Turkey, and Cheepie Out!

This week is odd because of the holiday, so I won’t be catching you all up on the ads until later in the week.

If you’re still wondering where the heck to buy a turkey, fear not! You can buy one, thaw it if frozen, and still have time to ponder the age-old-inside-or-out stuffing dilemma as all Americans have done since deciding to pull the guts out of the bird before cooking.


       Jennie-O frozen turkey 10-16lbs                  43clb   limit 1 w/$25 purchase

   Jennie-O fresh turkey 10-16lbs                    $1.79/lb


       HEB frying turkey, frozen, seasoned            $1.47/lb

Randalls: (both deals limit 1)

      Honeysuckle turkey, 8-24lbs, frozen           59c/lb w/$20 purchase

                                                                                         39c/lb w/$50

      Honeysuckle whole turkey breast, frozen    $1.99/lb, B1G1


        fresh free-range organic turkeys                    $3.99/lb

Trader Joe’s:  

        All Natural Brined fresh turkeys, 12-16lbs or 18-22lbs.     $1.99/lb

        Glatt Kosher turkeys, 12-16lbs.     $2.49/lb

Screen shot 2015-11-23 at 11.16.24 PM

Happy Thanksgiving, Cheepsters. Thanks for sticking around and making my weekly numbers non-zero. It’s been a good year and I’m looking forward to growing even more.


Links in case you’re looking for turkey info, confused, or snoot-full of Beaujolais Nouveau and bored:




Want to chat with a person about your particular turkey problem?


Are you a Martha, way deep down?


Do you miss picking up Reader’s Digest as a kid and thinking you were cool because you could roll with what the grownups were reading? No? Just me? Moving on…


Safe travels, good food and fellowship for all.


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