Happy Ad Tuesday!

It’s apple war season. In summer it’s corn, now it’s apples. I’d been all set to call Sprouts the winner with their price for Galas, but as often happens, HEB wins by 22 cents! That’s in part how they win the loyalty they’ve got, they’ve got better spies seeing what the others will put on sale and then they do their 11 cent or 22 cent under cut. So smart!  HEB has the cheapest apples this week.

In round two, though, we’ve got Sprouts winning, with the 28 cent undercut on Honeycrisp. It’s basically a matter of what kind of apple you like. Which lately is a tough call. I recently bought a Diva apple. Because if I’m any kind of diva, it’s a grocery diva, so it seemed like destiny. The kids ate it, naturally, but they assured me it was good.


Gala apples or Bartlett pears    77c/lb

blackberries, 6oz.    $1.25

vine tomatoes      47c/lb

hot house (english) cucumbers    77c/ea

split chicken breasts    $1.47/lb  (this means bone-in, to be clear)

candy corn, 6.5oz     98c/ea


corn   8/$1

pears     99c/lb

Barilla pasta, 12-16oz.     79c/ea

Lucerne yogurt, 32oz.   $1.99/ea


beginning this week:

honeycrisp apples  $1.49/lb

black seedless grapes  99c/lb

green cabbage  33c/lb

yellow onions  3lbs/$1

Stonyfeld Organic Yogurt, 32oz.   2/$5

lamb shoulder chops, grass fed   $2.99lb              

Rosie Organic whole chicken    $2.99/lb

bulk raisins    $1.99/lb

vanilla macaroon granola      $1.99/lb

ending tomorrow:

whole seedless watermelon                 $1.99 ea

peaches and pears                                  99c/lb

gala and granny smith apples                  99c/lb

boneless skinless chicken thighs          $1.99/lb

bulk oats (quick, steel cut, or rolled)        69c/lb


boneless skinless chicken breasts     $1.99/lb (2 packages with additional $10 purchase. $3.79/lb further purchases)

pineapples    $1.99/ea

pomegranates      $1.49/ea

red or gold potatoes, 5lb sack      $1.88/ea

celery    88c/ea

A couple of notes:

I included a few things I don’t usually, namely the grass-fed lamb chops and  the organic chicken at Sprouts. They’re on the list because lamb is rarely that cheap, even shanks go for $4.99 these days. So take a look–they aren’t rib chops, and are not pretty, but they are lamb and you might feel like you could make them work in a recipe your family likes. For certified organic antibiotic and hormone free chicken, $2.99/lb is as cheap as it gets.

Sprouts also has Honduran Organic coffee for buy one at $9.99, get one free for 12oz packages. Depending on how you get your caffeine, you might be interested in that. CM generally has at least a few types regularly available for $9.99/lb, but I’m not sure that price extends to organics, and I’ve never seen them do a BOGO. Cheepie will check!

HEB  has candy corn for 98c/6.5oz sack. I only post this because I know some crazy people have a thing about candy corn. Which is inexplicable, because candy corn is like anti-candy, just the worst. But if you want some, there you go, it’s all piled up at HEB in front of all  the real candy, just for you. You nutter.

This week all the flyers are all about Halloween candy, which I refuse to recap until it’s at least more than two hours into October.  Do you have a secret cheap candy source? In the past, I’m a mess, in the store at the last minute wondering if it’s wrong to ONLY have Smarties (answer: technically no, but I feel guilty not offering a choice).  If you’ve got a great source, please share.

Until the next time, Cheep Cheep!


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