Happy Ad Thursday

Last week was a good week for Cheepie! Lots of good sales and lots of clicks. Keep sharing the link with friends you think would like to know the deals! It’s a bit slower this week, but there’s still summer produce, and cheap chicken parts and pork.  

Peaches are under 97-99c/lb at Randalls, Fiesta, & HEB, they do get a bit cheaper, but it’s still a good price, and hey, you might want peach cobbler.  There’s a last gasp for corn as well, at HEB for 25c/ear.

If somehow you didn’t hit the giant cheese sale at Randalls, Sprouts has cheddar cheese for $2.99/lb. It’s still a good deal, even if it doesn’t match the $1.76/lb from last week!      

For a treat, crab cakes are on sale at Central Market–2 for $7! I love those things, so might splurge for a change.  


While we’re talking seafood, this was in the Sprouts circular, but I don’t suggest you buy them. They’re not a deal, and they look super…orange. And seaweed casing?    


asparagus                                                                                98c/lb

black plums                                                                             98c/lb

seedless watermelon                                                         $3.98/ea

organic romaine hearts                                                    $2.50/ea

cheddar cheese, bulk cut                                                 $2.99/lb

country-style pork ribs                                                     $1.49/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs                                  $1.49/lb

pork tenderloin                                                                    $2.99/lb

bulk oats                                                                                     50c/lb



black seedless grapes                                                                    97c/lb

cantaloupe                                                                                         97c/lb

red, orange, or yellow bell peppers                                            98c/lb

HEB natural ground turkey, 80% lean, 1lb chub pack           $1/ea

(NOTE: I’ve got a report that this turkey is not great quality. Like feathers, water and arteries poor.  Purchase at your own risk!)



strawberries, 1lb                                                                             97c/ea

cantaloupes                                                                                      97c/ea

split chicken breasts, thighs or leg quarters                         88c/lb (value pack)

10lb bags of chicken leg quarters                                              59c/lb

Fri-Sun only:

     pork country-style ribs, bone in                                                 $1.49/lb (value pack)

     Blue Bell, selected half gallons                                                   $3.99/ea (buy 2 or more)



Persian limes                                                                                    15/$1

seedless watermelon                                                                      $3.99/ea

boneless skinless chicken breast                                               $1.18/lb (4lbs or more)


Happy shopping, Cheepsters!


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