Fun with Charts

Well, Cheepie is having a good day.  Sometimes the word gets out, and sometimes it doesn’t.  


Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 9.31.48 PM

                           Thanks, /r/austin! 

Tips from Cheepsters:

All produce is 10% off at Wheatsville, excepting ‘Co+op Basics items which are already at rock-bottom prices’.  You might find something you’ve been meaning to stock up on!

Non-grackle HEBs have prime top sirloin steaks for $4.97/lb.  If you’ve got a reason to celebrate (for example: You made it to dinnertime. Go you!), you might want to grab some. Do NOT be confused–the grackle HEBs have select grade top sirloin for $3.97/lb, and it is NOT a good deal. You can get that cheaper another time. Here’s the list of which HEBs are which!

Many thanks to those that sent in deals!



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