Here Be Dragons. And Cheeseburgers.

I really thought about just straight-up lying this week.

Then I realized lying about imaginary dinner points on my blog was crazy. So we’re all just going to have to work through this together.

I’m sitting here actually trying to delay the part of the post where I list dinner!  I’m trying to think of jokes to distract from my week of meals.  We’re just going to get this over with:

  • Mon: El Mercado. For my non-Austin fans, that’s a Tex-Mex restaurant.
  • Tues: Sonic. For non-TX fans, that’s a drive-in burger joint
  • Wed:  P Terry’s, carrots, cantaloupe/Date Night. P Terry’s? Drive-thru burgers
  • Thurs: venison stew, broccoli, sourdough bread, cantaloupe
  • Fri:  I don’t even know. They ate french fries at the lodge, and I made spaghetti when we got home, and I’m sure I put blackberries out because there are so many in the fridge.

This was the plan:

  • Mon:  venison stew, cantelope, spinach, dinner rolls
  • Tues:   salmon cakes, polenta, blackberries, broccoli
  • Wed:  baked chicken, pasta, salad, fruit, fresh bread
  • Thurs:  hamburgers, fruit &veg
  • Fri:  Refrigerator Buffet

Points-wise? This is going to be a 3. 3 points. Two for venison stew day for being on the plan and involving all the food groups, and one for Friday because I technically followed the plan (with a pre-game of fries) and found a nutritious meal for the night.

There were a few factors that combined to cause this dinner mayhem. I had a meeting night, and DH worked from home a bit. There was a scheduled ice storm that then did not occur, making grocery shopping a risky bet. Most importanly, when DH and I are home together all day, we tend to want to go out in the evening, so we bailed on dinner.  

All in all, this is easily the worst week since the Dinner Accountability Program started. I’m mortified at how the week looks, especially because I know all the other meals eaten weren’t really enough to make it a wholesome week. 

Onward and upward!  If I can’t beat a 3 point week, there’s not really much hope for me, is there?  Let’s all see what happens next. 


5 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons. And Cheeseburgers.

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! You get 20 points from me!! I think I started bailing on the whole cooking plan because when I would leave it up to Jerry he and the kids just went out…. how hard can that be? My escape came to just go to the grocery store once a day and get what you want for one dinner at a time….because NO ONE ELSE even thinks about what they want to eat until they are three beats past starving. Even if i go to the store once a day and get only what i want for one dinner it is way cheeper than going out so I’m still cheep, cheep.


    • Nanna, I should have realized you’d be completely on board with this week!

      You’re right about nobody realizing their hungry until they are *starving*. The kids especially. Well, DH too ( Dear Husband, he’s very dear, it’s an internet thing), and he’s the one with the car and the cash so if he’s hungry and wants enchiladas there’s just not a lot of defense unless I’ve got a meal ready.

      Shopping once a day for the evening meal sounds nice to me. When you get a Sprouts you’ll like it even more, I bet. Cheep Cheep!


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