Week 11 & Goal Post

Last week, if you remember, I got a head start on the scoring by not posting the plan until after dinner on Monday. That’s okay for rookies. But I’m on Week 11 of this Internet Dinner Accountability Plan, so this week I’m getting the post up before dinner on Monday.  So I’m already winning this week!

The plan last week:

Week 11 plan

  • Mon: grilled cheese, carrot soup, salad, apples
  • Tue: ham and cheese soufflé, cauliflower, pomegranate seeds
  • Wed: beef and barley soup, homemade bread, fruit, veg
  • Thur: red beans and rice with venison sausage, fruit, veg
  • Fri: homemade pizza & Family Game night!

The actual:photo

Mon:  grilled cheese, carrot soup, salad, apples. 3 points.
Tues:  ham and cheese souffle, green beans, carrots, bananas. 3 points.
Wed:  beef and barley soup, alfredo noodles, homemade rolls, green beans. 2 points.
Thurs:  box mac & cheese, leftover buffet. 1 photopoint.
Fri:  pizza, red beans & rice, blueberries, carrot sticks. 3 points.

No, I don’t know why that second list won’t bullet point when I click ‘Bulleted list’, it always has before. Since we’re focused on dinner, and not formatting, I’m going to ignore it.  If you’re too OCD to cope with the lack of bullet points, you’ll just have to draw them in on your screen.  I’ll wait a sec.

Ok, now we go.

This was not a bad week.  I made the souffle I’d wanted to make for a while, and mostly stuck to the plan.  Cooking beans is an ongoing problem area in my life, so it didn’t surprise me at all that I had to slide red beans and rice over to pizza night because the beans weren’t really cooked enough to eat yet.  Leftover Buffet cleared out the fridge nicely, and with the exception of Date Night we didn’t eat out, so those were additional good points this week.

For scoring, the only points lost were for Wednesday, where I took a point off for alfredo noodles, which I only made because I knew two kids would balk at soup, and for Thursday, which was a off-plan non-nutritious meal.  Overall, though, we had all five people eating, in the house, a meal I’d planned to cook for most of the week.  12 points to Cheepie!

This is the best week since before the holidays, and I’m curious to see what happens this week. Last time I had a really good score the next week I completely tanked!  So here’s the plan:

  • Mon: beef curry w/rice, spinach, berries
  • Tue:  baked chicken thighs, fruit, veg, carrot sticks
  • Wed:  Prince Spaghetti Day!
  • Thur: osso bucco, polenta, broccoli, fruit
  • Fri:  Fish Fry!

Look at that! Bullet points. Kooky. 

Let’s see how that all works out, shall we? I’ll post the ad roundup early on Wednesday, so keep checking on me, and don’t forget to post any deals you spot out in the wild!

Cheep Cheep!


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