Happy Ad Wednesday!

I KNOW. Cheepie, what are you doing? Posting in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, when you know you’ve got 48 hours of shopping, eating, wrapping, wrapping, wrapping, (opening Box of Wine) ( finding Die Hard on TV) wrapping, wrapping, eating, sleeping, UNwrapping, eating and eating more ahead of you?!?

It’s all for you Cheepsters. Here’s your Brief Holiday Update, brought to you by Cedar Pollen Everywhere!


Store                         Xmas Eve            Xmas Day             Xmas Day +1
HEB                   6am-8pm                  closed                         regular hours
Sprouts             7am-7pm                   closed                         7am-10pm
Randalls           6am-8pm                   9am-4pm                     6am-12am
Whole Foods    7am-7pm                   closed                          7am-10pm
Central Market  7am-8pm                  closed                          8am-10pm
Wheatsville       7:30am-7pm              closed                        10am-10pm

Fiesta                6am-9pm                   closed                        7am-10pm

HEB and Randalls are having their sales this week from Fri/Tues, so shift a day. Sprouts is usual, and Fiesta didn’t have their new ad up.


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