Happy Ad Wednesday!

I realize the late thing is becoming a chronic problem.  I’d join a blogger support group, but I did and so far it seems to be a lot of happy hours and parties. Which is awesome, but not steering me toward a robust blogging schedule.

There are also still Christmas lights in my yard, so it’s not like I’m only neglecting you Cheepsters, it’s a wide and sweeping swath of neglect.

Here I am now, though, pulling my big girl panties on and getting you informed. One thing to note, produce is not on sale much this week.  Blame the sun, making it winter in places besides here.  

Read on, and hit the sales!


Shop the sales-don’t get scurvy!


HCF split chicken breasts, value pack                                  $1.27/lb

Eckrich smoked sausage, 30-42oz                                        $5/ea  ($1.90-$2.66/lb!)

Totino’s Frozen Party Pizza                                                   $1/ea (must buy 5)



bananas                                                                                    39c/lb

navel oranges, 4lb bag                                                            $1.99/ea

St. Louis or Baby Back ribs                                                      $1.99/lb (limit 4)

Safeway bacon, 12oz                                                                 $2.50/ea

Safeway frozen tots or hashbrowns, 22.5-32oz                      $1.67/ea

Friday ONLY:

family size cheese pizza                                                              $5

family size pepperoni/sausage                                                    $6



avocados                                                                                       50c/ea

Roma tomatoes                                                                             50c/lb

navel oranges                                                                                50c/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs or tenders                               $1.77/lb

spare ribs or country style ribs                                                     $1.99/ea

yellow popcorn kernels, bulk                                                        99c/lb

Frontera salsa, 16oz                                                                        $3/ea

Clif, Luna & Mojo bars                                                                    88c/ea (+10% off a case)



limes                                                                                                   10c/ea

boneless skinless chicken breast or thigh, value pack                    $1.29/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork spare ribs                                                                                   $1.79/lb (Fiesta limit)

cooked whole crawfish                                                                      $1.99/lb



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