Mid-week Plan Post

Yes, I realize that starting the plan three days into the week is clearly giving myself an advantage, but after last week’s home-cooked catastrophe I think it’s understandable. 

If it helps, I did have a plan for Tuesday, and followed it, there just wasn’t time to type up a plan post–things are hectic over here at Casa Del Cheepie!  Add my need to catch up on The Goldbergs (you really should be watching this show for the sets alone–I want all the posters in the kids’ rooms!) to all of the general running around, throw in a modicum of personal hygiene, and time flies by.

  • Mon: french toast, sausages, scrambled eggs, cuties, cucumbers
  • Tues: roast chicken, cucumbers, kiwi, mac and cheese, green beaFettuccini Stock Photo - 26722660ns
  • Wed:  salmon cakes, fettuccine, salad, watermelon, green beans
  • Thurs:  chicken curry on rice, stir fry vegetables, fruit
  • Fri:  tuna noodle casserole. dammit.

Can you believe I still haven’t made the casserole!?! Me neither. It’s happening this week.

I think I’m even going to go ahead and put peas in it at this point, since it’s so unlikely that anyone else will want it and I’ve now been waiting forever. There should be drive-thru casserole places.   Just drive up, and they hand over the casserole of your choice. Then you go home, eat, and have a good night’s sleep with a belly full of happiness.


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