Happy Ad…Wednesday?

After last week’s mishap, I’d intended on posting last night after making sure the ads I was looking at were the right ones.  Sadly, the internet gods were not on board with this plan. Having never made a concerted effort to collect all this information as soon as it was available so I could tell all my Cheeps, I was unaware that grocery store flyers are apparently only posted on the store websites when the prices take effect.

Midnight postings of grocery sales, people! How have I missed this late night fun all these years? It kind of makes me want to walk into Randalls at midnight and start checking to see if they’ve got all the signs switched over yet, and people watch. Randalls at midnight is a great slice of life.

So, last night I decided I would post on Wednesday mornings. Because of an ongoing conflict I maintain with the sun, this means 11am. Since Wednesday is the shopping day for a lot of folks, that means the Happy Ad post would be too late! This is a Sitcom Level 3 Dilemma, and I’m still trying to sort it out.

In the meantime, here are the sales this week, with my fun color coding and commentary. I’ll be shopping later this week, and will tweet any new deals I find! So go ahead and click that little ‘follow’ link off to the right, and if I find a deal, you’ll know about it when I do.

Cheep Cheep!


green pears, jonagold apples                    88c/lb

boneless skinless chicken breasts           $1.99/lb

large navel oranges                                  98c/lb


large avocados                                   79c/ea

chicken drumsticks and thighs           88c/lb  (limit 2, w/$10 additional purchase)

Sarita brand long grain rice                79c/2lb sack

large navel oranges                            97c/lb

key limes                                             99c/2lb sack


large navel oranges                                     97c/lb

green grapes                                               99c/lb

boneless skinless chicken breasts           $1.99/lb                                                            (note: thighs are also this price, but that is not their low. wait for another day to buy those, or go buy drumsticks/thighs/legs at Sprouts or Fiesta!)


blackberries, 5.6oz                            $1.25 ea

asparagus                                          $1.99/lb

peaches                                                99c/lb

whole seedless watermelons             $3.99 ea

green bell peppers                              50c/ea

chicken drumsticks or whole legs       99c/lb

But wait! Aren’t chicken legs cheaper over at Fiesta? Yes, yes they are. But Fiesta has the limit, and the also-buy requirement, and my personal rule is 99c/lb is a stock-up price for chicken leg parts. So it gets listed twice this week.

That’s the round-up for this week! Tomorrow I’ll be posting ideas for storing and using one of these items that you might stock up on.  If you notice a deal I’ve missed, post in the comments, so we can all share the deal!

Cheep Cheep!


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