Happy Ad Tuesday!

I have a love/hate relationship with the store flyers. I love that they tell me what’s on sale, I hate that my mailman doesn’t bring them on Tuesdays any more. Well, that’s not true, sometimes he brings them on Tuesdays, but then other times I don’t get them until Thursday, which is upsetting. Generally, though, receiving my flyers late isn’t the most upsetting thing that happens on any given day, so I can work past it.  This is the kind of wisdom that comes with age, people.

Another hateable thing about the store flyers is that they’re store-location-specific. I live about equidistant between two HEBs. I didn’t know flyers were location-specific until I headed out once to buy some lobster tails on sale, and it turned out that the Brodie HEB was not the store I needed to be at, the one at Wm. Cannon and South First had  the lobster I was looking for.

It has occurred to me that I think too much about store flyers. Every relationship has problems, though.  I think we’ll eventually work this love triangle out, me, the flyers, and the postman.

Every week, each store has the loss-leaders for the week in the flyer, and the specials I will note each Tuesday in the ‘Happy Ad Tuesday!’ posts are the ones that are the rock-bottom prices for those items.  I’d like to note that I’ve typed Tuesday five times in this post so far, and only gotten it right the first try one time.  Never say I’m not working hard to bring you helpful information!

Here are the specials, by store, for this week. Following the grocery store ‘week’ (which starts on Wednesday), these prices are good through next Tuesday, with the exception of Sprouts. Sprouts has ‘Double Ad Wednesday’ so I’ll note if a special is ending tomorrow, or beginning.


3lb. sack of Gala apples, $1.98

grapefruit, 98c/ea

drumsticks, $1/lb


ending tomorrow–                                                      

vine tomatoes, 48c/lb

black seedless grapes, 98c/lb

plums, peaches or nectarines, 98c/lb

brown rice, 69c/lb (bulk section)

butter toffee peanuts, $1.99/lb

ending next Wednesday–

6oz raspberries, 98c/each

peaches, 98c/lb

cucumbers, 49c/ea

large cantaloupes, $1.50/each

pork loin chops, $2.99/lb


large pears, 99c/lb

peaches, 99c/lb

1lb. sack of carrots, 66c/lb

boneless skinless chicken breast, $1.99/lb. (limit 2 with $10 additional purchase)

bone-in pork sirloin chops, $1.79/lb. (same limit)

drumsticks, 99c/lb


gala apples, 79c/lb

6oz raspberries, 99c/ea

london broil, $3.99/lb

red, green or yellow bell peppers, 2/$1

WF, CM, WV, and TJs all had nothing of note on sale this week.  This doesn’t mean they don’t have a weekly sale happening–they all do! I’m simply stating that none of their prices are remarkable deals. It’s possible that the WF mussels for $4.99/lb are just your speed. If so, get over there! But I’m trying to hit the items that are big savings to a large number of people (and about those mussels, CM has them for that price all the time, in 2lb sacks).

For now, Happy Ad Tuesday posts will focus on groceries of the food sort. I’m going to incorporate more types of sales moving forward, like gluten-free and organic prices.  After that, I’ll be adding household basics–toilet paper, fabric softener, dish soap, and other items.

Follow cheepieaustin on twitter to get real-time updates if I find an amazing deal! I found a grocery cart of loaves of day-old bread at Sprouts for just 50c–I felt badly I didn’t tweet about it. Next time, I’ll be sharing my good find with you.

Cheep Cheep!


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