Happy Ad Wednesday!

All the stores have gone Full Pumpkin this week, with all the ads having at least an entire column if not an entire page devoted to making sure you’ve got pumpkin options in every aisle.

This is what I picture TJ's board meetings look like.

    This is what I imagine TJ’s board meetings look like.

If you can keep it together and get past the pumpkin mayhem, there are some great buys this week.

Pork loin is a staple at Chez Cheepie. I buy these when they get under $2/lb and portion each into three roasts. They’re really versatile: you can go savory or sweet, portion into chops, or cube for a curry. Other meats I’ll stock up on this week are ground pork and whole chickens.

Apples of all kinds are on sale, I’ve listed a few varieties that are on sale in case you’ve got a favorite.  Sprouts has avocados, carrots and tomatoes all at super-cheap prices. Head over there before the avocados all have thumbprint dents in them!

Last, if you’ve got someone to cheer up, bribe, or woo, Sprouts has got roses on sale for just $5.99 per dozen!


whole boneless pork loin                        $1.79/lb

country style pork ribs                             $1.49/lb (Fri-Sun only)

TreeTop apple juice, 64oz.                         2/$3 (must buy 2)


Hass avocados                                     48c/ea

raspberries, 6oz                                    $1.50/ea

organic red grapes                                    $1.98/lb

celery                                                      98c/ea

Sunset Campari tomatoes, 1lb                   98c/ea

organic carrots, 5lb sack                           $2.98/lb

organic Lady in Red apples                        $1.50/lb

bscb                                                       $1.88/lb

Lärabar                                                      88c/ea

dozen rose bunch                                    $5.99/ea


red seedless grapes                                              87c/lb

sweet potatoes                                                      50c/lb

organic Fuji or Red Delicious apples                   $1.77/lb

Texas Grapefruit, 5lb                                           $1.77/ea

HCF whole chicken                                              77c/lb (limit 2)

Butterball turkey bacon                                          B1G1

ground pork                                                    $1.97/lb (grackle only)


Roma tomatoes                                           44c/lb

lemons                                                          20c/ea

large pomegranates                                     $1.69/ea

pork shoulder roast                                     $1.17/lb (Fiesta limit)

seasoned chicken leg quarters                      79c/lb (limit 10lbs)

bone in chicken breast, family pack        $1.29/lb (Fiesta limit)

Progresso soup                                                       99c/ea

bulk pinto beans                                                       25c/lb

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lb sack                           $1.50/ea

Fiesta box mac and cheese                                     33c/ea


organic Ambrosia apples                                   $1.99/lb

Muir Glen organic tomatoes, 28oz.                   $2/ea

Knudsen organic juice, selected                       $3/ea

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Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


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