For My First Four Readers

It’s a simple fact of life, that mistakes will be made (Mrs. Garrett taught me that! And if you got my 80s tv reference, good for you!).

Despite quite a lot of double checking, when I did the ad post this week, I managed to look at the incorrect Fiesta and HEB ads. Which is impressive, because I waited on that post until Randalls put theirs up on their site pretty late on Tuesday. So I was physically not posting, but also not managing to see what was right there at the bottom of the .pdf files I was looking at, an excellent achievement in missing the obvious, indeed.

So, if any of my readers so far went ahead and shopped based on my post, I apologize. It won’t happen again.

I’m sure there will be more blunders as I get things rolling here at CheepieAustin.  Helpfully, here in the very first week I’ve already gotten to create an ‘apologies and retractions’ tag! I can check that right off my to-do list. Whew!

Coming up this week will be another Grocery Theory post, Happy Ad Tuesday, and a discussion of what we’ll be calling Alternate Grocers. Unless I think of something better and/or funnier to call them by then.

Cheep Cheep!


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