Regrets? I Have a Few

This isn’t one of them though. 

Remember yesterday, when I bought chicken legs for 39 cents a pound?  Look what I didn’t buy for more than 12 times as much–

For my mom, who is wondering what this is, exactly: it’s the part they remove to create a steer from a young bull. So, testicles. $4.99 a pound for bull testicles. 

Which I have tried, because they are served at fairs and I, like anyone, am succeptible  to the grease-hazed air at a fair that lulls you into thinking anything that is fried is good and anything good is fried. 

It was not unlike a fried clam, but larger and chewier and with a much larger number of older gentlemen watching me with amusement. 

Chicken legs for Cheepie, no regrets! Cheep cheep!


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