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If you’ve been celebrating summer with friends, your freezer might be looking a bit sparse. Have no fear–Fiesta is here to fix that with sales on ground beef, pork chops and chicken drumsticks. They’re all on stock-up Fiesta limit prices, so even if Fiesta isn’t on your usual shopping rotation you might stop by this week. They’ve also got potatoes for the goofily cheap price of 10c/lb!

Two good buddies, both on sale!

Two good buddies, both on sale!

Nectarines and grapes are on sale all over, so those are great choices this week. 50 cents for a cantaloupe is a good reason to hit Sprouts. Randalls has london broil for $2.49/lb, which is an excellent price for that cut of beef.  Lots of tasty things on sale this week!


nectarines                                                           88c/lb (DD)

organic Gala apples/green grapes/peaches    $2.48/lb (DD)

Pink Lady apples                                                98c/lb (DD)

green pears                                                        98c/lb

spinach or kale bunch                           98c/ea (grackle only) (DD)

pork butt steaks                                         $1.97/lb (grackle only)


red grapes                                    98c/lb (DD)

avocados                                       49c/ea (C15)

canteloupe                                     50c/ea (C15)

nectarines or peaches                   98c/lb (DD)

bscb                                               $1.88/lb

ending today:

strawberries, 1lb                           98c/ea (DD)

mangos                                         33c/ea (C15)


pineapples                                        99c/ea

white potatoes, 5lb sack                   49c/ea

red grapes                                           99c/lb (DD)

Bartlett pears                                        25c/ea

pork sirloin chops,family pack            96c/lb (Fiesta limit)

ground beef, 75/25, family pack        $1.99/lb (Fiesta limit)

drumsticks, large sack                        49c/lb (Fiesta limit)


large seedless watermelon                              $2.98/ea

london broil                                                  $2.49/lb

fresh baguettes                                          50c/ea

Gatorade, 32oz                                            59c/ea

Sabra hummus, 10oz                             buy one get one free


organic red grapes                                       $2.49/lb (DD)

organic Pink Lady apples                            $1.99/lb (DD)

organic celery                                          79c/lb (by the lb, weirdos)(DD)

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Happy shopping–Cheep Cheep!