and I was tempted to go ahead and plan a week of cereal and sandwiches in order to rig at least a decent score as a follow-up. But that would be cheating on the Internet Dinner Accountability Plan.  Cheating to get imaginary self-imposed internet points seems a terrible legacy to leave my children, so I’ll stick with a regular week of meat/side/fruit/raw veg/cooked veg and hope for the best.

Given we’ve had Monday dinner already, that’s a head start.  Refrigerator buffet was a pretty slow go, but everyone has those days where you just make do with what’s leftover. The benefit is everyone gets what they want–bean and cheese tacos? Sure! Osso bucco and bread? Of course. Salad and pork tenderloin? Aren’t you the healthy eater!  Was there a party this weekend? Yes there was, leftover veggies and ranch for all!  The plus of being able to choose what you like seems to balance the possible dreary aspect of leftovers.

So here goes Week 14:

  • Mon: Refrigerator Buffet
  • Tue:  chicken soup, rolls, garden salad, apples.
  • Wed:  Prince Spaghetti Day! pasta, sausage, caesar salad, blackberries.
  • Thur:  pork fried rice, pineapple, snap peas.
  • Fri:  macaroni and cheese, fruit, veg.

This is not an exciting menu, but we’ve got an excitable week here at House Cheepie.  Boy is going to a dance, Eldest has got a lot of after school things going on, and Tiny? Tiny is all hopped up on sugar after the first day of a week-long Valentine candy situation. So she’s excited.

This week’s plan is things I could make in my sleep. Good things, that some of us like, that are dead simple.  The sale items I’m using are: chicken, apples, blackberries, pineapple and pork.

I’ll post the sale round-up tomorrow.  If you’ve got some standard go-to dinners that you put in your ‘I can make this out of what’s in the house in about a half hour’ file, I’d love to hear them.

Unless it’s eggs. Believe me, I’ve done pretty much everything to eggs and all anyone around here wants is scrambled.  I’ve made Eggs in Clouds, and been denied the applause due an egg magician of this caliber of EggDom. 

It is a perfect savory meringue pillowing a lovely egg yolk (/gordonramsay). Look at how perfect that is!  So pretty. And fluffy. But I can’t eat four of them when people abdicate in favor of peanut butter toast.

Tiny was a baby when I tried this, and gave her egg a solid go, as she did all food. She’s still the most adventurous eater.

So, if you have non-egg based dinners that you haven’t ever seen on my meal plan lists, I’d love to see them in the comments.

Cheep Cheep!


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