Sunday Night Goal Post

Football season is over, do I need a new sports metaphor to use for the title of these posts? I’ll have to consider it. Given I have enough trouble just getting the meals out, I’m not sure I should put any neural power on the task, but the brain wants to ponder what the brain wants to ponder.  

The plan:

  • Mon:  baked chicken breasts, couscous, caesar salad, berries and apples, cauliflower
  • Tues:  Taco Tuesday. beef tacos, beans, pico de gallo, queso, apples, carrots
  • Wed:  Prince Spaghetti Day.  salmon ravioli, spinach salad, fruit
  • Thurs:  tomato soup and grilled cheese,  fruit, veg
  • Fri:  Family Crafty Night. coconut chicken on rice, fruit, veg

The actual:

  • Mon: baked chicken breasts, couscous, caesar salad, berries and apples, cauliflower. (love writing the plan after Monday dinner!). 3 1
  • Tues: beef tacos, beans, rice, shredded cheese, carrots, apples. 3 2
  • Wed: pesto fettucine, salmon ravioli, spinach salad with tomatoes and avocado, carrots, berries. 3 points.
  • Thurs: tomato soup, nachos with queso, sugar snap peas, plums. 3 points.
  • Fri:  coconut chicken on rice, snap peas, sautéed zucchini, mushrooms and carrots, grapes, cauliflower. 3 points.

Well, look at that! Just look.

After 13 weeks, I completely won dinner!  All dinners involved a balanced meal. All followed the plan. All were eaten by a majority of the family.  Over three months in, and the plan and reality finally merged.

I’m just going to bask in the joy here for a bit and do the meal plan tomorrow. It’s not every day I get to give myself 15 imaginary internet dinner points AND post a link to one of the best shows of the 1980s.

Cheep on, Cheepsters!


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