Math is Hard

I know math isn’t everyone’s thing. But if you’re a store, and you’ve got a box on the price tag for ‘unit price’, you should know what it means. At least make an effort at some type of calculation. Just putting the price of the item over there again makes it seem like you aren’t even trying. 

I know I’ve ranted on this topic before, but it’s a pervasive, persistent problem. I find examples of this every time I’m in a grocery store. 

Part of stretching a grocery budget is comparison shopping, and without unit prices (or with deceptive unit prices, or changes in ‘unit’ choices) that becomes more difficult. I have no problem pulling a calculator out to figure out what I need to know, but not everyone has my brand of commitment to knowing the answer to this particular problem. 

Maybe I should start writing the correct unit prices on tags? Guerrilla Grocery Correction–coming to a store near you! 


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