Happy Ad Wednesday!

Here’s this week’s round up.  If you haven’t been to Fiesta, and think grocery shopping on Friday night is in your future, this is a good week for a visit to them.  They’re having a Friday night sale, with good deals on basics like eggs, sugar and pork loin.

Apples, peaches and bell peppers are all at good prices this week, as well.  Sprouts has mangos and pineapples for sale over the weekend. Stock the freezer for tropical smoothies!  Meat is cheap at Fiesta, but as always you need to make a personal call on what you are happy to buy there.  

And remember, it’s fall so:


   Thank you, Trader Joe’s for the reminder.

Happy Shopping!



seedless red or green grapes                            99c/lb

peaches                                                                   88c/lb

beef shoulder roast                                           $1.97/lb (2.5lbs & up)

pork spareribs, cry-o-vac pkg                       $1.57/lb

boneless skinless chicken breast                  $1.47/lb  (4lbs & up)

Friday, 4pm-midnight ONLY:

                  pork loin half, bone-in, presliced                 97c/lb (8lbs & up)

                  Fiesta eggs, dozen                                              79c/ea

                  Imperial sugar, 4lbs                                           99c/ea (limit 2)

                  iceberg lettuce                                                     50c/ea

                  Red Delicious apples                                           50c/lb

                  jalepenos                                                                3lbs/$1




thick cut applewood bacon                                  $3.49/lb  (at meat counter)

boneless skinless chicken breast                       $1.88/lb  

Lucerne cheese, 8oz, chunk or shredded         $1.25/ea



organic grapes                                                     $1.98/lb

red or green bell peppers                                 50c/ea

mini seedless watermelons                             $1.99/ea

organic romain hearts, 3pk                              $1.98/ea

Fri-Sun ONLY:

                  pineapples                                               $1/ea

                  jumbo mangos                                        $1/ea

                  pork loin roasts, boneless                    $1.88/ea

                  Sprouts organic broth, 32oz                $1.50/ea



Gala apples                                                                 77c/lb

Barlett pears                                                             77c/lb

xl peaches                                                                   88c/lb

Red Delicious apples, 5lbs                                   $2.98/ea

St. Louis style pork spareribs                              $1.97/lb

HEB fajita seasoned chicken thigh meat          $1.97/lb  (value pack)



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