Frozen Food Recall!

There’s a recall of a huge number of brands of frozen foods for a lot of different stores. Brands I recognize are at Fiesta, Target, Walmart, and Randalls. I’m sure there are others.

Click  to read the list.  There are a lot of larger sizes (30lbs of frozen corn is a lotta corn), but there are also many in the 10-16oz size I know I’ve got in my freezer. Dammit.

Here’s the list of types of products:

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 2.42.31 PM

That’s pretty much all the kinds of frozen stuff except mangos, right? You go, mango!

The risk is a listeria contamination.  It’s the same as the Blue Bell problem, and it is a risk mostly for the young, old, or immunocompromised. Given I did eventually toss my hoarded Blue Bell, I’ll certainly be checking my freezer and chucking any $1 bags of veggies.

From the link:

Screen shot 2016-05-03 at 2.44.34 PM

I think they need better copywriters. I’m an expert, because I have a blog and use the word ‘lotta’ correctly, and I’m pretty sure that first and third sentences need a ‘The’ to start ’em up.

I also think that it’s weird to note Listeria was not the cause of death.  I get it, maybe they were already sick, and the Listeria made that get worse faster, and they really died of what they already had.  But when it comes down to it, we all die because our heart stops, whatever else is going on, and the Listeria was present and a factor. Unless they cured the Listeria completely, and then the person died? Does that happen?

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader, because it’s a nice day out and I’m going to throw out some frozen food and then go sit in the sun and read my book.

Stay safe, Cheepsters!


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