Happy Ad Wednesday New Year!

You might have noticed the scheduling here at Cheepie HQ hasn’t been the best.  I’ll admit there’s been a non-zero amount of holiday wreckage, holiday beverages, and post-mall listlessness. This is more distraction than one hopes for in writing a snarky blog about shopping for groceries. 

I did get that one tweet out about buying pregnancy tests at the dollar store out there, which was immediately favorited by some kind of #frugal twitter bot, so the week wasn’t without any success at all, if we’re sticking to (and by gum you know we are!) a very loose definition of success.

Helpfully, flaking out on things is one way to make New Year’s Resolutions a quick piece of work!  I apologize for not letting you guys know about this simple method for sorting out what needs doing in your life–letting your inner sloth go for a couple weeks usually makes it clear where your problem areas are, and the resolutions then just write themselves.  I’ll be having a long talk with my circadian rhythm, the people in this house that think elves pick up their clothes and dishes when they’re not buying bicycles for Santa, and the people that invented the Bota Box!

In Happy Ad Wednesday news, there are ads starting today running until next Tuesday. Randalls is of course out there boxing it up by starting their prices tomorrow,and for that I am not going to bother with them unless they are having some kind of fantabulous thing I need to let you know about.

We all know how likely that is.

So here we go with this weeks Cheepie Deals:


extra large hass avocados                           $1.50/ea

H-E-B aged cheddar cheese, 10oz.            $2.47/ea  (this works to less than $4/lb, a stock-up price)

H-E-B ground turkey chub, 80/20, 16oz.      $1.99/ea


Swift Premium bone-in pork shoulder                                   $1.69 (Fiesta limit)

Earl Campbell’s Hot Links, hot, mild or red  hot, 36 oz        $3.99/ea (Fiesta limit)

red seedless grapes                                                                  $1.99/lb


Texas Red Grapefruit                              8/88c

avocados                                            48c/ea

organic blackberries, 5.6oz                $1.50/ea

organic kale                                        98c/ea

pineapples                                     $1.98/ea

apples, many varieties                         98c/lb

bscb, no enhancers or solutions         $1.99/lb

organic red delicious or gala apples    $1.50/lb

colby jack cheese      $3.99/lb

Sprouts has also got some juicing/raw food deals going on if you’re interested in those–their 25% off a certain section of products. $9.99 for 3lbs of honey seems pretty great.  Some people I know use honey in battling allergies, so this is a good chance to stock up for that reason as well.

HEB also has strip steaks, select grade, for $4.97. If you do normally purchase steaks from HEB, this is a good price for a cut that has very minimal waste.

If your holiday has somehow found you deficient in candy, Sprouts has gummi bears on sale in bulk for $1.99/lb. Or maybe your resolution is a new photo blog recording the many interesting situations our gummi friends can get into, and you need a pretty big stockpile.  This is your week!

Mail Report:

I couldn’t believe it, but the ads were in my box today, and then I realized the mailman had thrown me a juke and only delivered the HEB ad.  Well played, postal worker.  You got me back for that package of anvils I delivered to myself. This isn’t the end, my friend.


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