Happy Ad Friday!

I’m in before the weekend and we’re just going to call it good.

I’m typing on my son’s laptop, which seems to have the mouse that a dragon might need,


        It looks angry.

(along with a touchscreen that I seem to touch for NO REASON) so I’m ON FIRE with deals. But I’m not going all Scott Elder, so don’t worry on that score.  It’s not like Cheepie is in a nickle pickle or anything.


We’re inching toward the time where fruit gets dopey cheap and I start getting a bit hyper about corn (so far, I’ve seen 3/$1, but I know 6/$1 is coming so I don’t bother)(that’s still pretty cheap though)(If you make corn casserole invite me). The big BBQ meat cuts also start going on sale, so there’s stocking the freezer sales.  With luck, there will be another $1.99/lb brisket sale!

This week we’ve got blackberries for their rock-bottom price. They freeze dead easy and are great to make into smoothies, cobbler, or just cover them with sugar and tell the kids they’re a new kind of cereal.

Also cheap this week: tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar cheese, cantaloupes and eggs. Potatoes and mangos are also at stock-up lows. Mango freezes well once you have it diced, and potatoes will keep if you keep them dark and cool.

Here’s the full list:


blackberries, 5.6oz                                        77c/ea

seedless watermelons                                 $2.88/ea

on the vine tomatoes                                   88c/ea

red, yellow or orange bell peppers          88c/ea

green beans                                                     88c/ea

thick sliced bacon (@meat counter)       $3.99/lb

mild cheddar cheese, bulk cut                  $2.99/lb



cantaloupe                                                    99c/ea

Ataulfo mangos                                           33c/lb


You be you, Fiesta, come what may.

Russet potatoes, 5lb bag                            $1.69/ea

ground chuck                                              $2.29/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork shoulder roast                                  97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

chicken drumsticks, jumbo bag            59c/lb

live crawfish                                                $1.99/lb ($1.79/lb full sack)

Goya rice, 3lb.                                              99c/ea (limit 2)

Blue Bell, 1/2 gal                                          $3.99/ea (Fiesta limit)



cantaloupe                                                      97c/ea

hot house cucumbers                                  50c/ea

mangos                                                             50c/ea

blackberries, 6oz                                           88c/ea

kiwi                                                                    25c/ea

Campari tomatoes, 1lb                               $1.50/ea

HCF sliced bacon, 12oz                               $2.50/ea

Eckrich smoked sausage, 30-42oz          $5/ea



dozen eggs                                                    99c/ea (must buy 2, limit 4)

assorted pork chops                                $1.69/lb

center cut pork loin chops                     $1.99/lb


Get out there and shop, Cheepsters!  Let me know if you find a great deal.

Weekly Flyer Links:


Happy Ad Wednesday!

Berries! Daffodils!  Yes, it was Summer for a couple of days last week, but we’re back to Spring, which is my favorite season. Bluebonnets, everything turning green, & BBQ meat sales–all great Spring things!

This week asparagus, sausage, strawberries and mangos are all cheap.  Ham is cheap all over because it’s Easter, which is all about Jesus and ham.  Cheap citrus is gone, but a couple stores still have sacks of grapefruit if you want more.  

Also some big news:


So celery is less than a buck at Sprouts! Get out and celebrate National Celery Month!


asparagus                                                              97c/ea

kiwi fruit                                                                25c/ea

HEB chicken for fajitas, value pack             $1.97/ea

Eckrich smoked sausage, 30-42oz               $5/ea

ground chuck, 80%, club pack                        $2.97/lb

HEB fresh sausage                                              $2.97/lb




Hormel spiral sliced ham                                  $1.59/lb

Smithfield shank ham                                        $1.39/lb

bscb                                                                         $1.77/lb

Land O Lakes Butter, 1lb                                      $1.88/ea (must buy 2)

Lucerne brick or shredded cheese, 2lb            $5.99/ea



green seedless grapes                                           99c/lb

strawberries, 1lb                                                    $1.50/ea

spiral sliced ham                                                   $1.59/lb

cucumbers                                                                 50c/ea

red bell peppers                                                       50c/ea

celery                                                                          88c/ea

Sprouts organic broth, 32oz                                $1.50/ea

Sprouts salsa, select varieties, 16oz                  $2/ea

Sprouts frozen vegetables, selected, 16oz       $1.25/ea



Roma tomatoes                                                               67c/lb

cantaloupes                                                                     $1.50/ea

beef brisket, whole                                                        $2.77/lb (Fiesta limit)

Smithfield ham, butt or shank, bone-in                $1.47/lb (Fiesta limit)

boneless chicken breast or thighs, value pack     $1.29/lb (Fiesta limit)

chicken leg quarters, jumbo bag                                49c/lb (usually about 10lbs)

Blue Bell half gallon                                                     $4.49/ea (limit 2)



Central Market

extra large Hass avocados                                     97c/ea



R.W. Knudsen juice, 32oz, selected                   $2.39/ea

organic carrots, 2lb bag                                         $1.99/ea


Trader Joe’s

TJ’s proscuitto, 4oz                                                 $3.99/ea

daffodils, 10 stems                                                   $1.49/ea


Whole Foods

Ataulfo mangos                                                          50c/ea

conventional-organic strawberries, 1lb              $1.50-$3.33/ea (yes, the ad is confusing)

Screen shot 2016-03-23 at 11.19.58 AM

See? Confusing. They say it’s a GREAT DEAL, though.




Weekly Flyer Links

Weekend Sales!

I realize I missed my ad roundup this week. You’ll just have to trust me that I was busy. If it helps you to know that I was busy for a darn good reason, you can go ahead and rest easy, because I was.

If it helps you to know that I also took a few more naps than usual, that’s true too, so I’ve got you covered there.

To make up for it I’ve got a couple weekend sales to post.

Randalls has an 8 piece fried or baked chicken tray for $5 Friday today, so if you don’t have a dinner plan yet that’s pretty easy. Though how easy depends entirely on the kind of checker you get. Sometimes you get a line there and it seems like maybe your checker is new to groceries. Good luck!

Sprouts has a whole weekend long sale with lots of great prices on chicken, almond milk and apples.

Fiesta, being Fiesta, has a Sunday/Monday sale. Because even something simple like when the weekend gets wonky once Fiesta gets a hold of it.  I mean look at this–they’ve even got weird Wonder Bread. Whole wheat Wonder Bread? That doesn’t even make sense!

Screen shot 2016-01-15 at 3.49.24 PM

Here are the links:




Happy Ad Wednesday!

Hopefully you’ve finished off the last of the roast beast and are ready to shop!

Lobster tails are everywhere, with HEB/CM coming in cheapest. Get your bisque on, Cheepsters! ( I feel like that’s not a saying that will catch on. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see if you can work it into your everyday conversations).  There are also good deals  on boneless chicken, black eyed peas, and citrus.

This week’s got Randalls continuing the Fab!5 sale, where you need to buy five of certain items to get $1 off each. There are many to mix and match, the ad shows them in surprising combinations–cornbread mix and bottled water? If you want five, they’re 59c/ea!  There are also some odd choices. Do you need five French Baguettes? Even the photo they’re using to advertise couldn’t deal with five, but if you want them, they’re at Randalls.  Possibly on sale, but the ad indicates ‘Everyday Price’, as well as ‘Buy 5 save $1’ so it’s a mystery.

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 12.56.48 PMScreen shot 2015-12-30 at 1.02.28 PM

On to the sales! Remember to let Cheepie know if you find a great deal–you can find me on Facebook and Twitter in the sidebar.  


green cabbage                                      25c/lb

Key Limes, 2lb bag                             97c/ea

large avocados                                      99c/ea

bscb, family pack                             $1.49/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork shoulder                                       97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

Fiesta tomato sauce, 8oz                   20c/ea

Fiesta vegetable oil, 48oz                $1.99/ea

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 1.28.53 PM

You stay you, Fiesta. Never change.



bscb                                                             $1.77/lb

blackberries                                               97c/lb

eggs                                                              $1.67/doz (must buy 3)



avocados (no size noted)                                                    48c/ea 

dry black eyed peas, bulk                                                   99c/lb

Navel oranges                                                                       48c/lb

Braeburn or Pink Lady apples                                           88c/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs                                   $1.59/lb

organic Red or Golden Delicious apples                       98c/lb



large avocados                                                                      98c/ea

small grapefruit                                                                    8/$1

HCF split chicken breasts                                               $1.27/lb


lobster tails, 4oz                                                                   $5.97/ea

HEB sausage                                                                          $2.97/lb



Central Market

lobster tails, 4oz                                        $5.97/ea


Weekly Flyer Links

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Randalls entire front page this week is roasts, none of which hit a price point I’d suggest buying.  Usually they’re more on the ball with their loss-leaders, since it’s the only reason sensible people walk in the door!

Fiesta’s got a hog head in the freezer if you need one, 99c/lb. Please share your photos with Cheepie if you decide to do this! It’s good for tamales, and if this is why you go buy one, I’m happy to taste-test. Just let me know where and when.

Berries and apples are the fruits my kids will be eating this week. I’ll also be buying pork tenderloin for a dinner this week and for the freezer. At Fiesta I’ll be getting spare ribs and black beans to stockpile.  The bulk sale at Sprouts will be a great way for me to stock up on some of the things I need for cookies and granola bars: nuts, seeds, fruits.

I hope some of these sales are for things that you need for the pantry or freezer. Here’s the full list!


Yes, an old photo. My mailman still doesn’t like me.


blackberries                                                         97c/ea

Red Delicious apples                                         97c/ea

HCF chicken drums/thighs                            $1/lb

HEB Prime 1 top sirloin steaks                       $4.97/lb (less grackle)

HCF hickory smoked spiral cut ham             $1.49/lb (more grackle)

pork tenderloin, whole                                      $2.97/lb



green cabbage                                               25c/lb

Cello carrots, 1lb                                          50c/lb

bscb                                                                  $1.97/lb

pork picnic, whole                                       97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

beef shoulder roast                                      $2.97/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork spare ribs                                               $1.79 (Fiesta limit)

Libby’s canned corn,peas, beans              33c/ea (limit 6)

Parade frozen vegetables, 28-32oz            $1.79/ea

black beans, dry, 1lb bag                                99c/ea



medium avocados                                            50c/ea

Cook’s whole or half ham, bone in        $1.49/lb



Navel oranges                                                 33c/lb

Fuji & Braeburn apples                                98c/lb

organic black seedless grapes                  $1.98/lb

organic Golden Delicious apples              98c/lb

organic Russet potatoes                              98c/lb

all bulk items                                                   25% off

Sprouts extra virgin olive oil, 1L                $5.99/ea


Central Market

Holiday or Christmas Crunch grapes       $1.98/lb

cauliflower                                                         $1.98/ea


As a last note:

HEB has a weird thing going on with shrimp at the grackle vs. non-grackle HEBs. I’ll write it up for tomorrow. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader in the meantime. I know you Cheepsters love a puzzle!

Happy Shopping. Cheep Cheep!

Weekly Flyer Links

Free Holiday Fun

The Trail of Lights goes live today, with free nights until Dec. 15th.  The free nights are likely to be crowded, but given how much you might spend on a shuttle/admission/funnel cake/ferris wheel combo, braving the crowds is the frugal option!


Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 2.47.44 PM

Other free holiday fun links:


They’ve got a light show on the hour from 6-11pm.


The Wimberley Trail of lights is at the Emily Ann Theater and is free.


The Minor Mishap Marching Band will have absolutely no holiday music to share as they celebrate the holiday season as only they can!


Minor Mishap is also holding a lantern parade on Dec 21st. Location is TBA so follow the event on Facebook to join in the fun.


The Central Presbyterian Church has a long-running free concert series every Thursday at noon. This month is all holiday themed, with this week’s performers The Austin Handbell Ensemble. It’s a short, lovely concert, perfect for families, and you can order up lunch for just a $5 donation ($3 kids).


A light show, carriage rides, and carolers are all scheduled nightly at the Domain.


Have you got a free holiday link to share! Let Cheepie know!

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Many happy returns of the day, Cheepsters! I hope you’ve all had a great holiday weekend and are looking forward to a December full of merriment.

I’m here to make sure you can feed the people that show up at your place for said merriment. This week is thin on the ground, because stores are trying to recoup during the brief lull between Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday of Your Choosing.  Grocery stores don’t actually work on a large markup but more on a tiny markup on volume, so it’s time for them to recover from all the deals on turkeys, potatoes and cranberries.

What I am looking forward to is eggplant, pears, rice and avocados, which are all easily turned into lovely snacks for when friends stop by.



eggplant                                                        48c/ea

Halos mandarins. 2lb bag                        $1.98/ea

pears, many varieties                               88c/lb

organic Red Delicious apples                 98c/lb



Fuji apples                                                   87c/lb

Red pears                                                      87c/lb

mangos                                                         68c/ea

HEB fresh sausage                                      $2.97/lb



onions                                                            25c/lb

Gala apples                                                    5/$1

large Hass Avocados                                   69c/ea

bscb                                                                 $1.19/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork shoulder roast                                    97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

Ole Carolina sliced bacon, 16oz.             $1.79/ea (Fiesta limit)

Progresso soup                                               99c/ea   (limit 6)

Green Giant vegetables, selected             33c/ea

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lb bag                    $1.50/ea

Imperial Brown Sugar, 2lb bag                    $1.50/ea



assorted pork loin chops                                     $1.79/lb

3 day sale, Fri-Sun ONLY!:

Sanderson Farms fresh whole fryers                69c/lb (limit 4)

Beefsteak tomatoes, 4 pack                                 $1.50/ea

They’re also having something called a ‘Fab!5 sale’ which involves a lot of products and you should check the ad if you shop there.


Central Market

organic Russet potatoes                                   $1.47/lb

broccoli crowns                                                    97c/lb



organic pomegranates                                      $1.50/ea



Weekly Flyer Links

Take care and stay tuned for the holiday specials. Please add any great deals you see on baking goods, trees, or anything else holiday related!


Let’s get our Advent on!  Cheep cheep!

Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s $2 cheese time! I love $2 cheese time!

Sprouts had cheese for this price for several weeks back in the spring. How do I know it was spring? Because I just looked at the block of pepper jack I thawed out to see what the label said!  I stocked up, because if it’s one thing that will convince my kids to eat something it’s to pile some cheese on top of it.  

In the spring, there was one type on sale each week, alternating among colby-jack, pepper-jack, ordinary-jack and cheddar. For storage, frozen cheese will keep just fine, but it’s crumbly after thawing so not great for slicing.  

I’m hopeful this is the start of a few weeks of this special!

one for you, one for me, one for you, two for me...

one for you, one for me, one for you, two for me…

And now, off to the races…


frozen Jenni-O turkey, 10-12lbs                                    57c/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork sirloin chops, bone-in, family pack                     97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

white potatoes                                                                    59c/lb

Roma tomatoes                                                                   44c/lb

Texas juice oranges, 5lbs                                                     $2.50/ea

green cabbage                                                                     25c/lb

Gala apples, 3lbs                                                                  $2.49/ea

large avocados                                                                    $1/ea

celery                                                                                        88c/ea


frozen Honeysuckle turkey, 8-24 lbs.                                  59c/lb (limit1 w/$20. while supplies last)

Safeway frozen meatballs, 22-26oz.                                $4/ea

Del Monte canned vegetables, 11-15oz, selected          47c/ea (buy 6)

Land o Lakes butter                                                                  $2.50/ea

Chex or Kelloggs cereal, selected                                             3/$5 (buy 3)


blackberries, 5.6oz                                                               88c/ea

Hass avocados                                                                     50c/ea

squash: acorn, butternut, spaghetti                                  88c/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs                                      $1.49/lb

bulk oats: quick, steel or rolled                                         50c/lb 

colby jack cheese                                                                 $1.99/lb


Smithfield shank portion ham                                                                $1.27/lb

HCF chicken drums or thighs, value pack                                        $1/lb

seasoned boneless chix thighs for fajitas                                          $1.97/lb

Pink Lady apples                                                                                     97c/lb

kiwi                                                                                                               25c/ea

grapefruit                                                                                                   25c/eaScreen shot 2015-11-11 at 12.09.00 PM

Halo mandarins, 5lbs                                                                                     $4.77/ea

Whole Foods

organic Yukon Gold, Russet or Red potatoes        98c/lb

organic cucumbers                                                           98c/ea

Gulf shrimp, 31/40                                                             $7.99/lb ($3 off)


organic Fuji apples, 3lb bag                                             $4.99/lb

As a last note, I’d like to let Wheatsville know that this ad really bugs me. Who buys celery by the pound? It’s an ‘each’ item. Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 12.48.45 PMUnless you’re okay with me tearing up celery bunches to get the weight I want you should price it as an each.

Weekly Flyer Links

Cheep Cheep!

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Happy November Cheepsters! We’re here, we’re cooking, we’re ready to turkey!


Cranberries look like this before Ocean Spray                        jams them in a can!

I just want to make it clear I’m kind of a fan of all things turkey and Thanksgiving. I will find the turkey deals. I will tell you about them. I will obsess about cranberries and the yam/sweet potato wars.

In the meantime, Sprouts is all over the applewars with a 88c/lb for 14 varieties sale. 14! Surely you like one of those, so get over and stock up.  

Other deals I like this week are avocados, vegetable oil and ice cream. Let me know what you like, too!


Hass avocados                                                            50c/ea (no size indicated)

Honeycrisp apples                                                      $1.47/lb

green cabbage                                                             33c/lb (grackle only)

organic Fuji apples                                                      $1.97/lb

Country Pride chicken leg quarters, 10lb bag     29c/lb (limit 2)


Roma tomatoes                                                                       44c/lb

bscb                                                                                         $1.49/lb (Fiesta limit)

Texas juice oranges, 5lbs                                                          $2.49/ea

Thurs & Fri ONLY:

pork shoulder, whole cry-o-vac pack                                      87c/lb (Fiesta limit)

Fiesta vegetable oil, gallon                                                         $3.99/ea

pineapples                                                                                         99c/ea

russet potatoes, 5lb                                                                                 99c/ea

onions, 3lb                                                                                               88c/ea

Gold Medal AP flour, 5lb                                                                       $1.33/ea

Tortimasa masa mix, 4.4lb                                                                    88c/ea (limit 2)


Honeysuckle turkey, 8-24lbs, frozen                              59c/lb

bscb                                                                                     $1.69/lb

russet potatoes, 5lb. bag                                                 $1.49/lb

Oak Farms ice cream, half gallon                                   $2.99/ea

Cereal/Fruit Snacks/Granola bars, buy 4                        $1.69/ea  (check ad for brand info)


apples, 14 varieties                                                                88c/lb

eggplant                                                                                 99c/ea

Halos mandarins, 2lb                                                         $2.48/ea

HassAvocados                                                                     48c/ea

chicken breast tenders                                                         $1.77/lb

assorted pork chops, bone-in                                                $1.77/lb

organic carrots, 5lb bag                                                      $2.98/ea

organic Russet potatoes, 5lb bag                                       $2.98/ea

Weekly Flyer Links

Happy Ad Wednesday!

Last week a reader brought up the shrimp on sale at Fiesta.  It’s true, there was cheap shrimp, and I didn’t report it. Reason?  I’m still on the fence about their fish counter.  It looks like mayhem with added fishy smell.  This week there’s salmon, $3.99/lb for a whole, $5.99 for pieces. Which is cheap, it’s true.  Does anyone out there shop the Fiesta fish counter regularly? Am I being fussy?  Is all that advice about ‘clear bright eyes’ and ‘no fishy smell’ all just what clinically clean people think, and I should thank my lucky stars I live in a world where somehow people can farm salmon and send them to the middle of Texas for cheaper than steak?  

Also this week, the Randalls entry was nearly very different. I considered typing, “There are a lot of pantry staples on sale, but you’ve got to buy six of things, and it’s Randalls, so, screw it.”   Their site is only displaying the mobile version of the flyer, and buying six is pesky. Just put stuff on sale like normal people, Randalls!  Because I care I went ahead and dealt with their nonsense. For you. Because I know you want those green stamps.

On to the sales! This week I’m going to be buying raspberries, whole chickens, potatoes, and limes.  I’ll also be buying a couple dozen boxes of pasta at Randalls, so look forward to a ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot of reorganizing my pantry to accommodate that!


raspberries, 6oz.                                       97c/ea

Gala apples                                              77c/lb (DD)

Bartlett pears                                            77c/lb


     HCF whole chicken                                                                 77c/lb (limit 2)

     HCF seasoned chicken leg quarters                                      77c/lb

     HEB seasoned boneless skinless chix thighs for fajitas     $1.97/lb


raspberries, 6 oz                                                      98c/ea

tomatoes on the vine                                              88c/lb

organic baby carrots, 1lb                                       98c/ea

green bell peppers                                                 48c/ea (DD)

papaya                                                                   48c/lb (C15)

pork loin roast or chops                                       $1.99/lb

blanched peanuts (bulk)                                       $1.99/lb

organic broth, 32oz.                                               $1.50/ea


pork loin chops, family pack                                          $1.69/lb (Fiesta limit)

Tyson split chicken breast, family pack                          97c/lb (Fiesta limit)

Earl Campbell sausage, 36 oz.                                       $4.99/ea (that’s $2.21/lb)

 Go home, Fiesta! You're drunk.

Fiesta!  You’re drunk.

russet potatoes, 5lb bag                                                 $1.29/ea (DD)

roma tomatoes                                                               44c/lb

limes                                                              15/$1


General Mills cereals, selected varieties                          $1.88/ea

Classico sauce, buy 6                                                      99c/ea

Safeway pasta, 12-16oz, buy 6                                       49c/ea

Progresso soups, selected                                              88c/ea

Green Giant frozen vegetables, 7-10 oz.                        88c/ea

Lucerne chunk or shredded cheese, 2lb                        $5 (Friday ONLY)

Weekly Flyer Links

*About the grackle HEBs–here’s the list. Yes, it’s not the sharpest. Apparently HEB doesn’t think anyone out there wants to read this information so it’s in a font size designed to make me feel squinty.


You can check the flyer in the front of the store, if you’re not sure. The general guideline is, as always, if the HEB is updated, large, and has a full butcher counter, it’s likely a ‘less grackle’ HEB.  If the HEB is small, has a jewelry counter, and feels sketchy as hell, that’s probably a ‘more grackle’ HEB.