Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s time again. Lots of holiday sales on roasts and produce, not just turkeys!  I’ve been trying to cook from the freezer to make space for the new deals–it’s always much easier to do when the weather is cooler.  Stew, curry, and stocking up on stock are all somehow easier for me when the weather gets at least a bit autumn-ish.


Autumn_tree (4)

You feel better now, don’t you? Fall is good!

I’ll be cooking up a lot of potatoes on the cheep this week! 19c for a pound of comforting starch? Sign me right up for that!

I’ll also be getting the super-cheap frozen turkey at Fiesta, possibly two. Other things on my list are cranberries, celery, pineapples and cereal.


Randalls  (through 11/26)

pork loin roast, bone-in center cut                        $1.99/lb

Honeysuckle turkey, fresh, 8-24lbs                       $1.49/lb

Honeysuckle whole turkey breast                          $1.99/lb, B1G1 (limit 1)

Honeysuckle turkey, frozen, 8-24lbs                   39c/lb w/$50 purchase, 59c/lb w/$20 purchase (limit 1)

Russet potatoes, 8lb bag                                            $1.49/ea

Blue Bell, selected half -gallons                              $3.99/ea

Fri-Sun ONLY:

80% lean ground beef, value pack                           $1.99/lb (limit 2)

Owens sausage rolls, 16oz.                                         2/$4 (must buy 2)

yellow onions, 3lb sack                                               99c/ea

Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Ritz                                      3/$5 (must buy 3)

Cap’n Crunch or Life cereal                                      $1.49/ea (must buy 4)


Sprouts  (through 11/26)

pineapples                                                          98c/ea

navel oranges                                                    48c/lb

cranberries, 120z bag                                      98c/lb

celery                                                                    48c/lb

organic carrots, 5lbs                                        $2.98/ea

fresh turkey, all natural, 10-24lbs              $1.59/lb (order online for pickup)

bulk raisins                                                         $1.99/lb

Sprouts stock, 32oz                                           $2/ea

Mountain High yogurt, 32oz                          $2.50/ea

8″ apple or pumpkin pie                                 $2.99/ea


HEB (thru 11/26)

sweet potatoes                                                                 20c/lb

CM organics baby spinach, spring mix, 16oz         $3.88/ea

MacIntosh or Granny Smith apples                           99c/lb

Smithfield shank portion ham                                   $1.27/lb

HCF split chicken breasts                                             $1/lb

Boston Butt pork roast                                                  $1/lb


Fiesta (through 11/26)

russet potatoes, 10lb bag                                        $1.99/ea

celery                                                                             50c/ea (M-W only!)

pork picnic, whole                                                      97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

Jennie-O frozen turkey, 10-16lb.                           43c/lb (limit 1)

Sugardale smoked ham, butt or shank                  $1.39/lb (Fiesta limit)

bscb, value pack                                                              99c/lb (Fiesta limit)

Land O Lakes butter, 16oz                                           $2.50/ea

Crisco vegetable oil, 48oz                                           $1.99/ea (limit 2)

Cajun Injector brand peanut oil blend, gal             $6.99/ea


Wheatsville (through 11/24)

organic Granny Smith apples                                       $1.99/lb


Celery is on sale everywhere. Wheatsville still lists their price by the pound, which I might have to visit with them about because seriously, that makes zero sense.  While I’m talking to them I might bring up the fun fact that celery was once the caviar of the vegetable world.

What? You didn’t know that celery, now the humble ranch-to-face delivery system, lived once in expectation of single task glassware?  Fancy folks of a Victorian sort would put celery in a vase on the table, thus conveying their rareified air to people of a similar fancy.  Cheepie wants you to know this sort of thing, in case you wind up a time traveler. I don’t want you to blow your cover because you laugh when you see the celery vase on the table. 

Screen shot 2015-11-18 at 2.24.57 PM

Gotta have one? Want to buy me one? Here’s a whole storeful! The more you know. Cheepie cares.

Happy shopping, Cheepsters!

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