Crazy Ad Week

I’ve been online, waiting for the new ads to go live, but it seems everyone is in a turkey coma and giving new grocery ads a pass.  I can’t blame them, I’m pretty damn full myself, and not very sprightly.

I might never be sprightly, actually, but I’m certainly not after a double helping of stuffing. Sprightly people eat sprouts and lemon zest, I’m pretty sure, not potatoes of all sorts and turkey two ways and stuffing of the cornbread and otherwise kind, with gravy. Gravy is important, and might be the opposite of sprightly.

When the stores get themselves up, I’ll post ads. At this point, I’m not certain if they’ll wait until next Wednesday, or get them up tomorrow. Or, if it’s Randalls, post some nonsense that’ll be good for 18 hours over the weekend.  I think the Black Friday invention has even grocery stores bracing and not worrying about ads as much as not being the store on the news for people getting trampled.

I implore you all: Do Not Get Trampled For $10 Off A Thing.