Monday Night Goal Post

While I am trying to make sure these go up on Sunday, my life is conspiring against me. It’s possible that I’ll have to permanently shift the Sunday Night Goal Post to Monday, but for now I’m continuing to view it as an aberration. 

As with the Happy Ad Tuesday post, I’m trying not to see this as a failure, but simply an adapting of the blog to my actual life.  The blocks of time I have free to compose a post are when they are, and I’ve got to use what I can.

This week will have a head start, since I’ve already fed dinner to people, meaning I’ll get all the points for Monday.  Whoop!  I’ll add a challenge to a later weeknight to balance it out.  See if you can spot it.

Sale items this week that I’m using are: apples, bone-in chicken breasts, and avocados.

  • Mon:  baked chicken breasts, couscous, caesar salad, berries and apples, cauliflower
  • Tues:  Taco Tuesday. beef tacos, beans, pico de gallo, queso, apples, carrots
  • Wed:  Prince Spaghetti Day.  salmon ravioli, spinach salad, fruit
  • Thurs:  tomato soup and grilled cheese,  fruit, veg
  • Fri:  Family Crafty Night. coconut chicken on rice, fruit, veg

I’m feeling good about two weeks of good scores.  This week Eldest has a lot of school commitments, and Tiny is doing booths for selling cookies for Girl Scouts, so there are scheduling concerns.  With luck it’ll all work out!

Cheep Cheep!


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