Dinner Score, Week 18

In a shocking twist, I get 15 points for the week!  That’s what creating the plan halfway through the week will do for you.

Unfortunately the Russian judge and I agree that I am disqualified from any score for last week.  We are tough!

  • Mon: french toast, sausages, scrambled eggs, cuties, cucumbers
  • Tues: roast chicken, cucumbers, kiwi, mac and cheese, green beansphoto
  • Wed:  salmon cakes, fettuccine, salad, watermelon, green beans
  • Thurs:  pork curry on rice, baby carrots, watermelon
  • Fri:  tuna noodle casserole 

I did finally get my casserole!  It was pretty hysterical–as soon as DH realized I wasn’t kidding when he asked what was for dinner, he started scheming to take kids out to eat. Eldest found a friend that wanted her over for supper. Tiny and Boy suddenly weren’t hungry.  I sat in my rocking chair, not at all sad that I was going to have it all to myself.  It was Dinner and three happy lunches for me!  Add to that the funny sight of everyone trying to politely jump ship and it was a win for Cheepie.

This week’s plan post is coming up today, so I’ve got less of a cheat going this week.  

We’ll have to see what Yakov thinks come next weekend!


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