Happy Ad Wednesday!

This is the first post I’m going to start labeling with the (DD) and (C15) labels. I’m not sure if they’ll be helpful or not–I know I have my mental lines about what prices I’m going to pay and when I shop organic and not.  I want to help people shopping for the best deals find the best deals for their purposes, whether organic or conventional. Let me know if you think this labeling is helpful, or confusing, or guilt inducing. Because I know I buy non-organic grapes all the time, and I can’t decide how guilty to feel!

I also wish I could get the info below in a more columnal structure ( I just made up a useful word there!). For now, this is what I can do.

This week, Randalls wins the Apple Wars at 69c/lb, but HEB wins the organic Apple Wars, at 98clb. HEB kind of manhandles this war.


Texas grapefruit                                                                 8/$1   (C15)

organic greenhouse tomatoes                                          77c/lb

organic Fuji apples                                                            98c/lb   (DD)

organic Bartlett pears                                                       98c/lb       (beating Sprouts@ $1.48)

Mangos                                                                            68c/ea  (C15)

Jongold or Braeburn apples                                            98c/lb   (DD)

organic green leaf,  red leaf, or Romaine lettuce             88c/ea

HCF split chicken breasts                                                $1.47/lb  (that’s Hill Country Fare)

Ken’s Salad Dressing, 9 oz., assorted varieties              $1/ea


beginning this week:

jumbo pomegranates                                                       2 ea/ $4

1lb strawberries                                                               $1.67/ea   (DD)

5.6 oz blackberries                                                          $1.67/lb

Campari tomatoes, 1lb package                                         98c  (cheaper than Costco, I think)

Honeycrisp apples                                                           $1.48/lb  (beating CM sale price of $1.77/lb)

organic Gala or Granny Smith apples                              $1.48/lb   (DD)

organic celery                                                                     98c/ea  (conventional is same price, pick organic!)(DD)

organic carrots, 5lb sack                                                  $2.98/ea

ending this week:

organic grape tomatoes, 1 pint                                        $1.98/ea

hass avocados                                                                   48c/ea

green bell peppers                                                            48c/ea

cucumbers                                                                        48c/ea

sweet potatoes                                                                  98c/lb  (C15)

celery                                                                                98c/ea   (DD)

boneless skinless chicken thighs                                  $1.99/lb

organic gala apples                                                       $1.48/lb   (DD)

peanuts (raw, roasted salted or un)                               $1.99/lb

organic non-gmo tofu, 14oz.                                          $1.49/ea


Fiesta vegetable oil, 48oz.                                $1.89/ea

chicken leg quarters, jumbo bag                        77c/lb (Fiesta limit)

Texas juice oranges, 10lb sack                        $3.99/ea

Barilla pasta, 13.25-16oz                                    99c/ea (yes,pasta is often cheaper, but I find this brand very consistent)

pork neckbones                                                  99c/lb


Gala, Red or Golden Delicious apples         69c/lb   (DD)

Sanderson Farms whole chickens                99c/lb (I think these are NOT the enhanced kind, I’ll check tomorrow)

Campbell’s Chunky soup or bowl              $1.25/ea (this is a sentimental house favorite, so it’ll turn up from time to time)


New York Strip steaks                                  $9.99/lb  (yes, this is extravagant, but it’s $8 off per lb, and they’re great steaks. don’t be shy at the case, tell them exactly which ones you want!)

organic bunched kale                                  87c/ea  (If you’re going to eat kale, this is the kale to buy)(DD)

There we go. That’s the round-up. A pretty good week, still a lot of Apple Wars, and a decent amount of produce on sale at stocking up prices. I wish I knew what to tell you about those pork neckbones. I know I’ve bought them, but I think that was a freezer to trash event. If you’ve got a use for them, let me know!

As a last note, I’d add that Randalls is having a $5 Friday special, for an 8 stem rose bouquet. If you’re in a Randalls on Friday, I can’t think of a reason not to pick one up and give it to someone–for that price you might buy two and make the day for two people!  You don’t need a reason at that price, it’s just because you’re happy it’s Friday!


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